Why Is My Dog’s Penis Out?

Did you just notice your dog’s penis is stuck out like a red rocket? This is normal when a male dog becomes aroused and usually, it goes back to hiding in the foreskin as normal.

There are times when the red rocket will remain out of the foreskin longer and that’s probably why you are concerned at this very moment and wondering, “why is my dog’s penis out.” First, it’s understandable that you are shocked and maybe a little grossed out seeing his penis out. Try to remain calm and assess the situation.

How long has it been out? Did it go back into the foreskin yet? There are a variety of reasons that cause this to happen and it’s up to you to determine if this is an emergency situation or not. You might not be a veterinarian but you are a pet parent that knows your dog well.

If the red rocket is remaining outward so you can still see it, you might need to get your dog medical attention. Before you run off to the local animal hospital or veterinarian keep reading to find out more about this common issue in dogs.

The following information will give you insight into the causes, treatment, and prevention of red rockets.

Why Is My Dog’s Penis Out?

What is Paraphimosis?

ashamed dogThe word Paraphimosis might sound scary and sad but it just means your dog is unable to retract his penis back into his foreskin or sheath.

It’s actually a common medical condition that occurs in male dogs of any age. Causes of Paraphimosis include trauma, hair at the preputial orifice, genetics, a small preputial opening, and inverted skin at the preputial orifice.

If the situation doesn’t get solved quickly it could lead to surrounding tissues swelling, restriction of urine flow, further swelling, irritation, and dryness. Treatment varies depending on the cause but here’s how you can help your pet with their red rocket problem:

  • If you notice that hairs at the tip of the prepuce have gone into his gland, you can gently and carefully pull back the shaft to help release the hairs. This usually clears up the problem and the penis naturally goes back inside the foreskin.
  • Apply a small amount of coconut oil on your dog’s penis to help reposition the gland back into the sheath.
  • Dogs that have severe swelling need a cold compress applied to the area to help reduce the size. Some dogs won’t allow you to put something cold there so you might need to try the other tips mentioned.
  • Create a sugar paste by mixing white sugar with enough water to make it a thick paste. Apply the sugar paste to the erect penis. This should act as a hyperosmotic agent that pulls the fluid out of the tissue, reduces swelling, and shrinks the penis so it can naturally retract into the foreskin.

The first time this happens you probably have had enough and don’t want to see it happen again. You can prevent the red rocket from happening by keeping the tip of the foreskin or prepuce clean and trimmed regularly to prevent the hairs from piercing the gland. A professional groomer is recommended for caring for this sensitive area.

You can also prevent your dog from becoming aroused or humping their toys. If you notice your dog favors certain toys to hump remove them and buy them different toys. Take notice of the triggers that cause the arousal and do your best to remove them from your dog’s environment if possible.

Dogs that tend to hump people’s legs need to be kept in a crate while company is visiting or deterred or stopped immediately once the situation begins.

VetWhen to Contact the Veterinarian

This situation can become serious so make sure you contact the veterinarian if any of the following happens:

  • You are too grossed out to touch or try to fix the red rocket.
  • There is severe swelling in the area.
  • Fluid is leaking from the swelling or surrounding area.
  • The red rocket does not go back inside the foreskin after you tried the suggestions mentioned above.
  • There is blood present.
  • The penis becomes dry.
  • Your dog is crying in pain.
  • It’s been more than 30 minutes with no signs of the penis retracting.
  • Your dog has underlying medical conditions.
  • Your dog has neurological problems.

Bottom Line

Many experienced pet parents are familiar with dealing with health issues with their dogs. You might have guts of steel to handle touching your dog’s penis as you try to fix the problem while others might need to wear gloves. The best thing you can do to help your dog in this situation is act quickly but calmly.

It’s important for you to behave in a calm manner because you are dealing with a sensitive and delicate part of your dog’s body. Your dog might not like you messing around down there either. It takes a trusting bond between a dog and its owner to allow their pet parent to touch their penis.

Some dogs might feel scared and allow you to help them while others might snap at you especially if they are in pain or feeling discomfort. Approach your dog slowly and calmly. Use a soft voice or whisper to them what you are going to do. Remember dogs can sense your emotions so do your best to stay calm.

Pet your dog on top of their head and offer them a tasty treat to help calm them down. Then carefully view the situation to see what steps you can take to help. It’s best to use a flashlight to see if the tiny hairs located on the tip of the foreskin have affected the penis.

Chances are your dog will remain in the sitting position which gives you easy contact to help resolve the problem. If you are a pet parent that can’t handle dealing with this issue, don’t worry you are not alone. Just make sure you immediately contact the veterinarian or local animal hospital for further assistance!

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