Diggs Revol Crate Review in [2021]

For work-from-home employees or those who don’t travel often, a collapsible dog crate may not be necessary. But if you’re a mover and a shaker, who regularly travels for business and needs someone to watch your dog, having a collapsible version is the best way to go.

Assuming your dog feels “at home” in her revol crate, this will give her a little bit of familiarity in a loved one’s home that she may not be used to for overnight visits.

This portable crate will also work out well for dog owners who may have multiple dog boarders, or even one. You already have enough to lug around. Don’t add your crate to the list of hard-to-pack items.

Revol Crate Review

All about the collapsible crate

Covered by a one-year limited warranty, you’ll have 30 days to see if this patent-pending crate is suitable for you and your dog’s needs. Manufactured by Diggs, this Revol brand product is backed by free shipping and free returns, with no questions asked.

This collapsible dog crate is suitable for three dog sizes: small (up to 30 pounds), medium (up to 50 pounds) and large (up to 90 pounds).

For the small collapsible crate, the external package dimensions are 28.4 inches x 20.6 inches when folded and 20.1 inches x 20.6 inches when upright. (You should check Revol’s dog dimensions to make sure the internal measurements are suitable for your dog.

“Small” dogs can often differ when it comes to height or length, regardless of pounds. Follow the same measurement process for medium and large crates.)

For the medium collapsible crate, the external package dimensions are 34.6 inches x 24.4 inches when folded and 23.4 inches x 24.4 inches when upright.

For the medium collapsible crate, the external package dimensions are 36 inches x 23 inches when folded and 28 inches x 20.6 inches when upright.

How does the crate work?

Opening and closing the collapsible crate should be pretty intuitive. Just unfold the two side panels and pull the folded top, front and back areas into place. Turn the wheel at the top of the crate into place to lock.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Crate

One of the major advantages of this collapsible dog crate over others is it’s less clumsy. There are many that require awkward pulling, which too often leaves dog owners with nicks and bruises.

Even worse, too many don’t have a locking mechanism and depend on push-buttons or clicked levers to stay in place. One wrong move with the dog inside and the foldable create can flop down on the dog.

With the locking mechanism on this one, it would be far more difficult (even for a rough-housing dog) for the top to unlock.

It requires someone on the outside of the crate to turn the wheel in order for that to happen, which means it is especially important to lock the wheel in place beforehand. This crate has been tested up to 180 pounds in its weakest area (the center) without (reported) failure.

Unlike traditional wireless crates, this version is free of gaps that dogs usually use to work their way out or to open the door.

Is this Crate Comfortable?

Great for spring, summer, and fall days, this collapsible crate has good airflow to keep your dog healthy & fresh especially on humid and hot days. Because of its size (assuming the measurements are suitable for the dog’s sizes), this should be a comfortable sleeping spot or “dog home” where your dog may choose to hang out.revol crate with dog inside Maybe your dog will prefer this over your own couch or bed, which is great for your vacuum and for the dogs who are bed hogs. The large side door should also be easy enough to go in and out of.

With a spacious interior and rounded edges, this smooth create is silver with graphite siding and a mesh pattern. Made from reinforced plastic, high-strength steel mesh wire and high-quality aluminum, this crate should be sturdy enough to stay in its designated place but smooth enough to not damage carpet or hardwood floors. Additionally, the solid, single-piece frame helps prevent injury to your dog’s jaws and paws, if she’s a fiddler or a chewer. The goal is to keep the dog secure without hurting herself inside.

However, Revol collapsible crates do not come with pads. (The manufacturer recommends Snooz crate pads, but other versions can work, too, assuming they fit inside without sliding around too much.) Although the crate is water and tear-resistant, with a removable and washable cover, it is up to you to make sure that the padding is properly cared for, water-resistant, and cleaned regularly.

But with its sturdiness and safety features, it does come at a small price. This collapsible crate is approximately 25 pounds, making the bucks add up if taken on flights, camping, and other forms of travel.

Bottom Line

Part of the appeal of a dog crate is to make it feel more like your dog’s home and less like a place where she’s sent when she’s being punished.

Chances are higher that your dog will opt out of using the crate if the result is always that she’s done something punishable or the door is immediately closed whenever she’s put inside. It could become a source of anxiety for her.

As comfortable and durable as this crate is, make sure to be conscious of how it is used. Add a few treats inside. Make the dog blankets and/or dog pillow comfortable. Put it in a spot that’s not overly hot and definitely not cold.

Keep the water dish nearby (if possible) or put a mat down (for carpet) so your dog can come in and out. Clean it regularly. Treat her home like you’d treat your other rooms, and this can be enjoyable for you both.

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