Performatrin Ultra Dog Food Review in [2021]

What are your priorities when choosing which food to offer your dog?

There are many factors that may influence your decision, such as the quality of the ingredients, price point, manufacturer, or recommendation by a breeder or vet.

However, it’s a rare owner indeed who doesn’t rank near the top of the list, a healthy choice that provides good nutrition for the dog.

This is why this Performatrin Ultra dog food review is so timely.

Relatively new on the market, the brand is up against a lot of competition in terms of other quality brands that are already serving the premium end of the market.

Is Performatrin a brand with a future and should you consider adding Performatrin Ultra onto your dog’s shopping list?

Let’s take a look.

Performatrin Ultra

This company offers a range of cat and dog foods that concentrate on the quality of ingredients and holistic nutrition.

Does the cost represent value for money?

Do dogs like it?

What varieties does it come in?

Does it help solve problems with delicate stomachs or sensitive skin?

Indeed the purpose of this Performatrin Dog Food review is to delve deeper into just such issues, so you can decide if this is food worth trying with your dog.

The Idea Behind the Performatrin Dog Food Range

One of Performatrin’s straplines is “Whole foods for whole health”.

The aim is by providing a naturally nutritious diet that is rich in whole foods, the food promotes good health.

No arguing with that then.

In addition, Performatrin shuns the use of artificial flavoring, preservatives, and colorings, which is reassuring to know.

Performatrin Ranges

Another big tick in the box from us is that Performatrin produces a range of age-appropriate diets, in that they have a puppy, adult, and senior range.

This is important because a one-size-fits-all diet (which they also make, which is something of a puzzle) with adequate nutrition for all ages, is going to oversupply nutrients for some life stages.

As we all know from expanding waistlines, having too much of a good thing can be as harmful as not having enough.

Other reasons why life stage diets are important, is that it means the nutritional content can be carefully tailored for optimal health.

For example, the senior food contains reduced amounts of salt, which places less strain on the heart and kidneys.

It’s also enriched with omega three and six oils, to help cell repair and promote a strong immune system.

Whilst for puppies, with lots of growing to do, the food is weighted towards protein.

Performatrin Formulations

Performatrin also comes as wet, canned food; a complete dry kibble; pate; and small bite biscuit.

Both have a reputation for being very tasty and readily accepted by dogs.

In addition, they have some specialty diets, such as small bite biscuits for toy breeds.

Performatrin Flavors

The flavors are too numerous to mention but all sound delicious, with examples including Ocean Stew and Free Prairie Dinner.

The recipes make the most of natural ingredients, and the meats include chicken, ocean fish, lamb, and turkey.

Indeed, a crucial point is that the meat is obtained from animals where no growth promoters or steroids have been used in their production.


In addition, Performatrin does not rely on cheap cereals to bulk up the recipe.

Many of the Performatrin Ultra range is grain-free and rely on tasty alternatives such as brown rice or sweet potato.

Just how important is grain-free?

OK, this is a good question.

There is currently no hard evidence that grains are bad for dogs, however, grain-free has become a bit of a trend.

This could in part be that some dogs are gluten-intolerant, and so producing grain-free diets will help these dogs.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of a grain-free diet, if you decide this is important to you, then look for a formulation that is balanced with a source of carbohydrates such as rice or potato.

Pre & Probiotics

There’s a buzz around the use of pre and probiotics at the moment.

Performatrin adds natural sources of pre and probiotics to their foods, in the form of chicory root extract, yucca extract, and probiotic bacterial cultures such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and casei.

These are said to aid digestion by helping maintain an adequate level of healthy bacteria within the gut.

Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Fiber.

But we shouldn’t overlook mentioning other wholesome ingredients such as the antioxidants contained in green leaf plants such as alfalfa and spinach.

Whilst sunflower and flaxseed oil supply essential fatty acids, along with Vitamin C, which promotes cell resilience and repair for a robust immune system and a glossy coat and healthy skin.

Oh, and we nearly forgot to mention the delicious array of whole fruits and vegetables which go into the Performatrin Ultra ® recipes, which is why they are so rich in all the vitamins and micronutrients essential to your dog’s good health.

How Do the Ingredients Stack Up?

Now you know what goes into the recipe, are these just grand claims, or do the ingredients stack up into a superior dog chow?

As part of this Performatrin Ultra dog food review, we looked closely at the nutritional breakdown of the food.

The conclusion that we came to is that Performatrin is above average in terms of the nutrition offers to the dog.

One of the reasons we came to this conclusion was by analyzing the label on the pack.

Pet food labeling is there to help the consumer make choices, although you’d be forgiven for thinking that the information is written in code and difficult to make sense of.

The First Five Ingredients

Taking things back to basics, we applied the rule that it’s the first five ingredients on the label which provide the majority of the nutrition.

Those items in sixth place are lower are likely to be present in very small quantities, and their contribution is proportionately lower.

It’s helpful to understand that the ingredients are listed in order of quantity, with the most plentiful items first.

Thus, the first item on the list is key.

Happily for Performatrin, they have chicken or turkey as the first listed item.

This is reassuring for so many reasons.

Not only is chicken or turkey the best option in terms of quality, but the manufacturer must keep the recipe consistent or risk breaking the law.

Not only does this guarantee a set quality, but it’s very helpful for pet parents who have a dog with a dietary intolerance to a certain ingredient.

If your dog is allergic to beef, and you buy the chicken flavor, then he’s going to get chicken and nothing else.

But what about the other top five ingredients?

The good news keeps on coming because Performatrin contains good ingredients such as chicken meal (an excellent source of protein), brown rice, oatmeal, and rice.

As the strapline says: “Whole foods for whole health”.

Grain-free Recipes

And last but certainly not least, many of the Performatrin recipes are grain-free.

Again, there’s a buzz around grain-free foods at the moment, with the grain being a bit of a scapegoat for all manner of dog health conditions.

Whilst a well-balanced recipe that’s grain-free is a nice thing to have, it’s also not essential.

There is currently no hard and fast evidence that grain is hard for dogs to digest and causes health problems.

OK, yes, some dogs can’t tolerate grains, but this can be said for a wide variety of allergies.

Just because some dogs are sensitive to a particular ingredient, doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad for all canine kind.

Indeed, if we crossed every single off the shopping list that had been known to cause an allergic reaction, then our dogs would be very thin indeed.

If grain-free is important to you, then fair enough.

However, it’s also important not to be fearful of grain in the food, as the chances are for the vast majority of dogs it represents great nutrition.

Let’s pull things together by including Performatrin Ultra grain free reviews to complete the picture.

Performatrin Dog Food Reviews

So what do real consumers with empty bellies that need filling have to say about Performatrin?

Well, without exception everyone’s dog loved eating this food.

They found it tasty and satisfying.

Whilst owners were happy their dogs loved the product, they were slightly less happy about the price point. There are much better dog food options on CHEWY. Performatrin is very overpriced for the ingredients it uses.

Indeed, depending on the size of the dog, this is a considered purchase that could make a significant dent in your monthly allowance.

This reduces the argument to one of quality and value for money.

To some degree only you can answer that because only you know the worth of your dog’s health.

Of course, this does sound a bit like a blackmail statement (Feed this food or your dog will be sick.)

As an individual, you need to weigh up any special problems your dog might have which could benefit from a wholefood, highly nutritious diet.

Again, when you manage to eliminate foods that your dog reacts badly to, this can dramatically improve skin health and reduce tummy upsets.

However, this depends on finding the right food and being confident that the manufacturer sticks to a consistent recipe.

This is where the Performatrin range comes into its own, as they offer just such a consistent recipe.

There is a bewildering selection of dog foods on the market to choose from.

Only you can decide if this diet is within budget, and whether the benefits to your dog are worth the cost involved.

Happy, waggy tails, everyone!

Dr Sarah Robinson attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University receiving a D.V.M. in 2008. Sarah’s longtime interest is to help people to better communicate with their pet companions, and in doing so, to help them to strengthen their relationships with their dogs and cats. Sarah has published numerous articles on canine feeding in pet related magazines, veterinary journals and leading natural health web sites.

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