How to Make a Dog Leash Out of Paracord

Walking your dog can be a great adventure, especially when you have an excellent leash. A paracord leash allows you to walk your dog with confidence and maintain control. Paracord was initially made in the United States and used during World War II by American paratroopers.

Once the paratroopers landed on solid ground, they would cut the cord and use it as a tool when needed. Today, you can use this durable material to create a long-lasting, stable and reliable dog leash for your pet.

You just need a few supplies, patience, and the desire to make a DIY leash for your dog. This fun project can be created using one paracord color or two. If you want a more colorful look, choose two different colors that complement each other.

The information below will teach you how to make a dog leash out of paracord for your awesome pet.

How to Make a Dog Leash Out of Paracord

Supplies You Need to Make the LeashParacords hanging on hooks

  • 1 snap hook – for attaching the leash to the collar
  • Paracord – you can choose up to two colors. A typical 4-foot leash requires 8 feet of cord in addition to ½ foot for the loop handle and another ½ foot for the splice. (9 feet total) You will also need the same amount plus an extra 2 feet if you decide to do the optional overlay step at the end.
  • 1 hemostat or lacing needle
  • 1 pair of scissors – to cut the cord
  • 1 lighter – to melt the cord.

Instructions for Making the Paracord Leash

Step 1 – Attach the Cords to the Snap Hook

Carefully fold two pieces of paracord and attach them to the snap hook. Your goal is to have four cord strands to use for braiding.

Step 2 – Diamond Braid the Leash

Woven paracord

The diamond braid is the easiest one to do and the most commonly used for leashes.

It’s a four-strand braid that involves taking the top right cord and go around the back and through the left cord and back to the bottom of the right side.

Then take the left top cord and go around the back and through the right cords and back to the bottom of the left side.

Repeat the process as you work your way towards the bottom of the leash. A helpful tip is to use two different color cords to make the process easier. Make sure you stop when there is about half a foot of cord left.

Step 3 – Secure the Braid Portion

The crown knot is excellent for securing the braid, but you can also use duct tape. This step is important to prevent the braid from unraveling. If you use the duct tape, make sure it’s secure and doesn’t have an opportunity to unravel.

Step 4 – Make the Handle

Carefully fold a part of the leash against itself to create the handle. You can customize the fit to your hand for comfortable use.

Step 5 – Secure the Leash Handle

Use a lacing needle to take the four ends of the cord and do at least five pulls for added security.

Step 6 – Melt the Ends

Use the scissors to cut the ends of the paracord. Then use the lighter to melt the ends together. Make sure you carefully hold the paracord and simultaneously use the lighter without burning your fingers. You can also ask a friend or family member for help with this step if needed.

Step 7 – Make the Overlay

Fat Bulldog running with paracord leash around neck

This step is optional but fun to do. It gives you a chance to add more color to the leash. It also makes the leash and handle thicker.

Take two additional cords and attach them to the snap hook. Use the diamond braid to overlay the entire leash and handle.

When you finish, choose a knot you will like to use. A crown knot works great but you can also try the Turk’s head knot or a lanyard knot.

Bottom Line

Creating a paracord dog leash is easy when you get used to the process. Take your time and keep your patience as you learn how to make a leash. Pet parents who have more than one dog often choose to create one leash per dog.

You can also choose different lengths for the leashes, depending on your puppy’s needs. Some dogs like to roam a bit farther away from their owner while on a leash, while others need to be overseen and kept close by. Creating paracord leashes customized to suit each dog’s needs and making them comfortable for you to hold is a huge benefit.

Remember to follow the steps carefully. A helpful tip is to use two different colors to make it easy during the braiding process. It’s also fun to use different colors for each leash you make, so they are unique. You can be as creative as you like. Get started creating your next paracord leash today!

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