How To Keep Dog Off Bed

When we bring a dog into our home to our family, we need to start setting boundaries, schedules and ensuring that our new pup understands how to blend into the household. Dogs love us unconditionally and want to please us, so they feel successful and happy when they know the house rules.

Although some people are comfortable with having their new dog sleep with them in their bed, some choose to keep that part of the house separate. So how do you keep your dog off the bed?

Let’s see if we can find a few tips to make that plan successful.

How To Keep Dog Off Bed

Not everyone wants their dog to sleep with them. Although we love our furry friends, that does not mean that we need to have them sleep in our bed. Sometimes, it is hard to resist those sweet puppy eyes when they are begging to spend more time with you?

It would be best if you resisted the urge to let them on the bed. If your dog has been struggling to followvizsla dog in bed your direction, here are a few steps that you can take to help them know what is expected.

  1. Show your dog their own sleeping space. Make it comfortable with everyday items that you know they enjoy. Sit next to their bed, snuggle with them, and make it a place to relax. 
  2. Although this may feel odd, bring your dog up onto the bed. Use the same word each time, so they learn what you want – this can be “up” “bed” or any other word you feel helps them understand what you want. The goal is to train them to know what you want them to do.
  3. Once your dog seems to understand when you want them to get on the bed, use a different word to convey getting off the bed. This can be “off the bed” “down” or something else. This will help your dog understand when they get on the mattress that you want them to get off the bed. Being consistent is the key.
  4. Be careful not to make the bed a time for playing or fun. If you let them on the bed sometimes and not others, it will be more difficult for them to understand what you want. If you do not want your dog to sleep up on the bed, do not let them be up there at any time.
  5. Be consistent with each training – do not change the words, actions, or tone of voice. They should quickly learn that when they get up on the bed, you will tell them to get down. Any petting, playing, or enjoyment on the bed will reward them for being up there.

If your dog seems to struggle with understanding what you want, you can use the ultimate motivator – treats! The best time to reinforce with a treat is when your dog hops off the bed. Make it a big deal – give them pets, snuggles, and a treat. If they jump back up on the bed, use your down command, and when they jump down, make it exciting again!

The easiest thing to remember when working with your dog is that they want to please you. Yelling or scolding your dog is not nearly as effective as creating joy and fun when they do as you ask. Keep this in mind during the training will make ongoing training even more comfortable down the road.

Bottom Line

Working with your dog to train them in your home can be achieved with consistency, work, and of course, dog treats. When we set rules and boundaries for our sweet friends, we create a comfortable, safe space for everyone.

When your dog understands what you want from them, they will work hard to please you. Bring them back to their own sleeping space, say goodnight, and head off to your bed for the night.

Lisabeth has been a content blog writer for almost 10 years. She had fostered many dogs in that time, including 11 Golden Retrievers. She recently adopted an Australian Shepard named Shadow.

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