The 15 Best Toys For Dalmatian

For some dogs, playing Fetch all day long is ideal. For others, you can give them a dog toy and they’ll run off to play by their lonesome. Dalmatians may often fall into the latter group, including when you invest in quality toys.

According to the American Kennel Club, Dalmatians were originally bred to guard horses and coaches; some still have their protective instincts. They often seem aloof with strangers but are dependable watch dogs.

However, they are intelligent, loyal and loveable dogs in the right hands. And to even a casual observer, these athletic and strong dogs have great stamina, meaning joggers and hikers may find them to be the ideal exercise partner.

As with most dog toys, there’s not much difference between dog toys for certain breeds versus others. But before you buy any of the 15 toys below, keep in mind which ones will fit your dog’s preference of being a casual chewer, someone who just plays around with the toys and quickly loses interest, or a heavy chewer who will tear the toy apart. Get your money’s worth with all of them.

Best Dalmatian Dog Toys

This dog toy can work one of two ways. It may give your Dalmatian inspiration to chew on your real shoes. Or, it may stop him from doing so because he has a chewier, furry version to keep him busy. And it squeaks, too!

Key Features

  • Pull rope
  • Cotton material
  • Crinkly inner material

With a shoe design on a cotton shoe shape, this soft toy can be slapped around on laminate floors and around many fragile items without immediately knocking them down. He can use it as a soft pillow or swirl it around for fun.


  • Built-in squeaker for entertainment
  • Soft enough to avoid damage to floors


  • Not indestructible
  • Watch with care to make sure the dog does not chew cotton when torn

Although Dalmatians tend to be anywhere from 40 to 70 pounds, this toy can be used with small- and/or medium-sized dogs, too, including when they are at puppy size.

2. Eddie Bauer Bone 

While your dog will never complain about being tossed a bone, he may enjoy the plushness of this squeaker disc plush dog toy, too.

Key Features

  • Soft felt
  • Inner squeaker
  • Sherpa bone-shaped design in the center

If you’re tired of plush toys that end up scattered all across the floor, this stuffing-free version may be the way to go. Leave the broom and dustpan in the closet (besides the grooming needed for weekly brushing with a horsehair mitt or rubber curry comb to pull away dead hairs) and just scoop this up as one toy when you’re done.


  • Reinforced seams
  • Stuffing-free toy


  • May not be so tough for heavy chewers
  • May be dirty, need to clean

Will this dog toy stop your dog from preferring a bone instead? Probably not. But it’s a fun substitute in the meantime.

3. Dogzilla

Not only is this tough toy intended to entertain your dog. The bumps and bridges in it also massage her gums and clean her teeth.

Key Features

  • Thermoplastic resin
  • Made for medium breeds
  • Hollowed-out hammer head

The wrench has a circular cut at one end, so you and your pet can play a game of Tug of War. The hammer’s head can be used to hide things inside of it. (Just make sure to clean up any kind of messy material inside afterward.)


  • Holds up to aggressive chewing
  • Floatable in wate


  • Tool shapes vary
  • Ship at random

Make use of this full toy, from its initial chewing and massaging options to hiding treats inside to keep her interest longer.

4. Pet Zone IQ

Feeding a dog treats is two thumbs up for the dog, but it also can lead to overeating. Slower eating helps with better digestion with this dispenser ball dog toy.

Key Features

  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • 3-inch ball (small- to medium-sized dogs)
  • 4-inch ball (medium- to large-sized dogs)

Mentally stimulate your dog for hours with this dog toy. It reduces boredom and deters destructive behavior. You may be able to hear him bouncing it around, and try to find a room without fragile products.


  • Easily pulls apart
  • Simple to clean


  • Keep careful watch to make sure dog does not chew on ball material
  • Only fits certain treat sizes dependent upon ball

Hand wash with warm soapy water. Let the non-toxic ball air dry. Fill it up, and let your dog go back at it on her own.

5. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

For humans, referring to this toy as a “squirrel” with all its bright colors may seem a bit extreme. But dogs don’t see colors the way humans do. However, there is one color in this toy that you don’t see in squirrels: blue. Dogs, who have dichromatic vision, possess only two types of cones.

Key Features

  • Comes in two sizes: small and medium
  • Multilayer construction for added durability
  • Aerodynamic shape for long-distance fetching

While this toy is a fine one to play with on a sunny day at the beach, feel free to enjoy its night perks: glowing in the dark.


  • Designed for flight
  • Can float


  • Too bright to look like a real squirrel
  • Feet must be exposed to a bright light for 2-10 minutes to glow

Keep this tip in mind when playing with this toy: Coil your wrist toward your forearm. The more it spins, the better it will fly—to the entertainment of your own dog.

6. JW Pet Crackle Heads

Dalmatians can have major high energy and easily get into trouble without having some form of regular physical and mental exercise. And that’s where a crackle head ball comes in.

Key Features

  • Available in small and large
  • Rubber ball
  • Crunchy plastic bottle material inside

Pick a toy based on the size of the dog (2 inches in diameter for a small dog, 3 inches for a medium dog and 4 inches for a large dog). Although the ball can be rather big for some dogs’ mouths, the holes help you keep a firm grasp on it.


  • Tough outer layer
  • Holes give dog the chance to hear and touch crunchy texture and sound


  • May not survive aggressive chewers
  • Medium not currently available (check back soon)

While there are mixed opinions on how long the toy will last, keep in mind that its durability is both dependent on how rough your dog was in addition to your own activities.

7. Petstages Dogwood

Dalmatians need regular exercise to stay fit and happy. This exercise includes a dog chew toy or throwing a ball across the backyard. And that’s where this chew toy comes in handy.

Key Features

  • Four sizes in length (4 inches petite; 5.38 inches small; 7.5 inches medium; 8 inches large)
  • Three sizes in width (0.75 petite; 1.25 small and medium; 1.5 inches large)
  • Woodsy taste from real wood flour

This chew toy combines durable strength with real wood flavor. The durable, synthetic material creates a stronger, safer “stick” to gnaw on as needed.


  • Less messy than real sticks
  • Keeps dogs occupied


  • Polypropylene blend flakes off as the dog chew toys
  • Left one user’s mouth with sores from chewing

If you’re trying to figure out a way to get your dog to stop barking or control anxiety issues, chew toys like these will keep her busy for a considerable amount of time.

8. Starmark Bento Ball

Dalmatians can be very sensitive, according to AKC, so positive, reward-based training is necessary to make them feel confident and appreciated in what they’re doing. And sometimes that positive reinforcement can be giving them a treat and/or toy like this one.

Key Features

  • Available in small (1.5 x 2.5 inches), medium (3 x 3.5 inches) and large (3.5 x 4.5 inches)
  • Dental hygiene (gum-massaging nubs)
  • Edible chicken-flavored treat

You can choose to have one everlasting treat in the middle of it, or stuff it with smaller treats once the main one is done. (This will be dependent on how much damage there is to the main toy material.)


  • Labeled “virtually indestructible”
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not recommended to use opposing-sized treats (large treat only recommended for large toy)
  • Toys must be inserted at an angle; pull flexible edge of the toy away and push the treat inside

This toy also fosters natural hunting and foraging behavior, in addition to keeping your dog from chewing your furniture and other activities that prove  boredom.

9. Outward Hound HedgehogZ

Dalmatians tend to have more outgoing and eager-to-please personalities, but early socialization and puppy training classes can help out along the way. If you’ve got a hunter on your hands, you’ll like this toy.

Key Features

  • Available in three sizes: Small (4 x 7 inches), large (6.5 x 11 inches), X-large (8.5 x 13 inches)
  • Unique, rounded shape
  • Minimal seams

This polyester toy is intended for adult dogs. Measure your dog’s snout to figure out which size would be most suitable for your dog, regardless of breed.


  • Soft, faux fur
  • Jingle ball for additional entertainment


  • May prove to be loud for some owners
  • Several users complained of their dogs destroying the toy in a matter of hours

As natural hunters, they are known as bird dogs, trail hounds, retrievers and/or in packs for wild boar or stag hunting. Clearly that’s probably more fun than hedgehogs, but if you’re in an urban area (and don’t want to clean up hedgehog remains), try this instead.

10. Frisco Retro Boombox

For a dog that’s used to trailing horse-drawn rigs of nobles, travelers and firefighters, a boombox may not immediately be the kind of treat you’d think to give a Dalmatian. But it will light up the eyes of Generation X and early Millennials.

Key Features

  • Intended for medium, large and X-large dogs
  • 5 x 10 inches
  • Nylon cover

With an attached rope handle, this can be an interactive game of Tug of War or a one-dog game where he just trots around with it and then tears it up as the mood hits him.


  • “Blast from the past” memory of early hip-hop days
  • Squeaker for additional interaction


  • Not suitable for puppies or small dogs
  • May be loud to some pet owners

Is this the perfect toy for an Instagram post? Yes. Is it a dog toy that’ll probably stand the test of time? Not really. If you want one to have a boombox, you may prefer a pillow. If you just want to live in the memory, and help your dog join in, there is a cassette tape and VHS tape that are both squeaky dog toys, too.

11. Brick Puzzle Game

For highly intelligent dogs like Dalmatians, figuring out this interactive game may be a lot of fun. Just flip open the doors to get the treats.

Key Features

  • 2 x 12.8 inches
  • Blocks can slide to reveal open treats
  • Level 2 and 3 of difficulty

Intended for advanced hunters, this is the kind of puzzle game dog toy (made from polypropylene material) that will stimulate her mind. Hide the treats, and the dog will use his nose and paws to reveal prizes. Change the difficulty level by using the white plastic blocks placed over the treats. Or, slide the brown discs around.


  • Adjust difficulty level
  • Can be used as a training toy


  • Not ideal for puppies
  • Some dogs, like one user’s, may be a wee bit too smart for this puzzle toy and find the treats by smell almost immediately

Supervise your dog carefully with toys like these to avoid any accidental choking. And as with any toy, paying attention to how your dog treats it may make it last longer.

12. Busy Buddy Jewel Pop

If you’re the kind of ‘70s or ‘80s baby who was already excited by the boombox toy, then you’ll probably be as entertained by this dog toy that looks like a Ring Pop.

Key Features

  • Available in small (10-25 pound dogs), medium (20-50 pound dogs) and large (more than 50 pounds)
  • BPA-free
  • Six treat rings included

Made from tough nylon and sparkling thermoplastic rubber, this chewable jewel holds treats in place. With this interactive toy, your dog may prefer choosing this over ruining your bookshelf or couch.


  • Helps clean teeth
  • Dishwasher-safe material


  • One user’s dog threw up after eating the treats
  • Began shredding after 15 minutes

Additional treat rings can be purchased for your dog in sizes A, B and C.

13. Plush Squeaking Birthday Cake

There’s no rule that says you cannot enjoy this birthday cake dog toy any other day of the year. Your dog won’t care either way, but it sure will be fun when he sees it.

Key Features

  • Built-in squeaker
  • Crinkle, squeaky toy
  • Polyester material

Perfect for all dog breeds, it can work for dogs who are X-small, small, medium, large and X-large.


  • Soft, plush fabric
  • Reduces boredom


  • May be noisy to some users
  • Several dogs tore it up within the first couple of hours

If your dog is a chewer and yanks the candles out, keep tabs on them to make sure that they don’t try to swallow all five of them.

14. Plush Squeaking Coffee Mug

You’re not the only one who needs a cup of coffee. This one is just softer, not as hot and the taste doesn’t weaken after a couple hours.

Key Features

  • 5 x 6.25 inches
  • Made for medium or large dogs
  • Nylon cover

Your dog can munch away on the coffee mug, and hear the crinkly and crunchy sound of a plastic bottle inside. However, it has thick padding to make sure it doesn’t immediately poke the inner side of your dog’s mouth.


  • Tougher than traditional plush toys
  • Soft stuffing


  • Choking hazard from crunchy material inside
  • Full cylinder so may be awkward to hold for dogs who are used to flat toys

A smart dog like a Dalmatian will quickly realize it may be easier to pull it around by the handle sinde the circular part is a bit more difficult to hold onto from room to room.

15. Frisco Retro 3D Glasses

As mentioned earlier in this post, dogs don’t see colors the way humans do. So 3D glasses won’t achieve the same results. But are they fun to see and watching your dog play with? Obviously.

(This product is currently unavailable)

Key Features

  • 3 x 8 inches
  • Made for small- or medium-sized dogs
  • Stuffed with squishy feeling

While your dog won’t realize how cool this retro luck is, the interactive way this toy can be used to play Tug of War won’t be lost on him. There are squeakers in the lenses to chomp on, too.


  • Plush polyester
  • Features different textures


  • Not recommended for heavy chewers
  • Rope and stuffing shredded almost immediately after one bit, according to one user

You get bonus points if you can get your dog to stay still long enough to balance them on his snout or at least sit in front of a movie theater with the glasses in his mouth.

Bottom Line

With a dog like a Dalmatian, you really need to be able to entertain this tall (19-24 inches) dog with a lot of energy and even more enthusiasm for play. With these 15 toys above, pay attention to which toys  last the longest, which toys are abandoned and which toys too easily fall apart.

Don’t always depend on brands to do the trick. Sometimes it’s a matter of size and shape. Once you found a winner, maybe buy a few in different colors or varieties. Give them to the dog one at a time to keep her on her “paws” and potentially as a treat for doing something really good.

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