15 Cleanest Dog Breeds

When starting your search for your new best friend, be thoughtful about what you are looking for, and do plenty of research. Although most dogs, unless you are buying your dog through a breeder, are not 100% of any type of dog, there are some consistencies that happen with dogs of a certain type.

People search for many different things when looking for a dog – size, shape, shedding or not shedding, stubbornness, or easy going. There are a lot of different traits that you can rate a dog by.

If you are looking for the cleanest dog breeds, you need to think to yourself, “what do I mean by cleanest?” Are you thinking about a dog that doesn’t shed? Are you worried about long hair getting dirty on a hike?

Do you want a dog that rarely drools or one that has a short sleek coat? All dog breeds can be somewhat messy, so you need to think about what clean means to you.

In this article, we will look at 15 of the cleanest dog breeds, defining “clean” using several types of criteria, including shedding, drooling, tendency to get dirty, dogs that like to work in the dirt, and a few other dirty thoughts.

Cleanest Dog Breeds

We researched over 100 dogs and found 15 of the cleanest dog breeds. Keep in mind that although in no particular order, these dogs all still have one big thing in common – they are dogs.

1. German Pincher

German PincherThe German Pincher dog breed is an old breed of dog that was originally from Germany.

These dogs have a tight short coat and are known to be very intelligent.

They have a lean body type and can be very strong, so when looking for a family dog, they are not usually recommended to be around small children.

These dogs can range in size between 16-20 inches and weigh anywhere between 25-25 pounds. They can range in color from black to a light brown color and are known to be loving and engaged as part of a family unit.

2. Whippet

The Whippet sounds like a wild and crazy dog, but they are actually quite calm until they get outside.

They love to run and are known to be very fast but are sweet and gentle when hanging out with their family.

Affectionate and friendly, Whippets are found in many colors, from black to white, brown to red.

These dogs are not very big, ranging from 18-23 inches high, but their weight can vary from 15-45 pounds depending on if they are male or female.

3. Chihuahua

ChihuahuaThese tiny dogs are often felt to be neat and clean because of their size and often short or medium coat length, although there are long-haired chihuahuas as well.

Chihuahua’s can be very small, ranging from 6-8 inches high, and come in a range of many colors, from black, white brown, and red. Chihuahua’s are generally known for their devotion to their families and can be very fast for their size.

These dogs often only weigh 3-8 pounds and need to be cared for so that they do not get injured by children or other larger dogs. Originally from Mexico, these dogs live a long time and are great family dogs.

4. Dalmatians

DalmatiansKnown for their black or brown spots and curious faces, Dalmatians are often noted to be family dogs. These dogs can become quite tall, ranging from 22-24 inches high and weighing anywhere from 35-75 pounds.

Dalmatians often have high energy and need lots of exercise, so their “dirty” potential is higher due to their need to release energy throughout the day.

A Dalmatian’s short, tight coat and friendly face make them a great candidate for someone that is looking for a clean companion.

5. Bedlington Terrier

This breed of smaller terrier is known as a mellow, affectionate friend.

The Bedlington Terrier comes in a range of colors, from brown/liver to blue and tan, and they often are labeled as quite intelligent.

These dogs range from 15-18 inches high and weigh around 20 pounds, so if you are looking for a smaller dog, this is a great choice.

If a clean dog breed for you is one that is hypoallergenic, then the Bedlington Terrier would make sense for your family.

6. Poodle

PoodleThe great thing about poodles is that they come in almost any color, from black and white to red, apricot, and blue or silver.

Toy poodles, the smallest of the breed can be tiny at 9 inches high, and a standard poodle can be up to 25 inches high.

Depending on what size you are looking for, the poodle may be the best dog ever.

Poodles are smart, charming, and highly trainable and are another dog that has the title of hypoallergenic. As far as clean goes, a poodle’s tight curls and sweet face can definitely give you that clean dog breed you are looking for.

7. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu, originally from Japan, is known to enjoy hiking and outdoor adventures and is a wonderful companion. These dogs live long lives and are charming, friendly, and faithful friends. A Shiba Inu can come in a variety of colors and ranges from 13-18 inches in height.

When thinking about buying a dog, the Shiba Inu should be one at the top of your “clean dog” list as they are seen as great adventure partners.

8. American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless TerrierAnother sweet dog in the terrier family, the American Hairless Terrier is a lively, smaller dog with strong legs and a big heart.

These dogs are often seen as part of the toy family because of their size, ranging from 7-18 inches and weighing anywhere from 5-25 pounds.

These terriers can live a long time and with no hair, are seen as clean, comfortable companions.

9. Bichon Frise

Even with its super fluffy white coat, the Bichon Frise is seen as a compact, naturally clean dog because it does not have the same oil build-up on its skin as other dogs.

Although white as can be, and also possibly interested in rolling in the mud occasionally, these dogs are cheerful, sweet, and love attention. The Bichon Frise is a smaller dog, growing between 9-12 inches, and only weighing 7-12 pounds.

The best description of this dog is a bouncy fluffball that only wants to please its owner.

10. Basenji

BasenjiIf you are looking for a clean, affectionate, and intelligent dog, the Basenji may be your best choice. These dogs are known for their playful, quiet personalities and are naturally curious.

The Basenji comes in several colors including black, brindle, tan, white, and red. Another dog that falls into the hypoallergenic description, these dogs are smaller in stature at 15-17 inches and only weighing in at 20-25 pounds. The Basenji is often referred to as the barkless, sweet hunter.

11. Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound, often found in colors ranging from tan to red, is also known as the “rabbit dog.” A smart hunter, the Pharaoh Hound is a sweet, active companion that wants to please its owner.

The females tend to be a bit smaller at 21 inches, with the males ranging to 25 inches. Although they can weigh up to 60 pounds, they are still seen as playful sweet dogs that want to make you happy.

12. Maltese

MalteseThe Maltese is a small and sweet furry dog that is hypoallergenic, sweet, and covered in a beautiful silky coat. A fearless, easy-going partner, the Maltese is a smaller dog ranging from 8-10 inches high.

Although weighing in at only 6-8 pounds, this charming, playful dog can be a great choice when you want a dog that will be happy to both play with you one minute and snuggle up on the couch with you the next minute.

13. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow may not make an obvious choice for a “clean” dog, but with their dense coat in black, tan, red, or white, they do not shed much and are easy to groom.

The Chow is a larger dog breed, growing up to 70 pounds, and up to 25 inches in height.

These dogs can be seen as a bit aloof, as they are very independent but also truly loyal.

14. Japanese Chin

Japanese ChinIf you are looking for a sweet, smart, and loyal dog, the Chin may be a great choice. Often compared to a cat because they like to groom themselves as a cat might, these dogs are great companions.

The Japanese Chin usually weighs between 3-15 pounds and comes in a variety of colors. Sometimes noted to be a bit aloof, the Chin can be a wonderful friend and playmate.

15. Greyhound

The Greyhound is a highly athletic, even-tempered dog with a short, tight coat.

Although often know for their racing careers, they are often available or adopted after they are done racing.

Greyhounds are seen as giant, gentle, and sweet, often growing up to 28 inches high and weighing between 60-80 pounds.

They can be bred in multiple colors, including brindle, and make fantastic pets. Neat and tidy, Greyhounds are another great choice for a clean companion.

Bottom Line

When looking for your clean dog, keep in mind that the definition of clean can mean different things to different people. Be sure to do your research before bringing home a new dog and ensure that they meet what you are looking for.

Dogs should be viewed as a long-time commitment and not something that can be returned if they do not meet your expectations.

Lisabeth has been a content blog writer for almost 10 years. She had fostered many dogs in that time, including 11 Golden Retrievers. She recently adopted an Australian Shepard named Shadow.

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