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Does CBD Work for Dogs? 

CBD originates from the cannabis plant. The CBD is found in hemp and is known for its healing properties. It does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which contains psychoactive properties. Scientists have discovered that the cannabinoids interact with receptors located in the nervous system ...

Dog Medication [2021]

As a responsible pet parent, you need to provide the best care for your beloved dog. This includes regular deworming and flea treatment to more serious medical conditions where specific veterinary advice is required. For any medication and especially prescription drugs you absolutely must ...

Can I Give My Dog Aspirin? Dosage Guide

What’s the lowdown about aspirin and dogs? Whether you have an active dog that gets the occasional sprain or an older dog that’s stiff when it rains, there are times when your canine companion could benefit from pain relief. No one wants to be constantly running to the vet’s for minor ...

18 Best Dewormers For Dogs in [2021]

When did you last deworm your dog? If you can’t remember or it was more than three months ago, then your dog is due for deworming. This is part of being a responsible dog owner, as it is important to keep your canine companion in good health by regular use of the best worm treatment for dogs. ...

5 Best Antihistamines for Dog Allergies in [2021]

Antihistamines are drugs used to counter allergic reactions in both humans and animals. The best antihistamines for dog allergies work by blocking histamine which stimulates cells in body tissues to react as a result of the body’s contact with the allergen. These allergic reactions are the body’s ...

Nexgard vs Frontline in [2021]

To weigh up NexGard and Frontline, let’s indulge in a spot of time travel. Go back a couple of decades and your choices for getting rid of fleas and ticks were extremely limited. The dogs your parents owned were most likely sprayed with organo-phosphate chemicals from an aerosol can. This ...

Trifexis vs Comfortis

It can be hard to know what’s best for your dog. Take parasite control as an example. There’s so much choice that it becomes baffling.The packaging all looks great with pictures of happy, parasite-free pets, but the truth is that it’s what’s inside the box that counts.Take Trifexis vs Comfortis.You ...

Xanax for Dogs: Dosage and Side Effects

Picture this scenario It’s time for work so you settle your new rescue dog in his crate. You take a last look before closing the front door, reassured to see him chewing enthusiastically on a Kong stuffed with his favorite food. Unfortunately, whilst you are gone a thunderstorm breaks ...

Benadryl For Dogs – Is it Safe?

Is your dog itchy or does he suffer from motion sickness? If the answer is “Yes”, then it may have occurred to you to try Benadryl in order to settle his symptoms. Benadryl is a popular antihistamine for people, which is widely available without a prescription. However, when giving dogs ...

Zyrtec for Dogs: Dosage and Side Effects

Zyrtec for Dogs Zyrtec with the active ingredient cetirizine is an antihistamine used to treat dermatitis, a condition that causes a dog’s skin to become itchy. Zyrtec is widely tolerated by dogs and has relatively few side effects. Zyrtec Prescription-Strength Does your dog suffer from ...

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