6 Best Canine Caviar Dog Foods Reviewed [2021]

Canine Caviar is a unique dog food brand. The uniqueness does not just come from the food being a holistic, hypoallergenic food option, which is excellent as it is beneficial to dogs in all of their health needs.

But Canine Caviar invests time into achieving a ph balance in their dog foods. Dog blood, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid need a slightly alkaline pH balance to function properly. If the pH falls below a 7.0 range that risks tissues to grow weak and tear.

In our Canine Caviar dog food review, we will go over in detail how the pH balance affects dog health. It will help you not only get a better understanding of the formulating method Canine Caviar uses, but it will also make you consider if the dog food you are currently feeding your dog is benefiting them through the pH as well.

The more you know, the better you will be able to provide your dog in regards to high-quality dog food.

Canine Caviar Reviews

Last updated on 5 October 2021 23:20

1. Open Meadow

Canine Caviar Open Meadow Entrees is beneficial for dogs of all life stages that will improve their overall health over time.

Key Features

  • Protein Content—25%
  • Fat Content—15%
  • Fiber Content—5.7%
  • pH Level Range—7.1-7.4

Canine Caviar Open Meadow Entrees uses lamb as its one and only animal protein source. The lamb is antibiotic-free and free-range raised to ensure dogs are getting the highest protein and nutrient source possible.

Lamb is also great for dogs with food allergies and stomach sensitivities. While lamb is the first ingredient on the formula list pearl millet is the second. Pearl millet is a grain, but it is nutritious, gluten-free, benefits the stomach, spleen, and pancreas, and is a prime source of fiber.

Pearl millet is easy to digest and one of the least allergenic grains for dogs. Canine Caviar’s Open Meadow entrees have a hearty amount of phosphorus and calcium which work together to improve and maintain strong bone health.

It also helps dogs be active longer. Another feature of the Open Meadow Entrees is to support and enhance the shine and health of your dog’s coat. Much like how we benefit from a low sodium diet, dogs do as well.

Open Meadow Entrees is low in added sodium which is perfect for dogs who need low sodium content due to a kidney or heart issue. Even if your dog does not have any heart or kidney issue, the low sodium diet will help them avoid developing those health problems in the future.


  • Ideal for dogs of all life stages
  • Limited ingredient and a hypoallergenic diet
  • Uses only holistic ingredients
  • Comes in 4.4 lbs., 11 lbs., and 22 lbs. bag options


  • Contains a high source of grains which risks the diet relying heavily on plant-based proteins rather than animal-based proteins

Canine Caviar Open Meadows Entrées will benefit your dog’s health thanks to its limited ingredient diet.

2. Special Needs Holistic Entrée

Canine Caviar Special Needs Entrees uses a combination of ingredients to benefit dogs suffering from various special health issues.

Key Features

  • Protein Content—18%
  • Fat Content—9%
  • Fiber Content—5%
  • pH Level Range—7.5-8.0

Canine Caviar Special Needs Entrees is formulated to aid in four different health zones in dogs. The formula is ideal for giant breed puppies as its protein and fat content promotes steady growth, so their bodies are not overwhelmed or strained due to rapid growth spurts.

This formula can help dogs lose weight. The combination of dehydrated chicken and brown rice can promote healthy digestion and can help dogs feel fuller longer to avoid overeating.

Since it is made to support a healthy weight, it can also ease dogs who have sensitive stomachs by reducing inflammation and any irritants inside of the stomach. Senior dogs can benefit from this diet since it is nutrient-rich and low in fat to keep their energy levels up and can potentially expand their lifespan.

Even though the formula uses brown rice, it is easy to digest grain. It provides vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, clears up psoriasis, and can prevent kidney stones.

It is unfortunate though that brown rice is the first ingredient on the recipe list as it takes up space where a more beneficial animal protein could have been used. But aside from that, the Special Needs diet is ideal for dogs who need closer care over their overall health.


  • Contains a single animal protein source
  • Limited ingredient and holistic diet
  • Gluten-free and hypoallergenic
  • Comes in 4.4 lbs., 11 lbs., and 22 lbs. bag options


  • Brown rice is the first ingredient, so the diet contains more grains than it does animal proteins
  • Relies on plant-based proteins rather than animal-based proteins

If your dog needs a specific diet to keep their body healthy despite a particular medical concern, Special Needs Entrees may be the food for you to turn to.

3. Puppy Grain-Free

Introduce your dog to the benefits of Canine Caviar by feeding them young with Canine Caviar Grain-Free Puppy Entrees.

Key Features

  • Protein Content—31%
  • Fat Content—20%
  • Fiber Content—5.7%
  • pH Level Range—7.1-7.4

Canine Caviar Grain-Free Puppy Entrees is a limited ingredient diet. That means the diet mimics what dogs in the wild would eat so your puppy is eating as naturally as possible.

But that also means that there are fewer natural sources of vitamins and minerals, so supplemental sources need to be added to make up for the lack of balance.

Dehydrated chicken is the primary and only animal protein source that helps pet owners avoid and food allergies and make it easier for growing puppies to digest the diet. Though chicken is a typical food allergen, for dogs who are not allergic to chicken it is easy to digest protein that benefits a puppy’s ear, skin, and fur health.

As you might imagine, the puppy diet is grain-free to keep puppies feeling full longer while maintaining healthy body weight. It is also gluten-free, which further makes the puppy diet a hypoallergenic dog food diet.

Holistic ingredients are specifically used to provide puppies with optimal nutrition free of any processed ingredients, by-products, or artificial ingredients. Your puppy will eat as naturally as possible with Canine Caviar Grain-Free Puppy Entrees.


  • Single animal protein diet
  • Limited ingredient diet to avoid common food allergens
  • Grain and gluten-free diet
  • Comes in 4.4 lbs., 11 lbs., and 22 lbs. bag options


  • Split pea is the second ingredient which means that the formula relies heavily on animal-based proteins
  • Contains chicken, so is not a formula for dogs with poultry allergies
  • Contains few natural vitamin and mineral sources

Make sure that you are feeding your puppy the right amount of Canine Caviar Grain-Free Puppy to ensure they will get all of the health benefits to match their size and weight.

4. Canine Caviar Venison Tripe

Venison Tripe

as of 5 October 2021 23:20

When your dogs need an extra amount of protein in their diets, top off their food with Canine Caviar Wet Canned Venison Tripe Grain-Free.

Key Features

  • Protein Content—9.1%
  • Fat Content—5.5%
  • Fiber Content—1.0%
  • pH Level Range—7.1-7.4

Though venison tripe does not sound appealing to us, it is highly beneficial to dogs. Venison tripe is the nutrient-rich stomach lining of deer that contains high levels of essential fatty acids and digestive juices that benefit your dog’s health.

Venison meat is an animal protein that is easy on a dog’s digestive system and is friendly to dogs who tend to suffer from sensitive stomach issues. Venison is also rich in B vitamins, zinc, and phosphorus.

It contains fewer calories and less fat which helps dogs maintain healthy and lean body weight. This canned food is also free of grains, to help dogs feel fuller longer, and gluten-free for dogs allergic to gluten or who suffer from epilepsy. Aside from venison, this formula uses two other ingredients, ovine plasma, and guar gum.

Ovine plasma is made from ovine blood from free-range lambs and sheep and serves as a binding element in wet food for dogs who have allergies or stomach sensitivities. Guar Gum is a gluten-free ingredient that provides carbs and fiber and is safe for dogs to ingest.

You can add the wet food to the top of your dog’s dry food, use it as a supplement, and even use it as a healthy and nutritious treat.


  • Single animal protein diet
  • Contains only four ingredients
  • Contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Gluten-Free and Grain-Free
  • Comes in 12.8 OZ can sizes


  • Not a complete diet as mainly provides extra protein rather than other essential nutrients

The taste and benefits of Venison Tripe Grain-Free will be visibly seen the more your dog consumes the wet food.

5. Canine Brushtail


as of 5 October 2021 23:20

If you want to add a unique tasting wet food to your dog’s diet why not try feeding them Brushtail Grain-Free.

Key Features

  • Protein Content—10%
  • Fat Content—7.4%
  • Fiber Content—0.3%
  • pH Level Range—7.1-7.4

In case you did not know, a brushtail is a type of opossum native to Australia and New Zealand. While it seems odd to us to eat an opossum, brushtails are highly nutritious and beneficial to dogs. For starters, brushtails are a low allergen ingredient.

Since brushtails is not a common food source for dogs, there is a less likely chance that dogs will be allergic to them, which makes it a great alternative to dogs who are limited to proteins thanks to their allergies.

Brushtails are also rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids help dogs have a shinier coat and can help them have healthier skin by reducing dander and preventing dry skin.

Brushtails also acts as an anti-inflammatory for dogs who suffer from joint disease or inflammation in the small intestine to avoid pain, bacteria, viruses, and diarrhea. Add this wet food on top of your dog’s dry food or use it as a supplement if your dog needs closer care of their overall health.


  • Contains no fillers
  • No added sugar or salt
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Single and limited ingredient diet
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • Comes in 13 OZ can sizes


  • Cannot stand as a lone diet as only provides an animal protein source and no other nutritional content

Your dog will enjoy the unique tasting flavor and benefits of Wet Canned Brushtail.

6. Canine Caviar Unagi


as of 5 October 2021 23:20

If you have never thought about feeding your dog eel pick up a can of Canine Caviar Wet Canned Unagi Grain-Free to see if your dog enjoys the taste.

Key Features

  • Protein Content—8.8%
  • Fat Content—5.0%
  • Fiber Content—0.3%
  • pH Level Range—7.1-7.4

Unagi is not a common animal protein used in dog foods, which is a shame. Unagi is a great source of vitamin B12, A, E, and niacin. It contains the highest amount of Unsaturated Fatty Acids amongst other sea creatures which helps dogs maintain healthy skin and a shinier coat.

Unagi is also great in maintaining eye health. The unagi contains a multitude of vitamins that are essential for eye health; it will help your dogs have strong eyesight longer throughout their lifetime.

Since unagi is not a common animal protein used in dog food diets, there is a lower chance that dogs will be allergic to them and supports dogs with stomach sensitivities and allergies. Add this wet food on top of your dog’s dry food for a well-rounded and beneficial diet.


  • Limited ingredient and single protein diet
  • Gluten and grain-free
  • Uses holistic ingredients
  • Comes in 13 OZ can sizes


  • Is not a complete diet and acts only as a supplement

For a unique and flavorful protein source add Canine Caviar Wet Canned Unagi Grain-Free to their diets.

Who Manufactures Canine Caviar Dog Food?

great danes laying on bedCanine Caviar was founded by Jeff Baker who still stands as its CEO/President. Jeff Baker has a background in pharmacology and nutrition, which he used to formulate food for his Great Dane, Moguls, who lived to be 17 years of age, an age that far exceeds the average age range for Great Danes.

All of the products are manufactured under Canine Caviar Pet Foods Inc., their headquarters being in Norco, California. All of the ingredients are sourced in the United States of America.

History of Canine Caviar Dog Food

Canine Caviar has only had one instance of recall since its establishment in 1996. In April 2007 13.2 oz cases with the “Best Before” dates of Aug. 21, 2008 – April 15, 2009, were recalled due to a melamine outbreak. The affected wet food was Canine Caviar Gourmet Turkey and Canine Caviar Gourmet Beaver.

Since then, Canine Caviar has had no other instances of recall. For only being 22 years old and having one recall that is still positive as it shows that Canine Caviar has improved their quality control to what pet owners are feeding their dogs today.

Different Formulas/Options

dog food pawCanine Caviar offers three types of foods for your dog to enjoy. They are a dry kibble formula, wet food formula, and treats.

All of these formulas are meant to benefit your dog whether it be as a full meal or as an occasional treat. Let’s go over how each formula can benefit your dog.

Dry Food Entrees

This is Canine Caviar’s standard dry food kibble. All of the ingredients used are wholesome and provide some nutritional benefit towards your dog. They vary in what animal protein is the main ingredient to feed your dog the flavor they enjoy the most or to avoid the ones that upset their stomach or triggers allergies.

While the majority do contain grains, there are grain-free options available for the dog with allergies to grains or who do not enjoy the taste in their meals. Here is the breakdown of the available options under this formula.

  • Free Spirit Entrees
  • Grain-Free Puppy Entrees
  • Open Meadow Entrees
  • Leaping Spirit Entrees
  • Open Sky Entrees
  • Special Needs Entrees
  • Wild Ocean Entrees

Wet Canned Food

wet dog foodThe wet canned food has a high animal protein content, so it is a great addition to Canine Caviar foods or other dry foods for dogs who need extra protein in their diets.

Along with proteins, the wet canned foods offer other essential vitamins and minerals so your dog can have a full spectrum meal.

They are also all grain-free, so your dog gets what they need and not just a full stomach. The available flavors under this formula are as follows.

  • Duck
  • Turkey
  • Venison
  • Brushtail
  • Goat
  • Lamb
  • Unagi
  • Wild Salmon


treatsCanine Caviar makes all of their treats out of 100% buffalo. Buffalo meat is leaner, lower in cholesterol, and high in protein. It also contains a higher level of iron and essential fatty acids. Dogs love the taste and will not be able to get enough of it.

These are the treats Canine Caviar currently makes for dogs to enjoy.

  • Buffalo Bully Stix
  • Buffalo Jerky
  • Buffalo Lollipops
  • Buffalo Lungs
  • Buffalo Stix-Braided
  • Buffalo Toothpicks
  • Buffalo Tripe Vanilla
  • Buffaroos
  • Buffalo California Rolls

Key Ingredients


proteinsCanine Caviar uses a variety of animal proteins to offer dogs a variety of meats to enjoy and to help owners stay away from any animal proteins that their dog may be allergic to.

All the meats are sourced from the United States of America, but it does not specify where exactly. This is not a reason to be cautious about the food, but something to keep in mind.

The following is a list of the animal proteins Canine Caviar uses in their formulas.

  • Duck
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Venison
  • Brushtail
  • Goat
  • Lamb
  • Unagi
  • Wild Salmon
  • Herring


Since Canine Caviar uses wholesome animal proteins in their formulas that means that your dog will have access to a natural fat source that will benefit their overall body health. Your dog’s body will stay lean, develop strong muscles, and have plenty of energy to enjoy the day with you.


Canine Caviar uses wholesome grains in their formulas. These grains are considered superfoods for dogs as they benefit their overall body health instead of serving as only filler ingredients.

pH Balance

germanEach formula of Canine Caviar is made to have a pH level of 7.1-7.4. As Canine Caviar states, the pH level is a vital balance system in a dog’s body. pH stands for “Potential Hydrogen” which is the number of Hydrogen Ions present in a substance.

A dog’s blood, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid need a slightly alkaline pH balance, which is anything above the 7.0 neutral pH level, to function properly.

If the dog’s pH level falls below 7.0, their body tissues start to deteriorate and can cause illnesses in dogs. Canine Caviar strives to have that ideal pH level with the ingredients that they use. This way their dog food formulas can help your dog’s health starting at their core.

Bottom Line

Canine Caviar is caviar for dogs. This company strives to obtain the best possible ingredients that in turn goes into making its high-quality formulas.

While they only offer a few flavors when compared to larger dog food chains this is not always bad. Rather, that means Canine Caviar has fewer formulas to manage and can provide stronger quality control with each bag or can of food that they make.

Choosing a dog food will be easier as you can pick which protein your dog will like and not be overwhelmed with too many options that you will not even know which is a right formula to start with. 

Canine Caviar will help your dog’s stomach be full while also keeping their overall body health in tip-top shape starting from their body tissues and beyond.

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