11 Best Dog Toys for Border Collies in [2021]

Border Collies are obedient and lovable dogs. They‘re great with playtime; however, it‘s also easy to train them because of their intelligence. Unfortunately, although highly smart, they can be stubborn and a handful sometimes.

Since they are clever and hyper, it is important that you find the best toy for Border Collies to keep them active and maintain a stimulated mind.

Taking Border Collies outside regularly for playtime is necessary. If not done on a regular basis, this breed can get destructive and depressed.

Border Collies are often affectionate to their owners and can feel lonely if left unattended for some time. Therefore it is a good idea to spend time researching exactly which type of toy will be most suitable for your Border Collie.

To help you find the perfect toy, here are our top 5 choices:

11 Best Dog Toys for Border Collies

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1. TRIXIE Activity Flip Board

Border Collies are inquisitive and intelligent animals. They do not only need to be kept physically active but also need mental challenges. While strengthening the bond between you and your Collie, the TRIXIE Activity Flip Board will give your dog a new challenge again and again.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 1.11 pounds
  • Dimensions – 9 x 9 x 1 inches
  • Style – Flip Board, Level 2
  • Why It’s Recommended – To stimulate your Border Collie’s mind

If your Border Collie is a smaller dog, this strategy game could be the best toy for them because it really engages the mind.

This game will reward your Collie when they correctly open the different compartments. Before you can start playing with your clever dog, you need to fill any or all of the compartments with their favorite treats.

When they correctly slide the covers or lift the flaps, the treats will be revealed, and your Collie can enjoy them.

The cones are designed not to be knocked over but lifted straight up when removing the treats. To increase the level of difficulty for this game, you need to vary the placement and number of treats.

The rim of the TRIXIE Dog Activity Flip Board is made of non-slip rubber to ensure that your Border collie explores the game without any movements of the board.


  • You can easily adjust the difficulty of the game to challenge your dog again and again.
  • It will suit your curious and intelligent Border collie.
  • The treats in the compartments will keep your dog occupied for longer periods of time.
  • If it gets dirty, don’t worry you can clean it using the dishwasher.
  • The no-slip rubber makes it stable when playing.


  • Some dogs may find this game easy.
  • There may be a few delivery issues.
  • Some of the sliders may be shallow for more treats.

The TRIXIE Activity Flip Board has an instructional booklet containing tricks and tips to challenge your collie at any age. You can also clean it with the dishwasher. This toy comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. KONG Wobbler

For over forty years, KONG Classic has become a staple for dog toys. The KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy will stimulate your Collie’s mind while keeping them occupied for extended periods of time.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 4 ounces
  • Dimensions – 3.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
  • Why It’s Recommended – It helps your Border collie satisfy their instinctual needs.

It is made from a red, all-natural rubber that is durable for your Collie to have fun for a while before you need to go back to the toy store.

The KONG Wobbler has an erratic bounce and is more suitable if your collie likes to chew while fulfilling their need to play. You can stuff in tempting kibbles and fill the KONG Wobbler with peanut butter in order to extend your collie’s playtime.

You can also use KONG Snacks, and KONG Easy Treats to add fun to the playing sessions.


  • It is durable because of the high-quality natural rubber.
  • Great for stimulating your collie’s mind because of the unpredictable wobble movements.
  • Your dog will be occupied for longer periods of time.
  • You can use the dishwasher to clean it.
  • Helps your Collie clean their teeth and soothe gums while playing.
  • Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.
  • Recommended by pet trainers and vets all over the world.


  • The rubber scent may be strong for some dogs.
  • If your Border Collie is an aggressive chewer, this may not be the toy for them.
  • It requires supervision when your dog is playing with this toy.

Your intelligent Border Collie will find this game more challenging because of the unpredictable movements of this wobbling toy. This treat-dispensing toy by Kong will ensure that your Collie eats slowly while exercising. It is suitable for both larger and smaller sizes of dogs.

3. iFetch


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iFetch has won various awards in the US, including Best in Shows Award at Super Zoo and First Place at the Global Pet Expo’s New Product Showcase.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 3 pounds
  • Dimensions – 14.8 x 10.1 x 11.4 inches
  • Why It’s Recommended – Gives your Border Collie a great experience and fun while playing fetch.

Border Collies are intelligent dogs; therefore, they need challenging toys like this iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for dogs. This toy will keep your Collie fit. Training its body and its mind at the same time.

It even has an automatic motion sensor to detect anything in its way; although you should always be there to supervise while your dog is playing with it since the balls are small in size and may choke your dog.

This toy is great since you can adjust the launch distances and angles of the balls. The launch distances can be adjusted to 10, 20, and 30 feet just by the press of a button.

If your Border Collie is a ball-obsessed dog, they will not get enough of this game! For safety purposes, the top where your dog is supposed to put the ball is tilted to encourage your collie to stay behind the iFetch when the ball launches.

Using a different ball or yummy treats, train your collie on how to drop the small tennis balls into the iFetch. In order to show your collie that their new toy actually throws balls, you will need to launch a few balls at first and encourage them to fetch it once it flies out of the launcher.


  • For safety purposes, it has a motion sensor.
  • You can easily adjust the launching distance and angle.
  • This toy will stimulate your collie’s ability of thinking.
  • Your collie will be physically fit with this toy.
  • Suitable for smaller Border Collies.


  • If not supervised, your Collie may choke on the balls.
  • It may be expensive.
  • The lever in some iFetch launchers may get stuck after launching.

During the training sessions, motivate your dog with lots of hugs and praises. With no time they will like their new iFetch.

4. Premium Deer Antlers

Premium Deer Antler

as of 7 October 2021 17:53

Antlers Dog Chews are safe, organic, and natural for your Collie and will not cause any digestive problems.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 5 ounces
  • Dimensions – 6 x 2 x 1.5 inches
  • Why It’s Recommended – Antlers are a safe and natural alternative to traditional dog bones.

They are made from cut, polished, and sanded real deer and elk antlers with no added preservatives, dyes, additives or dangerous chemicals. It is a clean alternative to dog bones.

Your Border Collie will definitely love this marrow, which is packed with phosphorus, manganese, calcium, and zinc. All these contents will make your collie have a healthy coat, improved kidney function and will help promote fast healing of any wounds.

Antler Chews will also improve the dental health of your Collie by removing tartar build up naturally. Deer and Elk Chews are made from high-quality Grade-A Premium antlers to ensure that they are odorless and last longer.

Try a split version if your Collie is new to antlers to give easy access to the marrow. For your aggressive chewer and high energy dog, they will be given the challenge they crave for and kept occupied.


  • Made from premium Grade-A antlers to last longer.
  • Minimal mess will be made by your dog.
  • Made from organic and natural antlers.
  • No added food dyes, preservatives or chemicals hence healthy.
  • Suitable for aggressive chewers.


  • It may be expensive.
  • The toy may be too small for some dogs.
  • Some antlers may not last long.

They can chew Antlers Chews for hours without leaving any coloring or residues behind. This toy has less mess compared to other toys, kibbles, and treats.

5. Hide – A – Squirrel Puzzle

Hide a Squirrel

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What’s more fun for your Collie catching squirrels in the bush? Catching squirrels right at home! This dog-toy will stimulate mental play in your collie while playing a hide and seek game. It is designed with an engaging array of sound, shapes, and textures to ensure that you have more fun with your Collie.  

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions – 3 x 6 x 9.5 inches
  • Why It’s Recommended – Designed to keep your collie occupied and eliminate boredom

You will need to stuff the squirrels in the trunk of the Hide-A-Squirrel toy. Each squirrel is filled with one big squeaker. Your dog will have to figure out how to remove the squirrels from the trunk. These dog toys are suitable for both indoor and outdoor toss and fetch games.

The Hide-A-Squirrel is available in four different sizes to suit your collie: small, medium and large have 3 squirrels, while the Ginormous size has 6 squirrels.


  • It can also be used for fetch games.
  • This toy will stimulate your collie’s mind.
  • Available in several sizes.
  • Reduces boredom and will keep your collie mentally occupied.
  • Quite affordable.


  • Not great for aggressive chewers.
  • May not be interesting or challenging for some dogs.
  • The holes may be too small.
  • Not good for big dogs, suitable for puppies.

When you need more animals to squeak, you can get 3 packs of squirrels, bees, and birds characters all by Outward Hound.

6. StarMark Bob-A-Lot

StarMark Bob-A-Lot

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StarMark Bob-A-Lot provides mental stimulation and physical activity. Your dog will enjoy playing with this treat-filled fun toy every day.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 5 lb
  • Dimensions – 6” X 6” X 8.5” inches
  • Style – Interactive
  • Warranty – yes
  • Why we recommend – it keeps your intelligent and playful  Border Collie entertained and busy.

This colorful dual-chambered interactive treat dispensing dog toy provides your dog with plenty of exercise indoors. Border Collies are intelligent dogs that need a variety of toys to entertain them and to stimulate their brains.

This dog toy has a large chamber at the bottom which allows parents to fill it with up to three cups of dog food which is usually a full meal for most adult Border Collies.

This is an exciting way for your dog to have fun and eat his meal on a daily basis if necessary. You can also place small size treats that will fit through the chambers to reward your dog with their favorite tasty snack.

If your dog is brilliant and figures out how to get the treats or kibble out quickly, you can adjust the openings to increase the difficulty level. It also allows you to adjust to make it easier as your dog begins to learn how to use the toy.

Your dog will have lots of fun with this wobbly toy. It has a weighted bottom that is anti-slip which helps the toy move around and entices your dog to play. This toy is excellent for dogs that are left home alone and enjoy activities to keep them busy.


  • Mentally stimulates her dog
  • Encourages your dog to play
  • Feeds and exercises your dog at the same time
  • Holds up to three cups of dry kibble food
  • Dual adjustable Chambers
  • Chambers are located at the top and bottom
  • Ability to regulate the difficulty level
  • The anti-slip base that keeps the toy in place
  • Weighted bottom half that causes the toy to wobble how’s your dog play


  • Some dogs may you find this toy easy
  • Only holds small pieces of kibble or treats

Your dog will enjoy playing with this fun toy and enjoying tasty food or treats along the way!

7. SNiFFiz SmellyMatty

SNiFFiz SmellyMatty

as of 7 October 2021 17:53

Sniffiz Smelly Matty taps into your dog’s natural instincts. This interactive brain teaser is also a treat dispenser that relieves stress and boredom.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 3.6 lb
  • Dimensions – 31.5” X 31.5” X 1.2” inches
  • Style – Interactive
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why we recommend – It provides our dog with endless fun and interaction. It also allows your dog to use their natural instincts in a fun and exciting way.

Your dog will sniff his way to fun and excitement with this interactive toy. Your dog’s natural instinct is to dig and hunt for food, so this toy interacts with that survival Instinct. This toy is known to be the longest nose work dispensing play kit available in the market today.

Your dog might feel like he’s in his natural environment hunting for food and digging, but in reality, he’s in your living room or somewhere indoors mentally stimulated and using their cognitive desire to track sent.


  • Mentally stimulating
  • Entertaining for dogs
  • The large play kit is enough for two dogs to play
  • Treat dispensing nose work play kit
  • Allows your dog to tap into their cognitive desire
  • Encourages your dog to track the scent
  • Makes mealtime fun
  • Allows you to make their mealtime slower which is good for dogs that eat too fast
  • Easy to clean


  • Can smell like dog food
  • Gets dirty easily
  • Some dogs might find this toy too easy
  • Only available in one color theme

Many parents will be happy to learn that this toy is easy to use by simply placing some dry kibble or small snacks within the layers of the toy. You can even choose to place your dog’s entire dry dog food meal within the toy and allow your dog to have lots of fun while they eat their meal.

8. Petyoung Durable


as of 7 October 2021 17:53

Petyoung Durable is excellent for aggressive chewers. Border Collies are known to enjoy vigorously chewing on their toys. This toy is highly durable and withstands aggressive chewing as well as provides your dog with the opportunity to get good teeth cleaning.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 11.2 Ounces
  • Style – Chew toy
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why we recommend – It’s a decent-sized toy that allows your dog to chew to the heart’s content while cleaning their teeth.

Are you looking for a safe and durable dog toy for your aggressive chewer? This is non-toxic and made with TPR rubber which is durable and safe for your pet. It’s designed explicitly for powerful dogs that are aggressive chewers.

It has tiny chewable thorns that are raised and spread out throughout the entire area. It creates force and friction as your dog chews and massages his gums as well as cleans his teeth. This toy is known to ease discomfort from teething as well as improve your dog’s overall oral health.

The design also has two handles which make it fun and easy for parents to play along and have a great tug-of-war game with their dog.  Playing tug-of-war as well as allowing your dog to chew on this toy as aggressively as he wants helps prevent stress and anxiety.


  • Non-toxic
  • Easy for dogs to chew
  • Durable for aggressive chewers
  • Cleans teeth
  • Lessens discomfort from teething
  • Excellent for playing tug of war
  • Reduces boredom and anxiety
  • Satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew
  • Teaches good chewing habits
  • Available in two colors


  • Some dogs might find this toy too easy
  • The toy might have a slight scent

Your dog will never be bored with this fun colorful toy. You can choose to purchase this chew-toy in the color orange or bright green.

9. Petbobi


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Petbobi, squeaks and interacts with your dog. This fun and the motorized toy is entertaining for your dog and the entire family.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 9.9 Ounces
  • Dimensions – 7.5” X 3.9” X 6.3” inches
  • Style – Automatic interactive toy
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why we recommend – It’s a fun and exciting interactive toy that provides your dog with the opportunity to interact with it, chew on it or bounce it around the house.

This adorable and fun toy squeaks and bounces as well as interact with your dog. It automatically makes dog sounds as it shakes for about 20 seconds at a time. This toy will immediately grab the attention of your dog and keep him entertained for a long time.

As a parent, you might get tired of hearing all the sounds coming from this interactive toy, so you have the opportunity to turn it off and just let your dog play with it as a typical large fluffy ball. Your dog can chase,  bite and roll the ball around the house.

The plush exterior is easy to remove with a simple velcro tab. You can toss it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle to clean it whenever needed.

This is an excellent interactive toy for dogs that are left home alone often while their parent is at work or running errands.


  • Multi-use toy
  • Interacts with dogs
  • Makes sounds
  • Shakes to get your dog’s attention
  • Encourages her dog to exercise while playing
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent for dogs that are home alone


  • Some dogs might find these toys easy to play
  • Only available in two colors

Your Border Collie will be excited to play with this toy any time of the day. It’s fun, cute and interactive. Small children that are playmates with their dogs will also find this toy entertaining.

10. Pacific Pups

Pacific Pups Products

as of 7 October 2021 17:53

Pacific Pups are specifically designed and created for aggressive chewers. These nearly indestructible toys come in a set of 11 adorable designs and characters.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 2.4 pounds
  • Dimensions – 13” X 9.8” 3.4” inches
  • Style – Chew toys
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why we recommend – It’s an excellent bundle of toys that are well suited for aggressive chewers.

This bundle of durable dog toys are plastic-free and meet toy safety standards. This product is so durable it has a lifetime guarantee. The giraffe toy that comes in the package is an added benefit since it also provides your dog with dental benefits such as massaging gums and cleaning teeth.

These durable multi-purpose toys can be used for shaking, playing fetch, chewing and playing tug-of-war. Most dogs simply enjoy chewing aggressively on the toy. If your dog is known as the toy destroyer of your family, these toys are known to withstand highly aggressive chewers.

Dogs that often chew aggressively on toys and other items in the house are often expressing their desire to release anxiety and stress. This bundle of toys provides our dog with options as well as objects that are prepared to handle their aggressive chewing.

So if your dog has no toys left and can’t get near any plush toys because they will rip it to shreds this bundle of rope toys might be the answer you need to continue providing toys for your dog.


  • Plastic-free
  • Meets Toy safety standards
  • Durable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Cleans teeth
  • Massages gums
  • Improves overall oral health
  • Relieves stress


  • Some dogs might become bored
  • Bundle only includes Rope toys

These sturdy and colorful toys can be used indoors or outdoors. Your dog can chew on them, clean their teeth, massage their gums and spend hours releasing stress by chewing. Pet parents will be happy to learn they can use these toys to play tug-of-war and fetch with their dog.

11. Pupper Pamper Puzzle

Pupper Pamper Puzzle

as of 7 October 2021 17:53

Pupper Pamper is an excellent way to make mealtime interesting for your dog. This game can be played indoors or outdoors. Your dog will love the mental stimulation!

 Key Specifications

  • Weight – 3.2 pounds
  • Style – Interactive dog toy
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why we recommend – It relieves boredom and stress plus mentally stimulates your dog during mealtime or just for fun.

This high-quality toy keeps your dog occupied while he eats his meal. It’s made of high-quality materials that are non-toxic and durable. Your dog will enjoy using their legs and paws to push the bottles around to release the kibble or treats.

Border Collies are highly intelligent, and this interactive toy offers a challenge to those dogs that get bored with other toys. They will constantly be thinking and trying to figure out how to release the food or treats from the bottles.

Pet parents will be happy to learn that this toy is easy to assemble and includes two different height settings.  You can easily adjust the bottles and the height to accommodate your dog’s size.


  • Interactive
  • Fun
  • Slows down eating habits
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Challenging for highly intelligent dogs
  • Entertaining
  • Easy to assemble
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Excellent for dogs with separation anxiety
  • Available in small and large sizes
  • Available in beige and brown colors
  • Replacement bottles available


  • Some dogs might become bored quickly
  • Dogs might chew on the bottles and cause damage
  • The dog food or treats can fall on the floor and make a mess

Does your Border Collie gobble down their food as quickly as possible when eating from their bowl? If you are looking for an interesting way to slow your dog’s eating habits down then the pupper pamper is an excellent option.

Your dog will use his intelligence to release the food which slows down there eating habits and helps with overall digestion.

Bottom Line

The Border Collie is a tough and smart dog. It can be challenging to find them the best dog toy in the market.

Be careful not to choose a toy so simple and easy as they will get bored easily. Also, do not overestimate your collie by buying a difficult toy as they will be de-motivated.

Select one that is suitable for your Collie for age, size, and intelligence.

From the above dog toys, it is clear that TRIXIE Flip Board is the winner. This is because it will stimulate your collie’s mind and challenge their intelligent and smart minds. The treats in the compartments will keep them occupied for a longer period of time, and the product is long-lasting.

Nadia is passionate about all things dog related and is one of the leading writers at Dog Struggles. Her attention to detail and expertise means you can rest assured knowing her product recommendations & reviews are the best of the best.

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