5 Best Dog Shampoos for Pitbulls [2021]

The Pitbull is a much-misunderstood breed.

In a game of word association, the average man on the street will link ‘Pitbull’ to ‘fighting’ or ‘aggression’ or ‘danger’.

However, this link is a classic case of a man dragging dogs down to their level.

It is the irresponsible Pitbull owner who takes advantage of this breed’s strength and agility, to train them to harm.

But the opposite is also true.

In the right hands and with proper socialization, a Pitbull can be a loving and devoted family dog.

So what has this to do with finding the best shampoo for Pitbulls?

Top 5 Best Shampoos for Pitbulls

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Well, the Pitbull has an outward appearance of being fierce and strong, but in fact, their skin is anything but roughy-toughy and is prone to problems.

So this breed of contrasts, with a bad reputation but a good heart, looks fierce and strong but with delicate skin.

If this is news to you, let’s look at some of the skin problems Pitbulls are prone to.

Dry skin

Their skin is prone to drying out and therefore when selecting a shampoo, a product with moisturizing properties is a good idea.

Look for the inclusion of ingredients such as oatmeal or natural oils, for example, coconut.

Allergic Skin Disease

Another problem is that Pitbulls can be very prone to allergies.

Allergies can be triggered by a wide variety of things from food to pollens in the environment, and indeed shampoos.

Pitbull resting

Thus a hypoallergenic shampoo is a good idea or at least go for a product that is free from artificial perfumes and colors.

Skin infections

Also, Pitbull skin is prone to infection.

This can be due to bacteria that travel down the hair shaft and cause a condition known as folliculitis or superficial dermatitis as a result of exposure to bacteria.

Signs of this include tufts of hair falling out leaving small bald patches behind.

What’s clear is that keeping your Pitbull’s skin healthy is a delicate balance between cleansing and protecting, which means selecting the right products for them as an individual.

To answer the questions: What is the best shampoo for Pitbulls; let’s look at our top five favorites.

1. Particular Paws

What do you do when shampoo triggers your dog’s skin allergies?

Use a hypoallergenic shampoo of course!

The answer isn’t that straightforward, but it’s a good start.

First, the positives of the Particular Paws.

The ingredients are all-natural and it does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Made in the USA, the active ingredients include Aloe vera and chamomile (both known for their soothing properties) rosemary (a gentle disinfectant) and honey extract (for moisturization and gentle antibacterial actions).

This shampoo has a velvety texture and doesn’t over-lather but produces just enough to help it spread.

The latter is a good thing as there are no bubbles to get into the dog’s eyes.

cute white pitbull

It’s mild, moisturizing, and soothing, making it the best shampoo for Pitbull puppy.

This is great news because when you start bathing from an early age; the young four-legger grows up learning to love bath time, which means less splashing and fuss when they get older.

We particularly liked how effective it was at getting rid of bad odors and replacing them with a pleasant smell.

Indeed, the smell itself was a nice balance of pleasant, but natural, rather than an overpowering disinfectant or artificial fragrance smell.

A highly recommended shampoo, especially if you can snag one of the special offers doing the rounds, which makes this product an absolute bargain and not to be missed.

2. Veterinary Formula

For those skeptical about the power of natural products to cut through dirt or settle an infection, then consider this traditional medicated shampoo an effective option.

For Pitbulls who have sensitive skin or itchy skin, consider this hypoallergenic option.

Using a topical product, such as a treatment shampoo is a cunning way of killing bacteria without the need to take tablets. (Of course if your dog does not respond then still see the vet.)

This Veterinary Formula is vet formulated, specifically to help with allergies or sensitive skin.

It also has a light fragrance, nothing too clinical but enough to be reassured your dog is clean.

3. Davis Benzoyl

Davis Benzoyl is for a Pitbull with certain skin problems.

First out it needs to be said that this isn’t a shampoo that’s suitable for all dogs, but more of a treatment product.

However, the Pitbull as a breed is prone to several skin conditions including folliculitis (bacterial infection along the hair shaft), seborrheic dermatitis (an overproduction of grease and oil), and demodectic mange (a mite that lies deep within the follicles.)

It might be your vet has diagnosed one of these conditions, your dog’s coat has a greasy feel, or they suffer from localized small patches of hair loss.

When the cause is one of those three named conditions then Davis benzoyl peroxide can help.

This product contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which is known for its ‘follicle flushing’ effects.

In effect, this is a deep clean that gets into the hair follicles and washes them free of dirt, grease, and bacteria.

When the problem is folliculitis or Demodex it’s not unusual for the coat to look worse before it gets better.

This is because affected hairs tend to fall out as part of the cleansing/healing process.

In the short term this means more patchiness, but in the long term it can mean a cure (although other treatments may also be needed.)

The downside is that benzoyl peroxide is drying.

To counteract this Davis shampoo contains coconut oil to help replace lost moisture but in a non-greasy way.

Indeed, Davis Benzoyl wasn’t as drying on the skin as we anticipated, and the results on the dog were outstanding.

4. Burt’s Bees for Puppies

This great smelling shampoo from trusted brand Burt’s Bees, is mild enough not to sting and also conditions as well as it cleans.

This is a great boon for the splashing puppy or unwilling dog because you can keep bath times short as there’s no need for a separate shampoo and conditioner.

This product contains the finest natural ingredients, including linseed oil for its moisturizing properties.

But don’t be deceived, just because it’s called a puppy shampoo doesn’t mean it won’t do a great job for adults.

What we particularly liked was the absence of a strong after-bath scent.

Not all dogs like smelling of flowers or cocktails, and go rolling outside straight out to get rid of the smell.

However, this Burt’s Bees shampoo is all about gentle cleansing and there’s no lingering overpowering perfume afterward.

Another great advantage of Burt’s Bees puppy shampoo is that it’s mild enough for frequent baths.

So if your Pitbull is a mudlark and regularly needs dunking in the bath to be presentable, the Burts Bees will do the job without drying out the skin.

5. Healthy Breeds

Healthy Breeds

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This product is part of a range of shampoos that are specifically formulated to meet the requirements of specific breeds.

In this case, the formulation is designed for sensitive, dry skin that is prone to allergies – which neatly sums up the Pitbull!

As you might suspect from the name, Healthy Breeds benefits from the natural moisturizing properties of oatmeal.

Well known as a gentle cleansing agent that puts moisture back instead of stripping it out, the presence of oatmeal is always an encouraging start.

Also Healthy Breeds Pitbull shampoo contains aloe vera; again this is a hero product when it comes to providing moisture naturally.

Indeed, aloe vera goes one step further because it soothes par excellence and encourages healing.

This makes it ideally suited for cleansing the skin of a Pitbull dog with sensitive, inflamed skin.

As you’d expect from the best shampoo for a Pitbull this product is pH balanced to be in sympathy with that of the canine skin.

A small amount lathers well and covers the dog surprisingly well.

It’s a bonus that it leaves the coat smelling refreshingly of coconut (unless you don’t like the smell) which lingers for several days.

It’s encouraging that although mild and moisturizing, this isn’t at the expense of effectiveness.

The Healthy Breeds is able to cut through the unpleasantness of rolling in feces, as well as leaving the coat soft and skin in good condition.

Bottom Line

Whether you have a Pitbull puppy or an adult dog with problem skin, there is a shampoo to suit every canine companion.

It used to be that pet parents shied away from bathing their dog because they worried about over-drying the skin, however with a careful choice of shampoo this need no longer be a worry.

Indeed, the opposite is true.

Allergy prone dogs positively benefit from having irritating allergens washed away from the surface of the skin.

When you make the right choice and select a shampoo with local anesthetic and soothing properties, you can also go some way to settling the itch.

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s also possible to purchase excellent shampoos without a prescription that have a treatment like a benefit on extra greasy skin (as a result of overproduction of oil) and skin infected with demodex mites.

Using the right shampoo helps to wash away infection from deep in the hair follicles and speed up hair regrowth.

Choosing the best shampoo for Pitbull helps ensure healthy skin and a shiny touchable coat that you can be proud of.

Just because the Pitbull has a reputation for being a tough dog, doesn’t mean they aren’t big softies at heart and they want to look good, just as we all do.

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