5 Best Pomeranian Dog Treats

The Pomeranian may be a small dog breed, but boy oh boy is he big-hearted!

Any Pomeranian owner will vouch that their little balls of fluff have heart, tenacity, and sometimes far too much confidence when they bark at the big dogs at the dog park.

A member of the Spitz family, this side of the canine family is widely regarded in the scientific community as being the closest descendant to the noble Wolf. But that doesn’t mean that you can let him hunt for his own food.

Instead, he requires a balanced dog food diet and seeing as he’s such a good boy – some of the best Pomeranian treats that the world has to offer.

So while your little guard dog may be feisty enough to hunt down that cheeky garden squirrel – why not avoid goodness only knows what kind of parasites he could catch – and buy some of our recommended doggy snacks instead?!

Best Dog Treats for Pomeranians

Last updated on 5 October 2021 23:27

1. Healthy Breeds Treats

Healthy Breeds Treats

as of 5 October 2021 23:27


  • With only 4 calories per treat, this is one of the healthiest treats on the market. Feel good giving your dog these treats.
  • Our formula has the perfect blend of dried blueberry, dried cranberry and chicken liver that makes dogs salivate just hearing the bottle shake!
  • The perfect treat for all breeds, ages and sizes! Search for your breed.
  • Made in the USA in FDA, USDA and FSIS regulated manufacturing facilities for safety and purity.
  • If your dog has allergies, check out our Gluten Free/Grain Free Beef or Chicken Freeze Dried Treats.

In the search for the best dog treats for Pomeranians, the Healthy Breeds, Healthy Treats are definitely one of the best options.

Key Specifications

  • Breeds – All breeds
  • Size of Dog – Small, Medium, Large
  • Energy – Four calories
  • Suitable For Training – YES
  • Why We Like It – A very nutritionally conscious product for your dog

At four calories per treat, these are one of the healthier and guilt-free options available on the market.

Made with a blend of dried blueberry, dried cranberry, and chicken liver, these treats will make your doggie salivate every time you give that bottle a shake! It will also give your pooch great motivation during their training sessions.

Not only suitable for Pomeranians, but this is also a great option if you have multiple doggies at home. It is suitable for all breeds and sizes, so you will only need this one product for your little army of pooches. 

The product is advertised as being suitable for all sizes as well, but if your pooch is teeny tiny, you might need to break the treat into smaller pieces.

Also, if your beloved pet has allergies, these treats come in a gluten-free and grain-free format.


  • A healthy option with only four calories per treat
  • Made with dried blueberry, dried cranberry, and chicken liver
  • Suitable for all breeds, ages, and sizes
  • FDA, USDA, and FSIS regulated
  • Gluten-free and grain-free options available
  • Various flavors available


  • Treats may be too large for smaller dogs
  • May not be palatable to certain breeds

We are always concerned about the quality of the food we give our pets and treats are no different. The Healthy Breeds, Healthy Treats treats are made in the USA and are manufactured under FDA, USDA, and FSIS regulations to guarantee the best product possible for your furry friend.

2. Purina Beggin” Strips

Purina Beggin'' Strips

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as of 5 October 2021 23:27


  • One (1) 48 oz. Pouch - Purina Beggin' Strips Real Meat Dog Treats, Original With Bacon
  • Bacon flavored dog treats with real meat as the #1 ingredient
  • The original strip that started it all
  • Beggin' Strips for dogs made with real bacon
  • Soft texture for easy chewing

Dogs love human food! And treats that contain real “human food” ingredients are always going to be a hit with our furry friends. Made with real bacon, the Purina® Beggin’® are definitely going to make your Pomeranian drool!

Key Specifications

  • Breeds – All breeds
  • Size of Dog – Adult dogs
  • Energy – 35 calories
  • Suitable For Training – YES
  • Why We Like It – Made with real bacon

If you’re looking for the perfect treat to train your dog or simply show him that he’s a good boy, this is a great option.

This treat is relatively high in calories and should be either broken down into smaller pieces if you are training your dog or be given sparingly. The guidelines are one treat per 10lbs (4.5kg) of your dog’s weight, and it is not recommended that you exceed five treats per day.

Due to their higher caloric intake, they may not be the best option for smaller dogs as calories do add up and we don’t want to over-treat our furry friend! You might need to adjust your dog’s food to offset the caloric intake from these treats.

The pack contains 48oz of product, and it is resealable, not only providing good value if you’re on a budget, but it ensures that your pooch will be enjoying the freshness of these treats for a long time.


  • Made with real bacon
  • Resealable package
  • Great value for money


  • Has some lower quality additives in the ingredients list
  • For adult dogs only
  • Package must be sealed, or the treats will harden
  • High in calories

Your dog will love these treats because it takes superhuman (or super-canine?) abilities to be able to resist bacon – especially from your carnivorous pooch! Purina® Beggin’® contains additives so if your puppy has a sensitive belly, maybe this is not the best option for you.

3. Greenies


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  • Contains one (1) 27 oz. 45-count pack of GREENIES Original Petite Natural Dental Dog Treats; Natural Dog Treats Plus Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients
  • The unique texture of GREENIES Dog Chews cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen bad dog breath
  • GREENIES Treats for Dogs are veterinarian recommended and VOHC accepted (Veterinary Oral Health Council)
  • Treat your small dog fantastically with the great taste of GREENIES Original Dental Treats
  • GREENIES Dog Treats are proudly made in our Kansas City, MO, USA facility with the world’s finest ingredients

Greenies are definitely designed to make your Pomeranian happy and healthy as they are made with natural ingredients and are therefore easily digestible.

Key Specifications

  • Breeds – All breeds
  • Size of Dog – Various products available for different sizes of dogs
  • Energy – Various products have different caloric properties
  • Suitable For Training – NO
  • Why We Like It – Made to improve the oral health of your dog

Their shape resembles a toothbrush, and this is quite appropriate as they are made to improve your dog’s oral health. Unfortunately, due to this, they may not be the best for you to use during the training of your dog.

We all love our pooches but let’s face it; sometimes their breath can bring tears to our eyes, and not in a good way! This treat may provide a solution to your puppy’s oral health issues. Greenies Dental Dog Treats are VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approved and one treat a day has been proven to reduce tartar by 60% and plaque by 32%.

There have been some complications when dogs were given a larger or smaller size of a treat than the one recommended for their weight. In order to avoid this, please be mindful of your dog’s size and give them the appropriate size snack for their weight.


  • The product range is made for dogs 5-100 lbs in weight
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Easy to digest
  • Freshens your dog’s breath
  • Improves oral health
  • Grain-free varieties available


  • When the wrong size is given to dogs, it has been known to lead to complications

In its wide range of dog treat products, Greenies has grain-free varieties available if your doggie has sensitivities or allergies. They also have treats that help you with giving your dog their medication and treats that are directed towards weight management and hip and joint care. The Greenies line of products is perhaps the most thorough we’ve seen on the market.

4. Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

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as of 5 October 2021 23:27


  • MINI CHEWY PUPPY TREATS: These delicious, grain free soft treats are made with 2 kinds of fresh meat plus added vitamins specially for puppies and a natural source of DHA to promote healthy brain development
  • ALL NATURAL: These moist and tasty treats are made with whole fruits and veggies including superfoods like blueberries and sweet potatoes for a naturally craveable flavor and a boost of antioxidants
  • THOUGHTFULLY MADE: We craft delicious treats with simple, natural, high quality ingredients chosen for their nutritional benefits; no meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • FIND THE RIGHT TREATS: From puppy to senior, small dog to large breed, crunchy to chewy, grained to grain free, treating to training, we've got an all natural recipe for every dog's needs and taste
  • TRAINING AND REWARDING: These bite sized soft treats are the perfect rewards during training sessions or any time you want to thank your dog for good behavior

The Wellness Soft Puppy Bites are the answer to your prayers – and the prayers of your tiny Pomeranian! These treats are perfectly sized and easy to chew, designed with your puppy in mind.

Key Specifications

  • Breeds – All breeds
  • Size of Dog – Suitable for puppies
  • Energy – Four calories
  • Suitable for Training –YES
  • Why We Like It – Specialized for the early puppy training stages

They are also made with easily digestible all-natural ingredients to boot! Your puppy will find it hard to resist the premium lamb and salmon found in these delectable treats.

It’s very important to get them when they’re young – and it’s no different with your Pomeranian puppy. Training your dog in the early stages is very important for character and behavioral development, yet sometimes it’s hard to find treats that are suitable for your puppy’s young gums and smaller mouths. 

Most often, treats contain fillers and meat by-products that cause sensitivities and allergies in your puppy’s delicate digestive system.

But not these treats! Backed by the Wellness Guarantee, their manufacturing is carefully monitored, and they are free of corn, wheat, dairy, and artificial colors or flavors. With this much goodness in a treat, your puppy will be very eager to learn and be trained!


  • Made with premium lamb and salmon
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Ideal for puppies
  • Great for training
  • Backed by the Wellness Guarantee
  • Low calories


  • Crumble easily
  • Higher price point
  • Some dogs may find these treats unpalatable

Worried about overfeeding your puppy? There is no reason for that with the Wellness Soft Puppy Bites. At four calories per treat, you can give these to your puppy guilt-free. With so little calories, you will not have to go through the trouble of compensating with less food for your puppy.

5. Hill’s Ideal Balance Treats

Hill's Ideal Balance Treats

as of 5 October 2021 23:27


  • 3 PACK (8 oz. per pack), Hill’s Ideal Balance Soft-Baked Naturals are delicious, nutritious treats for dogs;
  • Beef is the #1 ingredient in these tasty natural dog treats to help maintain lean muscle;;
  • These grain free dog treats are made with no corn, wheat or soy, and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors;
  • These Ideal Balance treats for dogs are soft-baked for easy snacking as part of a healthy feeding routine;
  • Soft-Baked Natural dog treats are made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

If you have been looking for a treat that also acts like a vitamin for your Pomeranian, look no further! Hill’s Ideal Balance treats will do the trick.

Key Specifications

  • Breeds – All breeds
  • Size of Dog – All sizes
  • ENERGY approx. 12.5 calories
  • Suitable for Training – YES
  • Why We Like It – Grain-free, natural ingredients

Great for training purposes these natural dog treats will help to maintain lean muscle on your pomeranian. They are recommended for adult dogs only.

Made from real chicken, not only are they highly nutritious, but these dog treats taste delicious and will make your dog salivate at the sight of them. This makes them perfect for training purposes.

Coming in at 12.5 calories per treat, these mini-bites have quite a high-calorie count so be careful with the amount you feed them per day.  Grain-free, these treats are free from corn, wheat, soy and there are no added artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. 


  • The main ingredient is real chicken
  • Aids in optimal health and development
  • Very tasty
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Higher price point

Although a bit harder than other varieties of treats, Hill’s Ideal Balance Dog Treats can still be cut into smaller pieces to train any size dog. And while being trained to be a good boy, your puppy will also be getting a great dose of nutrients.

Bottom Line

With all the treats available for your Pomeranian pooch on the market, we hope to have made your selection process a little bit easier with the above reviews. Ultimately, every dog is different and unique, so you may need to experiment with a selection of brands to find out which one makes your puppy drool and beg for more!

Our favorite is the Healthy Breeds, Healthy Treats because, with different flavors and its suitability to various breeds and dogs of different sizes, it seems to be the most versatile. Easy to digest and made with fine ingredients, this option is definitely one of the healthiest on the market.

The best options for doggie treats offer some form of nutritional benefit in addition to being a reward for your dog. This brand satisfies both with one nutritious and tasty treat.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat your pooch!

Razvan is a dog trainer and veterinary technician with over 10 years of experience working with dog daycares, animal shelters, vet clinics and private dog training. Razvan is one of the lead publishers on Dog Struggles covering the latest product reviews and dog health advice.

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