5 Best Dog Hunting Vests in [2021]

A dog hunting vest provides visibility, and it ensures no one would ever confuse them as prey. These vests also keep our hounds nice and warm, and many are waterproof and keep our furry friends dry on even the rainiest of days.

This extra layer of material can even protect against bugs and scratches and cuts they may get running in the brush. These helpful little vests at times may even have a pocket or two to hold their treats too!

Best Dog Hunting Vest

Last updated on 5 October 2021 23:55

1. SafetyPUP XD

SafetyPUP XD

as of 5 October 2021 23:55


  • SIZING - Fits Dogs 61 lbs to 100 lbs. Chest Diameter 27.5" - 35.75"
  • DURABILITY - 300D Oxford Weave fabric and reinforced stitching ensures a more durable vest to withstand the activity of a playful dog.
  • SAFETY Blaze orange fabric and reflective trim make your pet highly visible to both cars and hunters helping to avoid accidents.
  • COMFORTABLE - Easy adjustable straps and dual sided fabric keeps the vest comfortably in place eliminating chaffing and resistance to wearing protective apparel.
  • GUARANTEED Purchase risk free, thanks to our 100% money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money - no questions asked!

There is no good in getting a vest that will break as soon as purchased, that’s no fun and a major waste of time and money. Instead go for a vest that will stand the test of time, because we all know our doggies will roll around in the mud, rough around with other doggies, and overall make use of their vests.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes – XS-XL
  • Colors – Orange
  • Easy To Clean –  YES
  • Why We Recommend – Vest is waterproof

A sturdy vest can keep pups protected, visible, and keep up with their activity and roughhousing. The SafetyPUP XD is made to withstand the outdoors and stand up against tough conditions and playtime.

It is made of extremely durable material that prevents rips, tears, and abrasions and the reinforced stitching keeps the vest from ripping or unraveling. Furthermore, this fine piece of kit is waterproof and made to repel dirt. No wet, dirty dogs coming home with you when wearing this vest!

Not only will pups be dirt-free and dry as heck, but they will also be ultra-cozy in this vest with the soft and smooth interior. While a soft inside is great, your dog won’t care too much, but they will care when the fabric won’t stop rubbing against their raw skin; this vest is made to prevent chafing so your dog can do as they please.

However, even with all of this comfort, a dog won’t be comfortable if the vest doesn’t fit, not all dogs will fit into one vest, every doggie has a unique shape and size. This vest understands that and has added velcro strips so it can adjust to any dog.


  • Good visibility
  • Fabric light but durable
  • Cute design with the paw print
  • Good coverage of the body


  • Won’t keep a dog warm
  • Said not to be for the highly active dog
  • Velcro said not to hold well

Finally, when looking for a hunting vest for dogs, get one that is bright, the whole point is to keep pups highly visible. This vest not only is very bright and with reflective trim, but is great at keeping the ticks, burrs, poison oak, and other pests away.

2. Funtone


as of 5 October 2021 23:55


  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Made from soft durable 300D oxford weave fabric for best comfortable feeling for your dog’s skin and hair. The strong durable materials makes it last forever it will never discolor or lose the strong reflective visibility.
  • ✅ BEST SAFETY FOR YOUR DOG / DOGS - We all treat our dogs as family members, so make sure you protect your dog while night walking. It's a extremely smart and cheap life insurance for your lovely pet. Make sure and reserve your Reflective Vest now!
  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE & WATERPROOF & EASY CLEANING - To make your dog comfortable and safe you can adjust the strap so it will fit your dog perfectly. During heavy rain our vest doesn't take any damage at all. It's waterproof and very easy to clean if it gets dirty.
  • ✅ SIMPLE ON AND OFF - The design is made so you can fast put the Vest on your dog and easily take it off when you're back home after your walk. Save time & money with this amazing Dog Safety Reflective Vest.

Funtone is well, fun, with highlighter colors, this vest is ultra-bright and visible. When hunting with the dogs, they need to be highly visible. These vests will not let you down; you will be able to see your pup even when they are deep within the brush. Whether you are keeping him safe during a hunt or using the vest for a night walk, all will be well.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes –  XS-XXL
  • Colors – Orange and yellow
  • Easy To Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Very bright and reflective, will be very visible

This vest is not just excellent for hunting, but a great piece to have all together. Keep this vest around for those damp days. When the rain comes pouring down, rest assured, your dog will be okay. Made with waterproof material, pups will not be sitting wet and shivering; this vest will fit over most of their back and keep them quite dry.

Some hunting vests may be scratchy and uncomfortable, but this is not the case with the Funtone vest, it is made of soft materials and feels good against their skin and fur. Furthermore, the material is quite durable and should not fade. No matter how often you use this vest, the reflectiveness and color will continue to stay.


  • Very reflective
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable


  • Vest said to be short
  • Runs small
  • Clasps said not to be strong

This piece of kit is easy to deal with all-around. First of all, it will easily fit any dog with adjustable straps and always provide a comfy fit. Second, with built-in clips, the vest can be removed or put on in seconds. Third, it is easy to wash, just wipe off any area that becomes dirty, and you’re good to go.

A dirty dog is common, so it’s a breath of fresh air when their hunting vests are easy to clean because we all know how long it takes to wash a dog.

3. Illumiseen LED

Illumiseen LED

as of 5 October 2021 23:55


  • KEEPS YOUR DOG VISIBLE ALL THE TIME– ILLUMISEEN’s orange dog vest alerts car drivers, bikers, and passengers of your dog’s presence. Combining two visibility features—reflective strips and 2 rows of bright LED lights—your dog will be highly visible in places that are low in light and high in traffic.
  • EASILY SPOT YOUR DOG ANYWHERE – Some dogs love to chase other animals. If this is your dog when you take him for a night walk, don’t worry if you suddenly release him. Thanks to the brightness of the LEDs on his safety vest, it’s easy to spot your furry companion anywhere!
  • SAFER THAN A REFLECTIVE VEST – Compared to reflective vests that only work because of car lights that shine on a reflective strip, this dog vest has LEDs that work ALL THE TIME, regardless of an external light source.
  • RECHARGEABLE – No need for disposable batteries, the LEDs are powered by a rechargeable battery slotted in a pouch. Recharging can be conveniently done through a micro USB port and takes only 30 mins to 1 hour.
  • COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE – It’s hard to dress a dog if a vest is causing him discomfort. That’s why, with ILLUMISEEN, we only used soft materials to make a comfy dog vest for your four-legged friend. With 5 sizes—from XS to XL—there’s at least one size that will surely fit your dog. With the adjustable belt and quick-release buckles, just slide the vest, clip it on, then make it a snug fit with final adjustments.

Illumiseen illuminates to ensure your dog is always seen, no matter the time of the year or day. The bright LED light strip will keep pups visible even during the height of the shooting season. A must-have feature in any dog hunting vest.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes –  XS-XL
  • Colors – Orange
  • Easy To Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Highly visible, comes with a bright LED light strip.

Why choose an led light rather than your run-of-the-mill reflective vest? Light will always be seen, for example, at night a car will only see the strip as their light shines on it, but an led light up vest will always be seen as light shoots off the vest. It is the safest way to go.

You might be thinking, ah but I have to get batteries for an led vest. Actually, you don’t. Spend no extra time or money going out to purchase batteries, this fine piece of kit is rechargeable and charges fully in 30-60 minutes.  

Pups will be comfy too, don’t worry, we understand how pointless it is to get a great vest to find that our dog refuses to wear it or tries to chew it off. This is made with soft and comfortable materials and with adjustable points to make it snug for your dog. They also offer five different sizes, so nearly every dog can find a vest suitable for their body. 


  • Highly visible
  • Said to be sized well
  • Lightweight
  • LED battery life long


  • Not warm
  • Not made for dogs roughhousing
  • Not waterproof

To make things better, Illumiseen is easy to get in and out, with quick-release buckles your dog will be out as quick as you say squirrel but don’t do that as you release your dog, they may just go mad and runoff.

4. 4legsfriend


as of 5 October 2021 23:55


  • ★ HIGH VISIBILITY REFLECT VEST - Treat your dog with the best he deserves. Make your 4legged friend highly visible to drivers for improved road safety. This is perfect for morning and evening walks.
  • ★ EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN - Modern strong hi viz orange blaze color with reflective prints that is easily seen from 500 feet at night. Safe & comfortable Velcro closure straps make it super easy and quick to take on and be ready for a walk, and with the soft fabric touch your 4 legged friend will love his new outfit.
  • ★ DURABLE MATERIALS - This jacket is made of premium quality rip-resistant breathable soft touch fabric. It is waterproof for rain or snow, easy to clean and has extra stitched Velcro straps for long lasting durability.
  • ★ EASY TO USE - After putting it on your dog simply adjust it so your dog will feel comfortable using it. This Vest lightweight and made of soft fabrics. Your dog will love to use it for any outdoor activity.
  • ★ OUR PROMISE - Grab this deal now and get our exclusive 100% hassle-free Money-Back Guarantee. If you for ANY reason don't like your Brand-New Dog Vest, simply contact us for a full refund. No questions asked. Buy now RISK-FREE.

4legsfriend offers a highly visible vest that is bright and has many reflective stripes and a paw pattern. What makes this vest stand out is that the company explicitly states how visible it is. 

Key Specifications

  • Sizes – XS-XL
  • Colors – Orange
  • Easy To Clean –  YES
  • Why We Recommend – Visible from up to 500 feet away.

Many hunting vests express that they are very visible but give no measurement, this vest, however, states that it is visible from up to 500 feet away in the dark. If crossing the street, cars will surely see you, when hunting or even just hiking, your dog will be seen. When it comes to finding the best dog hunting vest, the more visible, the better.

This vest will save your pups from potential danger and will save you time and money as this gear is made to last with its reinforced stitching and durable material. Plus this vest is something your dog is okay wearing.

Dogs can get real fussy when they get dressed in anything, if they ultimately refuse to wear it or even destroy it in protest, well, there goes your money, and good mood, right down the drain. Fortunately, dogs barely notice when this is on as it is lightweight and soft.


  • Reflective feature strong
  • High visibility up to 500 feet away
  • Velcro makes it easy to secure
  • Easy to clean


  • Said to break down when dogs play
  • Runs small
  • Could be made with stronger material

A good hunting vest is versatile and will work on various occasions and weather. This vest, in particular, does well in rainy or snowy weather, no matter what the conditions are this piece continues to hold up while offering optimal protection from the elements. Use the vest for a rainy day walk, a stroll through the forest, whenever you and pups go, this vest is certainly invited.

5. Hurtta Worker

Hurtta Worker

2 new from $92.00
Free shipping
as of 5 October 2021 23:55


  • NO TWO DOGS ARE THE SAME - Don’t guess on the size. Use the size chart along with the “Measuring Your Dog” size guide. The chest measurement is the most important for the Worker Vest
  • USES – The Worker Vest is a light, high-visibility vest for outdoor activities and hunting where being able to identify your dog is a must. The vest also has attachment loops around the neck for a GPS collar
  • DURABLE - The belly flap is made of durable Cordura fabric to protect your dog when moving in the woods or fields, where there is a risk that branches may scratch the belly and chest. (this area can be trimmed to custom fit your dog)
  • MATERIAL - The weatherproof Houndtex material is durable and does not rustle in use. The vest is also lined with a soft, mesh like fabric for breathability
  • SAFETY - The back of the vest has zip fastening with a locking mechanism on the slider that prevents the zipper from opening when the dog moves. The snug fit makes the vest ergonomic and safe

With hunting territory, comes bug territory, and we are all at risk to their bites. We humans can cover ourselves fully to protect ourselves as well as dowse our bodies in bug spray, but we can’t just do that with our doggies.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes – XS-XXL
  • Colors – Orange camo and green camo
  • Easy To Clean – YES
  • Why We Recommend – Works as a repellent against pesky bugs.

First, it’s not too easy to fully dress them, and if we did, most would just lay on the floor and refuse to move. Second, we also cannot spray them with our bug spray, so what, do we just let them get eaten by the bug? Absolutely not!

Bugs can be tricky, but Hurtta makes it easy, their vest is actually sanitized with Permethrin, a bug repellent that keeps away pesky insects like mosquitoes, horseflies, and ticks. Furthermore, this vest offers great coverage with material going over their necks all the way down to the end of their backs, and with a flap covering their bellies.

Hunting calls for more time in the brush than say your typical hike or walk. At times your dog may run through heavily wooded or grassy areas. Unfortunately, this often causes our doggies to get scratched up by branches, sticks, or thorny bushes. Luckily, the Hurtta vest can prevent unwanted scratches and cuts as their product is made of thick, durable material that won’t scratch through.

No matter the weather, the dog can still go out in this waterproof vest, and even on the hottest days, the vest is lined with soft mesh to keep things cool.


  • Visible
  • Keeps the dirt out
  • Protects the chest and belly
  • Helps against rain


  • Reflection could be stronger
  • It is sanitized in permethrin which is poisonous to cats
  • Green camo color is not highly visible

This hunting vest, of course, is also highly visible, your dog can easily be spotted and out of harm’s way. This vest offers additional safety as you can attach their GPS collar to an attachment loop found on the vest. If off the lead, your dog may suddenly become spooked and take off. However, with his collar, he can be brought back home sooner rather than later.

Bottom Line

For a hunting vest that ensures visibility, comfort, and protection against the wild, we choose Hurtta as our winner.

When hunting your dog needs to be visible to prevent potential accidents. You can feel confident that your dog will be seen with this vest. The reflective strips and bright orange color will make your dog stand out.

This vest, made with thick material offers optimal protection against sharp blades of grass and branches that would normally scratch or cut your dog. In addition, this vest is bug repellent, no coming home with a dog bitten raw. Between these amazing functions and the waterproof material and meshy inside, this vest keeps our dogs comfortable and protected against the elements.

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