Best Dog Food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are tough pups with a lot of love to give. They were initially bred in South Africa to serve as guardians to the home and as hunters. They were so versatile in hunting that some Rhodesians were known for bringing down lions.

While today’s Rhodesians aren’t hunting lions, they can still protect their home from the domestic cat wandering their yard. These strong-willed dogs are highly intelligent, meaning they can learn tricks, and quickly recognize who is friend or foe.

These active pups need the best dog food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Since Rhodesians are active dogs, they need a diet with the protein and calorie content needed to keep their active bodies going.

They’re also lean dogs, so their meals need to be light on fats or filler ingredients that can make them gain unnecessary weight. Here are some of the better dog food options for your Rhodesian.

Best Dog Food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Give your Rhodesian the kick they need to stay active and healthy by feeding them Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Salmon.

Key Features

  • Preserves nutrients
  • Natural probiotics
  • High nutrient content

Since this diet contains freeze-dried meat and minimally processed ingredients, dogs will have access to nutrient-rich food bodies to thrive happily. Each bite of Instinct has live probiotics meant to support digestive health and provide needed omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

Only real ingredients are harvested from farms and fresh-caught salmon are used, never any grains, wheat, or other filler ingredients.


  •  Contains 37.5% protein


  • Combines raw bits with kibble, so can potentially cause stomach issues to dogs not used to a raw diet

Never wonder what ingredients you are giving your dog when you feed them Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Salmon.

2. True Acre Foods 

Your Rhodesian will have plenty of energy to spare when chowing down on True Acre Foods Beef & Vegetable Recipe.

Key Features

  • USA sourced ingredients
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • No artificial ingredients

Beef is the main protein used in this dry food, and all the beef used is USA-raised to ensure quality and the ability to support lean muscles in dogs.

The vegetables used are all farm-grown to prevent harmful chemicals from being used. To make the kibble balanced, True Acre has added natural fibers to support digestion, antioxidants for immune system health, and omega fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and fur.


  • Contains 24% of protein


  • Contains chicken by-products
  • Has a high amount of artificial nutrients

Offer a balanced meal ideal for keeping Rhodesians slick and thin with True Acre Foods Beef & Vegetable Recipe.

3. Blue Buffalo Life 

Support your Rhodesian throughout their adulthood with Blue Buffalo Life Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe.

Key Features

  • Uses real ingredients
  • Nutrient packed
  • No by-products

Blue Buffalo strives only to use real ingredients in their dry food. This formula starts with real deboned chicken followed by wholesome and healthy whole grains, and a combination of seven antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies.

Calcium, phosphorus, and other essential vitamins have been added to help dogs develop strong bones and teeth. Glucosamine has also been added for joint health and mobility support. No by-product meals are ever used since they don’t provide high nutritional content.


  • Contains 24% of protein


  • Has a higher amount of artificial nutrients

Blue Buffalo Life Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe provides overall body support for dogs who love to be active.

4. Zignature Zssential 

For the sensitive Rhodesian, Zignature Zssential will provide them with the protein they need without upsetting their stomachs.

Key Features

  • Multi-protein formula
  • Limited ingredients
  • Rounded formula

Dogs who need a high protein diet to keep up with their energy will benefit highly from the multi-protein diet. Meat is always the first ingredient used that offers dogs the protein to thrive and calories to maintain energy.

Zignature uses a limited ingredient diet that avoids typical dog sensitive ingredients, like chicken, wheat, corn, and soy. Since the diet is limited, Zignature adds vital antioxidants, essential fatty acids, essential nutrients, and low-glycemic ingredients to produce a well-rounded diet.


  • Offers 32% of protein


  • Focuses more on using artificial nutrients rather than natural ones like they advertise

You can be sure that Zignature Zssential will not trigger allergies or sensitivities since they avoid major allergen ingredients.

5. American Journey 

Your Rhodesian will have the energy to keep up with your adventures when chowing down on American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe.

Key Features

  • Nutritious ingredients
  • High-protein diet
  • Contains natural nutrients

American Journey uses real deboned salmon as the first ingredient that is packed with beneficial amino acids for muscle mass maintenance. Nutritious fruits and vegetables provide dogs with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for immune system and overall body support.

Natural nutrients, omegas, and DHA can be found in the included salmon oil and flaxseed that keep skin and fur healthy and help with eye and brain development.


  • Contains 32% of protein


  • Contains meal products which could potentially contain questionable ingredients

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe provides dogs with the ideal balance of nutrients for a healthy mind and body.

6. Stella & Chewy’s Patties 

If you want to try a raw diet for your Rhodesian, start with the hearty Stella & Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose Dinner Patties.

Key Features

  • Freeze-dried patties
  • Ideal for sensitive stomachs

These patties are made of all raw ingredients. The cage-free poultry is kept raw which ensures dogs will have the most natural protein and nutrient source they can eat.

All of the fruits and vegetables are 100% certified-organic and offer a natural nutrient source better than added nutrients. Each patty is enhanced with probiotics for healthy digestion and to help sensitive stomachs digest food better.


  • Contains 38% of protein


  • Must remain raw, so it is recommended to wash hands before and after handling the food

Stella & Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose Dinner Patties may seem small, but they are packed with real ingredients that will fill your dog’s belly better.

7. Taste of the Wild 

Your Rhodesian will have the energy of their wild relatives thanks to Taste of the Wild High Prairie.

Key Features

  • Uses real animal meats
  • Combines natural and added nutrients
  • Contains no filler ingredients

Real buffalo is the first ingredient used alongside roasted venison and beef to support healthy muscle growth. This recipe uses the power of fruits and vegetables to provide powerful antioxidants while the added vitamins and omega fatty acids support overall body health and skin and fur health.

Taste of the Wild strives to offer formulas with all the ingredients being beneficial, so you won’t have to worry about filler ingredients or preservatives being used.


  • Contains 32% protein


  • Contains less than 1% of some fruits and vegetables

Taste of the Wild High Prairie not only supports your dog’s overall health, but it keeps them active and full of energy.

8. Wellness CORE 

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Large Breed Recipe is specially made to maintain the health and energy of large breed dogs.

Key Features

  • Optimum fat and calories
  • Nutrient-rich
  • All-natural ingredients

This kibble offers 12% fat and 346 calories per cup, plenty to keep big dogs up and active. All the ingredients are natural and sourced in the USA; there are no by-products or filler ingredients to worry about.

There is added Glucosamine and chondroitin, which is essential in joint support big dogs heavily rely on. Added antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and probiotics finish up the well-rounded diet.


  • Contains 34% of protein


  •  Contains Tomato Pomace that has questionable nutritional value

Since Rhodesians are large breed dogs, they will benefit significantly from the size-specific nutritional content of Wellness CORE Grain-Free Large Breed Recipe.

9. Solid Gold Wolf King 

Solid Gold Wolf King Bison & Brown Rice Recipe will have your Rhodesian feeling like a wild king.

Key Features

  • Specific for large breeds
  • Probiotic support
  • Wholesome ingredients

Real bison meat is the first ingredient used in this holistic diet. Nutritional grains provide a balance of fiber while superfoods like pumpkins, carrots, cranberries, and more provide the antioxidants dogs need to strive.

Each bag of Solid Gold contains 90 million probiotics per pound that are specifically designed to promote healthy gut bacteria and overall immune health.


  • Contains 22% protein


  • Does contain some grains, so not ideal for a dog with grain allergies or sensitivities

Solid Gold Wolf King Bison & Brown Rice Recipe promotes overall health in large breed dogs or dogs who are highly active, like the Rhodesian.

10. Earthborn Holistic 

Earthborn Holistic Large Breed Recipe will keep your Rhodesian moving and their bodies up and healthy.

Key Features

  • Specific for dogs weighing over 50 pounds
  • Fortified nutrients
  • Quality ingredients

Earthborn has scientifically formulated this dry food to meet the everyday needs of large breed dogs weighing over 50 pounds. There’s a precise balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates large dogs need for strong bones and overall health support.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have been added for joint maintenance and added L-carnitine will keep bodies lean and help burn fat easier.


  • Contains 26% of protein


  • Has a higher ratio of added nutrients compared to natural ones

Stop wondering if your large pup is getting the nutritional content they need, feed them Earthborn Holistic Large Breed Recipe, and forget the worries.

Bottom Line

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are unique dogs not just because of the reverse fur line going down their back, but due to their personalities as well. They’re incredibly loving dogs that quickly bond to their owners and actively seek them out.

If a Rhodesian isn’t getting enough attention, they will find a way by either flopping on you or whining till you give them some love. But, they are fantastic guard dogs as they will defend their people and homes from any suspicious sights coming their way.

So, to keep your Rhodesian happy and active, be sure that the food you get them meets their activity levels. You don’t want to give a low-calorie diet to an active Rhodesian, and vice versa for an inactive Rhodesian.

Also, be aware of any allergens or food preferences before purchasing. But you should have no trouble finding the best dog food for your Rhodesian with our list.

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