5 Best Foods for a Corgi Puppy in [2021]

Best-known for their loyalty and friendship to Queen Elizabeth II, Corgis have firmly established themselves into the British public consciousness.

However, for your Corgi to develop into the affectionate, vigilant guardian that you desire, it is crucial to focus on their early years‘ diet.

But what is the best food for a Corgi puppy? In simple terms, any puppy diet must contain DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is a fatty acid that nourishes brain development as well as supports the vision and development of the immune system.

Like humans, an early years‘ diet can have a significant effect on the quality of life of a Corgi in his adult years. Therefore, researching feeding your puppy is highly recommended to ensure that he can become a typical, active and playful character – going on to lead a long, healthy, and happy life.

5 Best Foods for Corgi Puppies

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Canidae is perfect for more sensitive Corgi puppies who may already have had problems with digestion or skin-related issues. One easy way to spot this is if your young puppy is having issues when drinking only his mother’s milk – and she is fed on a grain-filled diet.

Key Specifications

  • Flavor –  Chicken
  • Grain-Free –  YES
  • Why It’s Recommended – Made up of minimal yet quality ingredients.

Using a grain-free, limited diet is a great way to overcome these problems, and Canidae has put together a nutritious formula using only 9 key ingredients, including fresh meat, to ensure that your puppy not only has a tasty meal but one that will nourish his body.

The thinking behind the limited ingredients formula is to reduce the chances of a product that may cause stomach issues for your puppy.

It’s available in either 4, 12 or 24 lbs bags making it possible to bulk-buy the product. If your puppy is more sensitive to his food, we would suggest buying the 4 lbs option first to give him a chance to try out the product and see how he reacts first.

The healthy nutrients in the make-up of the formula have in some cases contributed positively to the behavior of a Corgi puppy, with some owners of aloof pups noting an uptick in their dog’s trainability after having made the switch to this food.


  • Great for fussy-eaters.
  • There is a good amount of animal protein in the food.
  • Limited yet high-quality ingredients.


  • Issues of product quality online.
  • Sometimes the pellets bought online can vary in density between different orders.
  • Contains meat meal.
  • There are no added probiotics.

Limited ingredient formula contains none of the unhealthy additives and preservatives that you’re likely to find in most dog foods in your local supermarket.

2. Purina Pro Plan

The Purina Pro Plan provides high-quality protein, by using real chicken as the first ingredient. Purina Pro also contains fish oil which aids in cognitive development and natural glucosamine to support developing joints and cartilage.

Key Specifications

  • Flavor – Chicken and rice
  • Grain-Free – NO
  • Why It’s Recommended – Ideal for the active puppy.

It has some of the highest customer ratings for puppy food products online. Many refer to this particular product as being ‘vet-approved’ which suggests a high degree of legitimacy.

Not only does this food come with all of the building blocks that your puppy needs to grow into a strong adult dog, but the food also comes in an adult formula – making it incredibly easy to switch your growing pooches food as he matures.

With weight management formulas available, the chubby Corgi owner has a great option if they’re wanting to help their little bundle of fluff shift some of those unwanted pounds.


  • It is good for the skin, coat, and fur of your pup.
  • The first ingredient is pure chicken.


  • Some have found issues with the lower protein content of the Purina compared to rival products.
  • The Purina product does contain small traces of corn which can impact dental health.
  • There have been complaints about damaged packaging.

Many customers have referred to the clean, dry stools with no residue that the Purina leaves for your corgi puppy. A healthy poo tends to mean a healthy puppy.

3. Orijen


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Orijen is another food that boasts a grain-free formula, with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and healthful supplements packed into bite-sized kibble, and with no problematic ingredients in sight!

Key Specifications

  • Flavor – Chicken
  • Grain-Free – YES
  • Why It’s Recommended – High protein and fat content

By problematic, we’re referring to those cheap fillers such as wheat and corn that might fill up your dog’s belly and leave him feeling pleasantly full – but don’t provide any nutritional benefit, or help your puppy to grow into a strong and healthy adult dog.

Fresh, biologically appropriate ingredients. It contains freshly, regionally-caught chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs to stimulate positive growth in your puppy.

With meat content standing at a whopping 85%, this is like putting your corgi puppy on a raw meat diet, but even better as they get the added vitamins and minerals with green veggies, and natural supplements too!

With hip dysplasia, eye problems, and hypothyroidism just a few of the common ailments that can afflict this lovable short-legged breed, it’s our job as responsible owners to ensure our fluffy pooches get what they need to live a long, happy, and healthy life.


  • Great for your pup‘s coat, bones, muscles, and energy levels.
  • High level of protein and fats.
  • Uses fresh ingredients.
  • Grain-free.


  • Such a high level of protein might not be suited to your dog.
  • It can cause upset stomachs.
  • It might not work for the fussiest of eaters.

Orijen is one of the best around as it focuses on rich proteins and fats to nourish your pup’s physical and cognitive development.

4. Fromm


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Fromm contains a decent amount of protein, weighing in at a whopping (27%) and fats (18%) that are crucial for the slow, gradual growth of your corgi puppy.

Key Specifications

  • Flavor – Duck, Chicken, and Lamb.
  • Grain-Free – Contains Oats
  • Why It’s Recommended – High protein levels.

The main three ingredients for the Gold Bag are chicken and duck meaning that your pup will be getting most of his calories from meat and no fillers like corn, wheat or soy – which tend to make up a great deal of most dog foods.

As the Corgi is more sensitive to skin complaints and upset tummies, it’s usually best to avoid foods with much of these ingredients as it can cause medical problems down the line, and end up costing you thousands in vets bills over the years.

Your puppy’s coat will be remarkably healthy and shiny. The DHA-rich salmon oil in this product ensures sufficient levels of omegas, which, through their anti-inflammatory effects, create a smooth and shiny coat.

The pellets provided in the formula are small and can, therefore, ease the chewing and digestive process for your corgi puppy. The small pellet sizes also ensure that your corgi puppy will easily be able to access the nutrients in the food.


  • Has the accessible amount of nutrients for your growing puppy.
  • Guaranteed safety and tested product.
  • Improves digestion of your puppy


  • The cost of the product online can be deemed as slightly excessive.
  • There is a smaller variety of offerings compared to other brands for puppies.
  • Not designed for a specific breed line.

In addition to the nutritional positives, buying Fromm online is very simple and is shipped very quickly to your home address.

5. NutriSource


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Nutri Source is perfect for Corgi puppies, it is specifically targeted at puppies below 50lbs, with small bite-sized kibble which not only aids in a small dog’s digestion but dental health too.

Key Specifications

  • Flavor – Chicken and rice
  • Grain-Free – NO (but they do offer grain-free options)
  • Why It’s Recommended – Small-sized kibble, perfect for your Corgi’s size.

NutriSource promotes holistic development with super, premium, nutritious food that is easy to digest. Used in their formula is NutriSource’s own “Good 4 Life formula”, which is designed to increase the bioavailability of your Corgi pup.

Focus on health and immunity to potential illnesses is what NutriSource is all about, and this shines through in the ingredient list of this small/medium breed puppy food, featuring not only high levels of protein, but added vitamins and minerals too!


  • Available in multiple sizes, including 5, 15 or 30lbs packets.
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin in every bite.
  • It doesn‘t contain any by-products or corn.
  • Added Vitamin-C, digestive enzymes, and minerals.


  • Difficult for sensitive puppies.
  • Some natural flavors might be harmful to your pup when given in large amounts.
  • There is no reference to the freshness of the meat in the food.

And did we mention that if you want your corgi puppy to also be smelling nice in addition to having a shiny coat, Nutri Source’s use of a prebiotic called Bi-Mos eliminates the bacteria that can cause gassy odors and loose stools?

Bottom Line

Having explored a variety of options online, it is clear that there are a few considerations that owners must decide on before purchasing the best food for your corgi puppy.

It is very much a question of priorities. Do you want to go for a more expensive, limited ingredient diet that prioritizes freshness of produce and eradication of additives and derivatives?

Or would you prefer a more affordable product that includes additional supplements and does not prioritize the freshness of ingredients?

Weighing up these priorities, the clear candidate for best-recommended food for a Corgi puppy has to be the CANIDAE.

The freshness of ingredients included in the CANIDAE is really important for the early-stage development of your corgi puppy.

Whatever product you decide to feed your puppy, it is essential to do some quality research beforehand and seek the advice of your vet where necessary.

For them to be able to give you that long-lasting and loving friendship in good health and spirits, start them off right with the right food.

A pet parent herself, Shellie knows the ins and outs of caring for a furry bundle of joy. She has been researching, reviewing and sharing her findings for the best dog products available for a number of years. A valued team member, Shellie's first-hand experience is invaluable.

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