Top 13 Best Dog Leashes for Running in [2021]

Have you ever gone jogging with your dog?

If you used a regular dog leash the experience was more than likely a frustrating one.

For a start, the leash hampers the natural to-and-fro movement of your arms, and another problem is when the dog pulls it affects your stride.

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best which is why a dog running leash is the obvious answer.

Top 13 Best Running Leashes

These are designed so that the leash clips onto a waist strap, thus freeing up your hands whilst still giving you control over the dog.

Another good thing about using a running leash for dogs is that it’s more difficult for a large dog to pull you over.

This is because their weight tugs against your center of gravity in the middle of your body, rather than yanking on your shoulder and pulling your off-balance.

Indeed, for this reason, some people prefer to use a running leash on regular walks so a strong dog doesn’t pull them over.

1. Hertzko Running Waist

The Hertzko Running Waist also comes at a great price.

It is slightly unusual in that two leash-lengths are available, so you can choose if you’d prefer a longer leash if you are tall, or a shorter lead.

Another observation is that it has only one handle, near the collar.

If you need to grab hold of your dog this means stopping and bending down, rather than the convenience of a second handle near the hip for instant control on the move.

2. Kurgo Springback

When you are looking for a dog leash you can use hands-free, why not purchase a leash that can do it all. The Kurgo Springback lets you use the leash in a variety of ways so that you do not have to purchase or own multiple styles of leashes.

With a simple carabineer adjustment, you can adjust the shape and usage for the leash in one of the six options available. You can use it with two dogs and have full control over both of them with the double dog leash extension. You can adjust it to the over the shoulder courier style that leaves your hands free and keeps your dog connected to your body.

You can wear it around your waist like a belt, which is the ideal style if you run, walk, or hike with your dog. Your dog will stay at your side and not be able to cut in front of you and break your stride.

When you need to take a break, you can tether your dog where you need to without having to remove the leash from them. And, of course, the leash can be used as a standard six-foot leash or as a three-foot training leash.

The collar has a reflective strip going down the length that produces a light glow that is visible in the dark, so drivers and pedestrians know that you are out walking your dog.

Kurgo makes their leashes of strong nylon webbing that is resistant against everyday use and hard pullers. So your hands do not hurt, the handle is padded for comfort so that it will not harm or strain your hand.

If you are not pleased with the leash, it comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects where you will be able to get a replacement leash.

3. Mighty Paw Hands-Free

Mighty Paw

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In stylish black with lime trim and reflective stitching, Mighty Paw not only looks good but comes highly recommended as the best running leash for dogs.

The actual fabric of the leash and waist belt is durable and weatherproof, meaning you and your four-legged running companion can go out rain or shine and not worry about your equipment.

It also has a useful safety feature in that it has reflective stitching.

If you are running after dark, as will likely happen in winter, then the reflective strip is picked out by car headlights and alerts drivers to your presence.

This is one of the best running leashes for dogs over 30lb in weight, up to around 100lb.

This is down to the stretchiness of the bungee part of the lead, which is relatively stiff and not activated by lighter dogs.

If the Mighty Paw running leash has a downside it’s that it doesn’t incorporate a handle into the leashes design.

This means in a tricky situation the jogger must tightly grip the Mighty Paw itself, rather than slide their wrist through a loop.

A possible flaw in the design? You decide.

4. Tuff Mutt

Tuff Mutt

as of 5 October 2021 23:48

Starting where the Mighty Paw left off, our next jogging dog leash takes over.

Indeed if the Mighty Paws weakness is the lack of a handle, Tuff-Mutt has not one but two!

The first handle is close to the hip, allowing you to guide or take control of the dog without breaking your stride.

In those situations when you need to hold the dog tight to prevent an accident or a fight, there’s a second handle on the far end of the leash near the dog’s collar.

So what other features make the Tuff-Mutt into one of the best dog leashes for running?

A pretty unique feature of this running leash is that the D-ring which attaches the leash to the waist belt is mounted in such a way that it can travel around the belt.

Thus, rather than being in a fixed position, which causes the belt to twist around your waist with the dog, instead, it’s just the D-ring that moves.

This makes for a more comfortable feeling around the midriff which the chaffing of a constantly moving belt.

5. Paw Lifestyles

Paw Lifestyles

as of 5 October 2021 23:48

This self-styled ‘premium’ hands-free leash does indeed have some great features, such as a double handle (similar in design to the Tuff-Mutt.)

This best dog running leash comes in an attractive combination of gray and pink (although perhaps not the greatest color combo for a macho male Rottweiler.)

The Paw Lifestyles has common-sense features such as a swivel on the D-ring and clasp to avoid the lead twisting up.

In common with the majority of running leashes, it also has a bungee section.

The idea here is that if the dog takes off more quickly than you, the elasticity in the bungee absorbs some of the shock and means less jarring to your back or joints.

This does mean there is an optimum size for the dog (usually around 35 – 100 lb.) since small dogs won’t have sufficient bulk to stretch the elastic.

However, this isn’t necessarily a show-stopper as a smaller dog also lacks the strength to pull you off your feet.

The Paw Lifestyles hands-free has two D-rings on the belt, which means you can easily attach the lead of a second dog or clip on a treat bag.

6. Lanney’s Hands-Free

Lanney Hands-Free

as of 5 October 2021 23:48

LANNEY’s Hands-Free is placed around your waist so you can control your dog with your full body weight. Your hands will be free to hold your water bottle or your gear, and they will not be strained by holding onto a rough leash. Or you can place your gear in the included waist pouch, so your hands are always free in case you need to control your dog with your hands.

Due to the design, your dog will stay at your side instead of being able to cross your path and creating a running hazard. You can adjust the size of the belt by sliding the tri-glide adjuster until you feel comfortable.

Shock absorbing bungees are flexible and absorbs pulling and tugging from your dog slowing down or trying to change directions. If you need to, you can control your dog with the handle at your hip or with the handle on their collar.

Three seams of reflective stitching on the leash and waistband make it evident that you are there in the dark with your dog to keep both of you safe. Each leash is made of the most durable nylon material that can withstand all outdoor elements and is tough enough to be used daily for years to come. The metal clips are rust-proof and durable no matter what conditions you put them through.

But the leash is not limited to only being a waist leash; you can convert the leash into a normal walking leash, shoulder leash, double leash, and training leash. With how versatile it is you may not ever need to repurchase another type of leash.

LANNEY has you and your dog’s happiness in mind, so if you are not pleased with the product you can return the leash and get your money back with the 100%, risk-free money-back guarantee.



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Free your hands and have more range of motion when you run with your dog by using the SHINE HAI. The adjustable waist belt fits waists measuring 24” to 43”, which you can adjust with the adjusting slider on the belt.

You can provide your dog with enough running room as the dog leash belt stretches up to 82-inches. Dogs of any size can enjoy the leash, and you can decide if you want your dog to run in front of you or next to you without accidentally stepping on their feet in the process.

Dual bungees absorb shock, jerks, and lunges from dogs weighing up to 150 pounds, which means less back strain on you and reduce the risk of injury. The bungees are durable for long-lasting years to come no matter how much the leash is used on a daily bases.

Each leash comes with extra handles for better control. You can reign in your dog if they go too far from you or if you need to pull them out of a risky situation, like out of traffic or away from a potentially dangerous dog.

If you love running at night, then you will be happy to know that there is reflective stitching going down the SHINE HAI that is visible in the early morning or late at night. You will feel more secure running with your dog at night knowing that passing cars and pedestrians will know that you guys are out and about enjoying the night.

Strong cross stitching on the belt ensures that it will not come apart while in use while the heavy-duty belt buckle keeps the belt secured around your waist. Durable clasps attached to the waist belt attach to your dog’s collar and are durable and will not be destroyed no matter how much your dog pulls and jerks.

8. Pet Dreamland

Pet Dreamland

as of 5 October 2021 23:48

Make walks hassle-free and less of a strain for both you and your dog by using the Pet Dreamland Hands-Free. Holding onto a dog leash while running or even walking can be straining for you. To prevent shoulder, wrist, and even back pains a waist centered dog leash is the leash for you.

You will be able to control your dog by using your full body weight instead of relying on only your arm strength.

You can use this leash to leash train your dog. Three shock absorbing bungee cords will absorb the strain and stress that your dog may put on the leash. Your dog will sense that they are going nowhere when they pull on the leash, especially if you control whether you want your dog to walk next to you or in front of you.

To better help with controlling your dog, the leash has two Neoprene padded handles. The handle closest to you is meant to redirect your dog so that they walk in the direction or position you want. The handle closest to your dog is meant to quickly pull your dog out of a risky situation, especially if your dog is not listening to you verbally and needs to be physically removed.

This leash can be used by anyone in the family as the belt can be adjusted to accommodate waist sizes from 27-inches to 48-inches. There are many designs to pick from with this style of the leash, such as one small dog, two small dogs, one large dog, two large dogs, and a waste dispenser model. From six fun colors to pick from you will surely find the right design for your dog.

Each belt is backed with a 365-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee where they will send you a new Pet Dreamland Hands-Free to try out. If you do not love it still, you can keep the leash-free of charge.

9. Black Rhino

Black Rhino

as of 5 October 2021 23:48

Mobility is very important when you are out with your dog as anything can happen. You need to be ready to control the situation, so both you and your dog stay out of harm’s way. The Black Rhino leaves your hands-free while still being able to control your dog.

With your hands-free, you can carry your phone, carry your water bottle, push a baby carriage, and have free arm mobility for a better running experience.

Not only is the waist belt adjustable to accommodate most waist sizes, but the leash itself is adjustable. The leash can be adjusted from 4.5 feet to 5 feet so you can find the perfect length for your walking and running needs so that you and your dog do not step on each other’s feet or get tangled while on the go.

Dual neoprene handles layered with ultra-soft yet durable padding gives you better control of your dog out of a sticky situation. But the handles can also be used to convert the leash into a standard leash when it is removed by the waist belt.

The bungee design of the leash absorbs any unwanted shock and strain and reduces joint and muscle strain for both you and your dog. The leash can even help prevent and reduce pain caused by sudden jerks, which is highly recommended for those suffering from joint and muscle pain.

Black Rhino is confident in their leashes so they encourage you to try it risk-free. By risk-free, they mean if you do not like the leash for whatever reason you can return the leash for a refund.

10. Primal Pet Gear

Primal Pet Gear

as of 5 October 2021 23:48

In a market full of running leashes for dogs that are very similar, one notable difference with this leash is that the waist belt expands up to 48 inches in diameter.

This allows the jogger to wear a padded jacket in the winter and still be able to accommodate their dog’s running leash.

The Primal Pet Gear has standard features such as reflective stitching and is made from durable materials.

11. ZeeGear


as of 5 October 2021 23:48

Last but certainly not least in our canter through jogging leashes for dogs is the ZeeGear hands-free.

In addition, it comes with some nice added extras such as shoelaces with reflective stitching to make your trainers visible on dark nights.

Whatever product catches your eye, bear in mind that a running leash doesn’t have to be used for jogging.

Attaching a dog that pulls to your waist is a great way to protect your shoulders and upper back, even if you are just going for a stroll.

Another use is if you would like both hands free, such as when hiking or walking over rough terrain.

In addition, if you don’t totally trust your child to hold onto the leash under all circumstances, anchoring the lead to their waist could give you peace of mind.

12. The Buddy System

The Buddy System

as of 5 October 2021 23:48

Hands-free leashes are different than your typical leashes. They are placed around your waist and rely on your body strength to control and manage your dog. The Buddy System puts both you and your dog’s enjoyment at the top of their quality list.

The running belt can be accommodated to fit around waists measuring 22-inches to 60-inches. When fit to your right size it will not bounce around while you are running.

Each leash is made with shock-absorbing bungee that can stretch up to 40-inches to suit the running speeds of all types of dogs. Pick if you want your dog to run at your side or in front of you and how far a distance your dog has away from you. Premium metal clips attach to your dog’s collar and to the waist belt that will not rip or break no matter how much your dog tugs or pulls.

It has a quick-release mechanism on the belt so you can easily release from the waist in case of emergencies.

Each Buddy System comes with a 100% Money-back guarantee where you are able to get a full refund if the leash is not what you had expected or is damaged or destroyed easily.

13. Joly Joy

Joly Joy

as of 5 October 2021 23:48

Joly Joy Hands-Free Dog Leash is designed with active people in mind. The adjustable waist belt can be adjusted from 30-inches to 45-inches and has two collapsible pockets where you can store your phone, keys, and much more.

Attach the bungee leash to your waist belt by using the strong and rust-resistant stainless steel clasps. Or detach it from your waist belt and use the bungee leash as a standard dog leash. If your dog tends to chew on their leash, they will not be able to chew through this leash.

The first few inches of the leash are covered with a pet-safe rubber cover so your dog will not tear at the leash or hurt their teeth. To reduce strain on both you and your dog, the bungee leash absorbs sudden jerks, strains, and pulls so both you and your dog can walk comfortably.

But you do not only get a running leash set; you get a full pet walking set. That includes a poop bag dispenser with 15 bags included and a lightweight collapsible pet bowl you can use to make sure your dog has access to water. You can attach them to your waist belt so you can have them at the ready when you need them most.

Dogs weighing up to 150 pounds will have the full mobility they need for an enjoyable outdoor experience whether it be walking, running or hiking. Your dog will always be at your side without fumbling over each other or stepping on each other’s feet again.

little dog with leash

Bottom Line

When choosing your ideal running leash, take into account features that enable you to attach a treat bag or a second lead, the length of the leash (the longer the better for tall runners), and how long the waist belt is.

And last but not least, look for a color that appeals to you and matches the dog’s coat.

Dr Sarah Robinson attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University receiving a D.V.M. in 2008. Sarah’s longtime interest is to help people to better communicate with their pet companions, and in doing so, to help them to strengthen their relationships with their dogs and cats. Sarah has published numerous articles on canine feeding in pet related magazines, veterinary journals and leading natural health web sites.

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