5 Best Dog Foods for Jack Russells in [2021]

Jack Russell’s are a unique breed of dog, originally developed in the 1800s for game-hunting. Very interestingly, they were named after a clergyman called Rev. John Jack Russell.

Along with its unique past, their diet also has unique characteristics. For one, not all dog food on the market is suitable for your Jack Russell friend.

However, if you consider the following factors, it will be easier for you to choose the best Jack Russell dog food:

  • Age – younger puppies need high-calorie food rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals while seniors require less calorie food rich in vitamins for proper metabolism.
  • Weight – you should be able to know whether your Jack Russell is overweight or not. Your vet can also help you with this “diagnosis”. An obese dog will need fewer fats and carbs.
  • Health – before you can buy food for your Russell, understand their health status. For example, a dog with atopic dermatitis will need a hypoallergenic diet.

5 Best Dog Foods for Jack Russells

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1. Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild

as of 8 October 2021 21:59


  • A taste of the wild with ROASTED BISON; REAL MEAT is the #1 ingredient; optimal amino acid profile, protein rich for LEAN, STRONG MUSCLES
  • High protein ingredients with added vitamins & minerals; fruits and vegetables as SUPERFOODS for hard-working ANTIOXIDANTS; fatty acid blend for SKIN & COAT
  • Ingredients from TRUSTED, SUSTAINABLE sources around the world; made with NO GRAIN, corn, wheat, filler; no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives
  • Nutrient rich and HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE with guaranteed species-specific, PROPRIETARY PROBIOTICS that survive and thrive in the GI tract

Taste of the Wild has real meat since the main ingredient and all of the other ingredients are natural with added minerals and vitamins.

Key Specifications

  • Nutritional Information – Protein – 32%, fat – 18%, fibre – 4%, calories – 370kcal/cup
  • Weight – 30 pounds
  • Why It’s Recommended – It provides your Jack Russell with highly digestible energy all day.

It has natural antioxidants from vegetables: The sweet potatoes and peas provide digestible energy for your Jack Russell.

Once you start feeding your Jack Russell the Taste of the Wild Grain-Free food, you will see a great difference in their coat and skin. This is because a blend of fatty acids in this food is meant to give your dog a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Your Jackie’s digestive system and immune system will also be greatly improved by the pro-biotics in the Taste of test Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food. The digestible proteins and fiber-rich carbohydrates will keep your Jack Russell feeling full throughout the day.


  • There is no sign of crumbling in this dark rich grain-free dry food.
  • The size of the kibbles is average which is good for all sizes of dogs.
  • Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food ensures that your Jack Russell is always energetic.
  • Ensures that your Jack Russell’s stool is 100% firm.
  • Makes your Jackie’s skin healthy and coat shiny.


  • Kibbles in some batches may be larger than normal size.
  • Some batches of this food may have poor quality control issues.
  • Kibbles in some batches may have inconsistent textures.

The chelated minerals in the Taste of the Wild food’s recipe works as a perfect balance to all the minerals since it ensures that your dog absorbs it all up.

2. Purina ONE

Purina ONE

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  • 31.1 Lb. Bag - Purina One Smartblend Natural Healthy Weight Formula Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Real Turkey Is The #1 Ingredient
  • Contains 25% Less Fat, 15% Fewer Calories Than Purina One Smartblend Lamb & Rice Formula
  • Antioxidant Blend To Help Support A Strong Immune System
  • Natural Sources Of Glucosamine Help Support Joint Health

If your Russell is getting older and you are worried about their weight, then Purina One could be the best food for them.

Key Specifications

  • Nutritional Information – Protein – 27%, fat – 8%, fibre – 5.5%, calories – 320kca /cup
  • Weight – 40 pounds
  • Why It’s Recommended – Helps your Jack Russell maintain a healthy weight.

As a weight management food choice, Purina One SmartBlend is low on fat and calories. The main ingredient is turkey and contains 16% fewer calories and 25% fewer fats compared to Purina One SmartBlend Lamb and Rice Formula. This helps provide a balanced and complete nutritional diet.

The SmartBlend Healthy Weight Dog food also contains a variety of antioxidants to help improve your Jack Russell’s immune system. It also contains natural sources of glucosamine to boost the joint health of your Jackie.

The crunchy kibbles combine well with the protein-rich, tender, and meaty morsels to provide an amazing taste and texture to your Jack Russell. The high protein content will help maintain a healthy heart and support the strong muscles for your canine friend.


  • This food is great in maintaining you Jack Russell’s weight.
  • It has a great price for great ingredients.
  • This food has a great taste that your Russell will love.
  • If your Jack Russell is allergic, you can still use this food.
  • This food will improve the gastrointestinal health of your Russell.
  • For older dogs, this food will increase their energy levels.


  • If your Russell is picky, they may not like this food.
  • Some batches may be crumbled sometimes.
  • Packaging may not be in good condition sometimes.

The final great feature is that there are 0% fillers in the Purina One formula, meaning every ingredient used in this recipe has a purpose.

3. Nutro Wholesome

Nutro Wholesome

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as of 8 October 2021 21:59


  • Contains one (1) 30 lb bag of Nutro Natural Choice Senior Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for senior dogs ages 7 and older; real chicken is the No.1 ingredient
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients; no chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy
  • High quality protein source is the No.1 ingredient in the delicious dry kibble
  • Helps support strong bones and joints with calcium
  • Supports your senior dog's aging immune system with essential antioxidants and provides natural fiber for healthy digestion.Cooked in our USA facilities with the finest ingredients from around the world

A combination of brown rice, sweet potato, and farm-raised chicken is what makes Nutro Wholesome have a great taste and help in supporting your Jack Russell’s strong muscles.

Key Specifications

  • Nutritional Information – Protein – 23%, fat – 12%, fibre – 4%, calories – 310kcal/cup
  • Weight – 15 pounds
  • Why It’s Recommended – It is a formula rich in nutrients and full of flavor.

The antioxidants in this food are necessary to boost the immune system and maintain the cognitive health of your aging Jackie. This formula has omega 3 and 6 different fatty acids to ensure that your Jack Russell has a healthy skin and a glowing coat.

With a blend rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, this food ensures that your dog enjoys its taste. Nutro Wholesome Essential is made from ingredients that are not genetically modified material. There are also no artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors.


  • Ensures that your dog maintains healthy skin and a glowing coat.
  • For your older Jackie, this food boosts their immune system.
  • Made from non-GMO ingredients.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
  • This food contains glucosamine and chondroitin to ensure your Jack Russell maintains their healthy muscles.
  • Available in both lamb, salmon, venison, and chicken flavors to suit your Jackie’s.


  • May cause diarrhea in some dogs.
  • There may be a few quality control problems in some batches.
  • Traces of genetically modified material may be present because of cross-contact in the process of manufacturing.
  • May not be suitable for dogs with allergies, you should confirm with your vet.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials has a recipe to cater for your Jackie from being a puppy to adult to senior.

4. Merrick


as of 8 October 2021 21:59


  • Grain free; no corn, wheat, soy or gluten
  • Real deboned chicken is the first ingredient
  • Cooked in America with the Earth's Best Ingredients
  • No ingredients from China.Calorie content:3400 kcal/kg or 381 kcal/cup ME (metabolizable energy) on an as-fed basis (calculated)

The nutritional and developmental needs for your Jackie puppy will be well catered for by the Merrick, hence supporting their overall health.

Key Specifications

  • Nutritional Information – Protein – 28%, fat – 125, fibre – 12%, calories – 381kcal/cup
  • Weight – 25 pounds
  • Why It’s Recommended – It has a great taste approved for dogs.

The main ingredient of this US-cooked recipe is deboned chicken. All the other ingredients are sourced from reputable local farmers to ensure that the recipe provides balanced nutrition in addition to whole foods.

The docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in the food improves the mental health and development of your Jack Russell. The powerful glucosamine and chondroitin levels will ensure that your Russell has healthy joints and hips.

There are no gluten ingredients in this grain-free diet to enable your dog to digest their food easily.


  • The small size of the kibbles in this grain-free diet makes digestion easier.
  • This food will help your Jack Russell puppy attain the desired weight and size for their age.
  • Helps reduce the awful farts in dogs.
  • Packaged in bags that you can resale.
  • There are no potatoes in the ingredients, therefore, good for your Russell’s need for lower glycaemic food.


  • Some puppies may not like this food.
  • Kibbles in some batches may have a more wet texture.
  • May cause some dogs to have runny poops.
  • Maybe expensive.

Ensure that you feed Merrick to your Jack Russell according to their needs and activity level. Shake well before you open and adjust the feeding level for your Russell to maintain optimum weight and condition. Store the unused portions in the refrigerator.

5. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill's Science

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  • This adult dry dog food promotes digestive health while nourishing skin
  • A source of prebiotic fiber to support a balanced gut microbiome in your grown dog
  • This dog food is formulated to be highly digestible for optimal nutrient absorption & easier stool pick-up
  • Packed with vitamin E & Omega-6 fatty acids to help your grown dog get a lustrous coat and healthy skin
  • Made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust

While transforming your Jackie’s life from the inside out, Hill’s Science Diet is formulated to ensure that your Jack Russell is treated to a complete balanced diet and have a gentle touch on the stomach.

Key Specifications

  • Nutritional Information – Protein – 19.2%, fat – 12%, fibre – 4%, calories – 366kcal/cup
  • Weight – 8.33 pounds
  • Why It’s Recommended – If your Jack Russell has a sensitive stomach.

The main ingredients for this formula are chicken broth and turkey. All the other ingredients are of high quality and easy to digest.

This food has a great taste that your canine friend will love. The proper blend of omega 6, fatty acids, vitamin E, and C and antioxidants will also give your Jack Russell a glowing coat and shiny skin while supporting their immune system.

In order to improve your dog’s digestive system, Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dog Food have natural fiber.

This food is made with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


  • If your Russell has severe allergies, this food could work great for them.
  • The picky eaters will like this food.
  • Your Russell will always have a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • Great for your Russell’s sensitive stomach.
  • Reduces excessive shedding for your dog’s coat.


  • Some dogs may react negatively to this food.
  • There may be a few quality control problems in some batches.
  • Some of the food may be thicker and hard to get out of the can.
  • May cause bowel movements in some dogs to be runny and dark.

Smaller and larger dogs have different nutritional needs, which is why Hill’s Science Diet has special formulas for all sizes. You can also choose from canned dog food or dry dog food.

Bottom Line

Jack Russell’s have a DNA similar to that of a wolf. They are energetic, lively, and always busy like to hunt and enjoy mental exercising. Therefore, there is a need to feed these dogs with high-calorie food.

From all the above dog foods, it is clear that Taste of the Wild is a preferred option for your Jack Russell. This is because it has ingredients that ensure your Jackie has an energy all day long and feeling full for a longer period of time.

The fatty acids in this formula will maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat for your dog. This food also improves the digestive and immune system for your Russell. The high protein content will maintain a healthy muscle mass for your dog. Taste of Wild Diet will satisfy their hunting instincts.

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