5 Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers in [2021]

As a pet parent, you want to find the best dog crate for Golden Retrievers to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe.

Dogs are den animals, which means when they lived in the wild they depended on a den to keep them safe from predators, give them time to heal from wounds, give birth to puppies and protect them from harsh elements in the environment.

Today, dogs still need the feeling of safety to help them live a healthy natural life. You might notice that your dog often hides under the coffee table or in secluded places around the house from time to time.

This is the natural instinct that drives them to these areas to help them feel calm and comfortable. In today’s world, dogs don’t need to worry about predators but they still need to fulfill their natural instinct. Providing your dog with a crate throughout their lifetime will contribute to a happy healthy lifestyle.

Best Dog Crate for Golden Retrievers

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1. Internets Best

Internet's Best Decorative

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BrandInternet's Best
EAN ListEAN List Element: 0667031420131
LabelInternet's Best
ManufacturerInternet's Best
Package Quantity1
Product GroupPet Products
Product Type NamePET_SUPPLIES
PublisherInternet's Best
StudioInternet's Best
TitleInternet's Best Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed | Double Door | Wooden Wire Dog House | Large Indoor Pet Crate Side Table | Espresso
UPC ListUPC List Element: 667031420131

This beautiful espresso colored dog crate keeps your dog safe, cozy and happy. It’s designed to look like a piece of furniture, so it matches any home décor style. The top of the crate can be used as a tabletop for added style.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 58 pounds
  • Internal Dimensions – 21.5” W X 30” D X 24” H
  • External Dimensions – 23” W X 32” D X 26” H
  • Color Available – Espresso
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why We Recommend – It has two exit and entry points and a double side door for convenience. It also acts as an end table or decorative piece of furniture.

This Golden Retriever dog crate is multi-functional. It adds style to your home décor as well as keeps your dog safe. You can place it in various areas of your living room or bedroom because it can double as an end table, side table or nightstand next to your bed.

It’s also excellent because you can keep your dog close to you anywhere in your house.

This dog crate was designed with comfort and style in mind. It’s crafted from solid wood and has durable metal wire panels on the side. It comes with a soft dog bed that’s removable for cleaning purposes.

This stylish dog kennel features a double side and end door to make it easy for your dog to enter and exit.


  • Stylish
  • Spacious
  • Comes with a bed that fits perfectly inside the crate
  • The bed is easy to clean
  • The latch is strong and durable


  • Dogs can chew on the wood
  • Only comes in one color

This dog crate is excellent for adult Golden Retrievers that enjoy being in a crate that is dark and cozy. It helps relieve your dog’s stress, makes them feel safe and prevents them from damaging the house while you are away from home.



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as of 5 October 2021 23:43


  • Heavy duty frame: made from corrosion-resistant steel,strong and durable, hard to be damaged,nontoxic finished surface keep your dog health,suitable for most medium and large dogs,two locks with the safety buckles to prevent the dogs from opening the door and escaping.
  • Double door & locking caster design: The front door is suitable for pet in and out,the top door also can be opened for you interacting with your dog. 360 degree rotated locking casters can help you to move crate anywhere easily and lock the wheels to keep the crate in place.
  • Easy to clean:Removable (slide-out) plastic tray helps you to catch the fallen dog food and excrement,and allows you to wipe and clean easily.
  • Easy to assemble:All hardware pack included,just need to fit it with four wheels and eight screw bolts, locks were pre-assembled,Just takes 3-5 minutes to complete.
  • Overall Dimensions: 41.5"L X 30.5"W X 37"H; Internal height of the dog cage (excluding wheels): 32"H; Metal pipe spacing:2"; Metal"slat-like" floor spacing:1" Color: Black.

The Luckup is corrosion and rust-resistant. It’s durable and features steel framing and a nontoxic finished. The double door and strong latch keep your dog safe inside the crate.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 73.1 pounds
  • Overall Dimensions – 41.5” L X 30.5” W X 37” H
  • Internal Height – 32” H with 2” Metal pip spacing
  • Color – Black
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Size Available – 38” and 42”

This anti-rust dog crate is an excellent option for indoor and outdoor use. It features two durable locks that can withstand pressure due to dogs trying to escape. It also has safety buckles that stay in place for added security.

This dog crate has a double door that makes it easy for your adult size Golden Retriever to enter and exit easily. You can also use the same door to interact with your dog. The top of the crate has a door also and is great for adding items such as toys and blankets to the dog crate without your dog trying to get out of the door.

The wheels have locking casters that rotate 360 degrees which makes it easy to move anywhere in the house or outdoors. You can keep this dog crate clean by using the convenient plastic trays that slide in and out of the slot easily and quickly.

Pet parents can assemble this dog crate within five minutes. The crate arrives with all the tools and pieces required to build the crate.


  • Heavy Duty Sturdy Construction
  • Strong Locks
  • Rust Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to Move
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use


  • Only One Color Available
  • Large size takes up a room indoors

This Luckup keeps your pup safe inside. It can withstand the toughest dog trying to escape. The locks are sturdy and dependable.

3. ProSelect Easy

Proselect Easy

as of 5 October 2021 23:43


  • The perfect crate for Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Greyhounds, Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, and other extra-large dogs
  • Features a dual latching door to safely secure pets
  • Folds for effortless storage or travel
  • Includes a removable floor tray for easy cleaning and a removable divider panel for unmatched versatility
  • Also available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Medium/Large, and Large sizes

The Guardian Gear ProSelect is an excellent option for Golden Retrievers of any age. There are a variety of sizes available that range from small to X-large. You can get this dog crate for your puppy and upgrade to a larger size as they grow into adulthood.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 49 pounds
  • Dimensions – 50” X 31.5” X 4.5”
  • Easy Clean – Yes
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why We Recommend – It’s easy to clean, store, and move. It keeps your dog safe even if they have the ability to escape other crates.

Your dog will enjoy cuddling inside this crate with their favorite blanket and toys. The crate features a dual latching door that keeps them safe inside, even if they attempt to escape.

It folds easily and can be stored in small places. Pet parents that enjoy traveling with their dog will be happy to bring along this crate since it provides safety, comfort, and security for their dog during the trip. You can choose to fold it up while traveling or set it up inside an SUV for your dog to travel safely within the car.

Cleanup is easy as well due to the removable floor tray. You can even use a hose and clean the floor tray outdoors for those problematic messes. The removable divider is excellent for pet parents that have two dogs. You will need to determine the size of the cage to comfortably fit both dogs inside.


  • Durable locks to prevent your dog from escaping
  • Easy storage
  • Fast assembly
  • Plenty of room for your dog to stand or sleep


  • Assembly required
  • Only available in one color

The Guardian Gear ProSelect is a must-have for pet parents to Golden Retrievers. They provide plenty of room for your dog to rest and cuddle with their favorite blanket or toy, plus the crate keeps them securely inside.



as of 5 October 2021 23:43


  • Overall Dimensions: 48.8"(L) x 33"(W) x 37" (H); Door Dimensions: 27.4" (H) x 18.9" (W); Tray Dimensions: 46.9" (L) x 31.5" (W)
  • High quality and new type crate special for a large dog w/anxiety or storm issues. Easy to assemble
  • Heavy duty steel frame, and all steel square bar, resistance to deformation, super durable, more closely between the bars, esistance to bit and resistance to break
  • Equipped with four casters for easy moving and two of them are lockable to avoid accidental move
  • The grate floor and steel tray on the bottom can be slide out for easy cleaning; Folds down easily, take it anywhere

The Paney is easy to assemble, high-quality dog crate that helps dogs deal with anxiety related to thunderstorms and other stress triggers.

Key Specifications

  • Capacity Weight – 330 pounds
  • Overall Dimensions – 48.8” L X 33” W X 37” H
  • Space Between Bars – 1.57 inches
  • Door Dimensions – 27.4” H X 18.9” W
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why We Recommend – It’s durable and helps keep your dog safe and comfortable during use.

This Golden Retriever dog crate is the perfect fit for the breed. It has plenty of space for your dog to stand up, walk around and sleep. You can also add a few favorite toys, food, and water bowls, plus a blanket and still have room for your dog to be comfortable.

Pet parents will be happy to learn this heavy-duty dog crate is easy to assemble and comes with wheels for easy transport. You can roll the dog crate around the house and place it in various areas or place it outside. The casters lock into place to prevent unwanted movement while your dog is inside the crate.

The heavy-duty steel frame features a square bar that can’t be damaged no matter how strong your dog tries to push against it. The overall crate is durable and long-lasting.

The steel tray at the bottom of the crate is easy to remove, clean and replace.


  • Large Size for Adult Size Golden Retrievers
  • Grate Floor
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Move
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Only comes in one color
  • Takes up a large amount of space indoors

The Paney is designed to keep your dog safe and features sturdy steel construction and durable locks to prevent your dog from escaping during frightening thunderstorms.

5. Richell Pet Training


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as of 5 October 2021 23:43


  • Perfect for larger puppy's and small dog's, giving them their own space, as well as keeping them safe
  • Two storage trays on top allow you to store treats, leashes and or toy's, opens both from the top and sides
  • Can be used with paw Tracks Potty training pads, great for Potty training you puppy
  • Paw track training pads are sold separately
  • Casters allow for easy mobility from room to room placement

Richell Pet Training Crate is an excellent beginner kennel for your Golden Retriever puppy. This dog crate was specially designed for large size puppies with the intention to keep them safe, help with training and provide them with their own private space.

Key Specifications

  • Weight – 22.5 pounds
  • Dimensions – 32.5” X 21.7” X 24.6”
  • Shipping – Domestic and International Shipping Available
  • Warranty – Yes
  • Why We Recommend – It’s durable, spacious and the perfect size for Golden Retriever puppies to begin their obedience training.

This dog crate will be your puppy’s first private home to call their own. It has plenty of space for your puppy to keep their favorite toys, a cozy blanket and food, and water bowls.

The top of the crate features two storage trays where you can store your pup’s leash, treats, toys and more. The interior of the crate is designed to easily fit potty pads which is great for training your pup.

The crate comes in a two-toned color, tan and white, which matches almost any home décor style and color theme. The dog crate has wheels that help make it easy for pet parents to roll the crate from room to room as needed. The casters lock into place to prevent movement while your puppy is inside.


  • Keeps your puppy safe
  • Conveniently placed door
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Only comes in one color
  • Small door lock. Not convenient for pups that are escape artists

Richell Pet Training Crate is the perfect starter kennel for your puppy. It’s spacious, durable and easy to clean. The convenient storage area on top of the crate makes it easy to keep all of your pup’s favorite toys and treats nearby.

Bottom Line

Dog crates are essential to the well being of your dog. Begin early with the puppy size crate and work your way up to the heavy-duty models as your pup grows into adulthood.

Access to a crate allows your dog to fulfill their denning instincts and needs. They will feel peace and security knowing they have a small den-like area to call their own anytime they need.

Choosing the right style to fit your dog’s personality is key to successfully using a dog crate. Dogs that are more aggressive will benefit from the strong steel designs while dogs that are escape artists and know how to pick locks will benefit from the crates that have durable locks.

Overall, our top pick from the Golden Retriever Dog Crates shown above is the Paney Heavy Duty Metal Rolling Dog Crate. It’s strong, durable, long-lasting and has a durable lock to prevent your dog from escaping. Choose your favorite dog crate today and have it shipped directly to your house!

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