Top 5 Best Dog Crates For Beagles in [2021]

We all wish that our dogs could run around freely at all times, but unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Even though the initial process of crate training can be tough, it’s important that your beagle learns to handle temporary confinement in a kennel.

Dog crates are incredibly useful tools for transport as well as keeping mischievous pups out of harm’s way when we’re not home. If you don’t want to come back from work to your shoes and furniture all chewed up, you need to start looking for the right dog crate for your beagle.

When shopping for a beagle crate, you should be looking at ones from 28’’ to 32’’. The smaller ones will be suitable for dogs between 25lbs-30lbs, while the 32’’ option is more comfortable for dogs over 30lbs.

There are plenty of other factors to consider, from the material, ease of set-up and additional structural elements all contribute to the overall experience both for you and your fur baby.

We’ve got a round-up of the top 5 best dog crates for beagles to help you make the optimal decision for your needs!

5 Best Dog Crates for Beagles

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1. Petmate Ultra Vari

If you’re looking for a simple and durable solution, the Petmate Vali Kennel might be the one for you and your beagle. Easy to clean and light-weight, this dog crate is a no-fuss way of keeping your pet safe at home or during travel.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes- 28″ x 20.5″ x 21.5″ & 32″ x 22.5″ x 24″
  • Colors – Taupe / Black
  • Weight – 12.3 lbs & 16.2 lbs
  • Why It’s Recommended- Gives dogs privacy and easy to transport

Assembling products we order online can be a real pain, but not with this one. You can put the crate together with no tools, and the process is pretty fast and straightforward. Your dog will get to try out its new home within minutes!

Thanks to the closed-off walls, this plastic crate provides a den-like environment for your pup and should work well for the pooches that need extra privacy. The owners have been reporting that it does a pretty good job of calming down anxious dogs as well.

Even though the Petmate Vali Kennel is a travel crate, it might not meet all airline cargo specifications for air travel. If you’re already planning future trips by plane, check if this kennel will be accepted onboard.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides privacy for your dog
  • Good air ventilation
  • Easy-open latch


  • Not suitable for escape artists

Be careful if you have an escape artist on your hands, though! We’ve been hearing about extra sneaky pooches finding their way out of the Petmate Vali Kennel. Maybe your beagle is another Houdini in the making? Always test the security of the dog crate before bringing your dog along for long journeys.

2. MidWest iCrate

This metal dog crate is designed to include everything that your beagle needs during puppy training and beyond.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes- 30’’ x 19’’ x 21’’
  • Colors – Black
  • Weight – 18.2 lbs
  • Why It’s Recommended- Includes everything you need for puppy training

A crate for beagles should be big enough for the pup to comfortably stand up and lie down, but not so big that it stops feeling like a safe, cozy nest. So what do you do if you want the dog home to serve your pooch through the puppy days and into adulthood?

Midwest iCrate has a simple, yet genius, solution – a crate divider. Thanks to the metal divider you can adjust an adult-size crate to the needs of your beagle puppy. Once your fur baby grows up, simply remove the divider. Easy!

The least exciting part about getting a puppy is by far the potty training. Midwest makes it a little bit less messy with their leak-proof plastic pan that you simply slide out after the incident and wash easily.

This dog crate takes care not just of your four-legged friend, but also your house. The rubber feet of the dog home prevent scratching and damaging the floors when the pet moves the crate. So there’s still hope for your lovely parquet floors.


  • Foldable
  • Free divider panel
  • Free leak-proof pan and rubber roller
  • Easy to clean


  • Metal can be bent by strong dogs
  • Dogs can get hurt on the metal trying to escape

There’s one thing that you need to keep in mind before buying this product. Dog owners report that strong pooches are sometimes able to bend the metal walls of the Midwest iCrate. Even worse, they might get hurt on the sharp edges while trying to escape!

This means that this metal crate is best suited either for puppies or for adult beagles with no track record of naughty behavior in confinement.

3. Petnation Port-A-Crate

Petnation Port-A-Crate

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The Petnation Port a Crate might be an excellent solution for adventurous beagles who travel places and explore the world. It’s constructed from sturdy steel skeleton, fabric, and heavy-duty mesh to ensure good ventilation and protect your dog from insects.

It works indoors as well as outdoors, so nothing is stopping your pet from joining you on the next camping holiday!

Key Specifications

  • Sizes- 28’’ x 20’’ x 20’’
  • Colors – Tan with black elements
  • Weight – 7.6 lbs
  • Why It’s Recommended- It’s washable and easily foldable

We all know that storing dog crates is a pain and they can take up a lot of space in the house. Not with this one, though. Petnation Port-A-Crate folds easily; you just need to release the side clips. Setting it back up is equally speedy – pull the sides up and secure them with clips.

Quick and easy which is crucial when you’re traveling! No one wants to waste precious holiday time assembling and disassembling dog crates, right?

Cleaning this crate for beagles is also a breeze. It’s made from a water-resistant material so you can simply rinse it down and leave it to air dry. You can also remove the washable cover and throw it in the washing machine for extensive clean.

If you’re thinking “That sounds great but won’t my dog scratch through the mesh?” You are absolutely right to have doubts. This crate is not a good choice for pups that are not crate trained or tend to get anxious in a confinement.


  • Top and front entry doors
  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Water-resistant
  • Seatbelt loop for travel
  • Pockets for dog documents
  • Good ventilation


  • No handle for transportation
  • Some dogs can scratch through the mesh

Petnation Port-A-Crate will work best for a beagle who handles being in a crate well. Otherwise, canine escape artists might chew or scratch a hole in the mesh walls.

4. Casual Home

Casual Home

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Most dog crates have one thing in common: the designers might be paying a lot of attention to our pets’ safety, but they completely miss the aesthetic aspect. Casual Home wooden dog home is here to change that.     

Key Specifications

  • Sizes- 21″ x 33″ x 26″ & 28.75″ x 41.5″ x 27”
  • Colors – Black / Espresso / Taupe Grey / White
  • Weight – 40 lbs
  • Why It’s Recommended- It’s super cozy for the dog and nice to look at for you

You might be telling yourself that you will diligently fold the crate for your beagle and put it away when it’s not being used. But the truth is that most of us let the dog out and leave the metal or plastic crate right in the middle of the living room where it looks below presentable.

The good news is that you can get a crate that will make both you and your beagle happy. These wooden dog homes double as end tables, so they seamlessly blend into the room.

The design is very classic, and they come in four different colors so you should be able to find one that will complement your house. Made of real wood, they are pretty sturdy and can easily be mistaken for real furniture.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Doubles as an end table
  • Very sturdy
  • Dogs find it cozy
  • Long-lasting design


  • Dogs can chew up the wooden door
  • No removable plastic pan
  • Assembly takes up to 30 minutes

The downside of Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate is undoubtedly the assembly. If you dread putting together IKEA furniture and all things DIY are your worst nightmare, then the assembly process of 30 minutes might sound a little bit intimidating.

But providing your beagle with a cozy nest and yourself with a new pretty piece of furniture is totally worth it.

5. Merry Products

Merry cage

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This crate is something of a compromise between the classic dog kennels and the pretty Casual Home ones. Merry Products Cage is essentially your typical metal crate, but it includes removable wooden elements so you can convert it into an end table.

Key Specifications

  • Sizes- 30″ x 19″ x 21″
  • Colors –   Brown
  • Weight – 39 lbs
  • Why It’s Recommended- It’s a more visually appealing take on a classic metal crate

It’s not as decorative as the previous one, and it only comes in one color (which is a great shame!), but it’s definitely more functional. If you need to transport it, simply remove the wooden elements to make it lighter and smaller. After the trip, it will only take a few minutes to have your end table put back together!

The metal cage itself is collapsible, so its assembly and disassembly take no time at all. It also includes a very practical removable plastic tray that makes cleaning easy in case of an accident – especially worth noting if your beagle is still puppy training. And the baby pooches will enjoy the removable wall divider that allows the cage to grow with them!


  • Visually appealing
  • Very functional
  • Easy set-up and disassemble
  • Includes a removable divider
  • Includes a removable plastic tray
  • The wooden parts can be removed for easier transport


  • Can be bent by a determined dog
  • Quite pricey

The bad news is that Merry Products Cage is pretty pricey compared to some more basic models. If you’re dealing with an adult beagle that has never been crate trained before, buying an expensive cage like this might not be a good start. We’ve heard from dog owners about their determined or anxious pets bending the metal so save this one for puppies or well-behaved older pooches.

Bottom Line

Whether you value functionality or aesthetics more, it would be great if the dog crate for you beagle combined both, right? The only dog kennel on the list that successfully manages to do so is the Petmate Ultra.

Not only does it grow with your dog if needed, but it also adapts to your current needs. Have to transport it? Just take the wooden covers off. Want to show it off? Convert it into a Mahogany end table. Done using it for a while? Simply fold it and store it away without it taking too much room.

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