4 Best Dog Clippers for Labradoodles

Affectionate, friendly and energetic, Labradoodles are increasingly becoming the popular choice for family pets.

The Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia was the first to develop this hybrid hypoallergenic dog breed.

People who have allergies or are sensitive to pet dander enjoy welcoming this breed into their family.

This dog is hypoallergenic, but certainly has a thick coat that requires grooming.

This sets pet parents on the search for the best clippers for Labradoodles in the market today.

Top 4 Best Dog Clippers for Labradoodles

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The coat grows thick and can be trimmed easily with the proper tools. While their coat is thick, they barely shed, which requires regular brushing and grooming.

Taking your Labradoodle to a professional groomer on a regular basis can become expensive so most pet parents of Labradoodles choose to do the grooming themselves to save money.

If you are looking for the best dog hair clippers for your Labradoodle consider the excellent options listed below.



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Colorelectric clipper
EAN ListEAN List Element: 0701851253842
Item DimensionsHeight: 150; Length: 750; Width: 200
Package DimensionsHeight: 250; Length: 850; Weight: 110; Width: 750
Package Quantity1
Part Numberunknown
Product GroupPet Products
Product Type NamePET_SUPPLIES
TitlePERSUPER Upgrade Pet Rechargeable Hair Electric Clippers, Dog Grooming Hair Trimmer Cat Shaver Professional Clippers Tool Kit for Small,Medium and Large Dogs,Cats,Horses and Kids
UPC ListUPC List Element: 701851253842

Are you looking for professional dog hair clippers that will help you do the same excellent job as a groomer?

These clippers will help you perfect your grooming skills every time you use them.

They feature a rechargeable battery, two blades, and safety technology that prevents you from damaging your dog’s skin.

The rechargeable battery allows you to use it for six hours at full charge.

This is great for pet parents that like to groom their dog outdoors and don’t have access to an electrical outlet.

This powerful dog grooming tool uses a copper wheel to connect the blade and motor.

This makes the clipper have a quick heat dissipation and protects circuits from becoming damaged.

The clipper has two blades titanium alloy white ceramic blades with a specific amount of teeth that get the job done quickly and easily.

You have an option to use the upgraded blade which is capable of cutting 40,000 hairs which is highly beneficial when grooming a Labradoodle.

The clipper comes with a variety of attachments that are safe to use even if you touch your dog’s skin with it.

It also has a steady low sound when in use which is helpful if your dog is afraid of loud noise.

Overall these clippers are easy to use, get the job done quickly, don’t scare your dog, and protect your dog’s skin when in use and provide a safe alternative to visiting a professional groomer.

The variety of attachments give you plenty of options to create the perfect cut.

2. Wahl Professional

Wahl Professional

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  • The Deluxe U-Clip pet clipper and grooming kit is ideal to clip, trim, and groom fine to medium animal hair and fur for dogs, cats, and other pets.
  • Ideal for Yorkies, Cavaliers, Shih Tzus, Spaniels, Maltese, and other medium-duty pet fur clipping, trimming, and grooming of paws, face, ears, touch-ups, and light-body clipping.
  • Powerful speeds up to 7, 200 strokes per minute make clipping quick and easy; this clipper provides substantial power and speed without producing additional heat or noise.
  • This 16-piece kit offers a standard adjustable #30-15-10 blade (Wahl #1037-400) and includes all the tools needed to clip, trim, and groom your pet.
  • Measures 6. 5 by 2 inches and weighs 1 pound. The Clipper and blade are made in the USA of domestic and imported parts.

This fun and colorful grooming kit is an excellent choice for Labradoodle pet parents who have children learning how to groom.

This dog clipper kit provides everything you need to give your dog a professional grooming session.

The attachments allow you to safely groom your Labradoodle’s ears, face, and paws safely.

These hard to reach places are often the most difficult to groom, especially when you have a nervous dog.

The low sound of the dog clippers helps your dog relax while you reach every little hair.

This clipper is especially great for light body clipping.

If you have ever spent a lengthy amount of time grooming your dog only to see stray hairs popping out all over the place you will understand how beneficial the scissors are during the grooming process.

This kit has sixteen pieces that provide you with everything you need to do a great job.

The more you use the clipper the better your technique becomes.

The attachments are safe to use and are great for teaching your kids the beginning stages of dog grooming.

Once they become familiar with the process and handling the tools they will become professionals at dog grooming.

Some pet parents enjoy creating a cute style for their dog to suit their personality.

One of the most popular styles is leaving little puffs of hair on the paws and other areas.

The attachments let you achieve a variety of styles.

Overall this is the best dog clipper for Labradoodles due to its amazing features.

3. Punada


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  • [Sharp Blade & 4 Size Attachment Comb] The pet trimmer clippers equips with ceramic and stainless steel blade, sharps but produces less heat than normal blade. If you cut dog hair without guard, you will find the clippers leave dog with very short hair. 4 different size of guards are included to control the hair length.Pets hair should clean frequently or it will get clogged .
  • [2-SPEED Turbo Pet Clippers for Dog or Cat Hair]-5500/6500 rotation per minute. The dog clippers with two speed setting is rarely seen with this price. The dog clippers is powerful for thick hair if you following correct hair grooming steps. It is suggested to use longer blade for thick hair instead of clipping it with attachment comb. You could buy extra longer blade to help you better complete the grooming work.
  • [Full Set of Pet Grooming Kit-Best choice on Amazon] Our pet grooming kit package include a good quality stainless steel comb and two different edges scissors which provide great help when using the dog clippers. You could use these tools to cut sturdy knots or matts in hair and make the clipping process more smoothly.
  • [USB Cord Charging & Built-in Long Lifespan Li-ion Battery] The dog clippers has a built-in rechargeable 1200mA Li-lion battery inside. The pet clipper can be used continuously for 120min with a full charging time. The dog grooming clippers is equipped with a USB cord for charing. You could charge the clipper with any USB port on your phone adapter, laptop and portable power bank.
  • [100% Satisfaction Guarantee.] Your satisfaction about our product and service are our top proiority. If you have any questions or problems about the dog hair shaver, please feel free to contact us by email for before& after sale service. We will offer you replacement or refund if it is quality problem. We will do our best to solve any problem for you to ensure your satisfaction.

Do you consider yourself a professional home groomer?

If you have spent years grooming your Labradoodle you surely have established a specific technique that gets the job done well.

These professional high-quality clippers are for pet parents who have experience grooming their Labradoodle.

The grooming kit features a gift box, two teeth scissors, one comb, guards, 5-speeds, a rechargeable battery, a powerful motor, and a user-friendly design.

The powerful motor is excellent for a Labradoodles thick coat.

It cuts right through the thickness and reveals a clean even cut.

The 5-speed setting is definitely for the experienced home groomer.

The maximum speed setting is 7000 RMP.

Usually, only professional dog groomers use this high of a speed.

But, with this clipper, you can really get the job done quickly, safely and easily using your own technique that best suits your dog.

The cordless clipper is excellent and allows you to move freely while trying to get to the hard to reach places.

An added benefit of this clipper is the LED Screen which makes it easy to use.

You will clearly see the amount of power you have left on the battery, a reminder of when to clean the blade, and the speed it is running when in use.

This clipper kit is essential for pet parents who are confident in their grooming skills.

It’s best to start out at a slower speed and then work your way up to the higher speed.

Overall these clippers are easy to use, provide high-speed grooming, and provide good results every time you groom your dog.

4. WAHL Lithium Ion

WAHL Lithium Ion

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  • 2 Hour Run Time - Allows for multiple grooming sessions with your pet before needing a recharge; wireless operation provides exceptional power & doesn't sacrifice on power
  • Quick Charging – Equipped with 15 minute quick charge for instant power, 3-5-hours for a full charge; lithium-ion battery holds charge for up to a year without any memory issues. Powerful, quiet motor
  • Self-Sharpening Precision Blades – Provide snag-free cutting, our high-carbon blades remain sharp for smooth grooming that creates a pleasant experience for your pet; Pro quality at home means less trips to the professional dog groomer
  • Add to Cart - Easy, cost-effective dog grooming at home. Low-noise for stress free grooming. Handles all fur up to double coats for large breeds and small dogs. Save time and money doing it yourself.
  • Made in the USA - Our clippers are made from domestic & imported parts; Wahl pet Grooming kits are the brand of choice for those who seek high-quality, long-lasting pet grooming electric clipping & trimming machines

Does your Labradoodle get nervous when he or she hears the sounds of the dog hair clippers?

Many pet parents reveal the most stressful time their dog goes through is the sound of the clippers during a grooming session.

As a pet parent to an adorable Labradoodle, you definitely want to provide at-home grooming sessions as well as a comfortable and safe environment.

These low noise clippers help keep your dog calm while you carefully groom their coat.

Even if you visit the groomers on a regular basis, these clippers come in handy for touch-ups in-between visits.

If you prefer to groom your Labradoodle yourself, these clippers are made to withstand the thickest double coat.

This quiet clipper is an answer to your worries when you have a dog that is sensitive to noise.

This clipper kit is durable, dependable, and long-lasting.

The rechargeable battery provides a two-hour running time to give you plenty of time to get the job done safely, quickly, and easily.

If you have ever experienced grooming a nervous dog that shakes and jumps at every sound, you will be happy to learn these clippers will keep your dog at ease.

They really make a difference as well as provide excellent results.

In addition to the quiet clippers, the kit comes with a variety of combs and a great pair of scissors to trim any out of place hairs.

Overall these clippers are safe, quiet, and easy to use for the beginner or experienced groomer.

Bottom Line

Your Labradoodle is an important part of your family and deserves the best grooming possible.

The best dog hair clippers for Labradoodles shown above are safe, easy to use, and provide excellent quality grooming for your dog.

Since Labradoodles have a double coat they don’t shed a lot, but they do need regular grooming.

The combs in the kits are helpful with removing the undercoat and using it as a guide to snip and trim out of place hairs.

Chose the right clippers based on your comfort level with speed and attachments.

Your Labradoodle will surely be the best groomed in the neighborhood.

Dr Sarah Robinson attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University receiving a D.V.M. in 2008. Sarah’s longtime interest is to help people to better communicate with their pet companions, and in doing so, to help them to strengthen their relationships with their dogs and cats. Sarah has published numerous articles on canine feeding in pet related magazines, veterinary journals and leading natural health web sites.

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