5 Best Dog Brushes for Golden Retrievers in [2021]

Golden Retrievers are a unique grooming problem in that they have a long, silky topcoat and a fine, yet thick, undercoat. This can present quite a grooming challenge for owners.

Most owners find that multiple types of brushes are needed to get a full finish although most are concerned primarily with the undercoat, especially during major shedding seasons.

Finding the best dog brush for your Golden Retriever can be difficult. There are hundreds of undercoat rakes and de-shedding brushes on the market and to review all of them is beyond the scope of this article.

This article discusses 5 of best dog brushes for Golden Retrievers and their owners on Amazon and other online retailer sites. Most of these brushes are under $20 and have a money-back guarantee, making them somewhat risk-free.

Best Dog Brush for Golden Retrievers

Last updated on 22 July 2021 8:04

1. FURminator

The FURminator is designed for actively shedding dogs. The tool features straight bristles on one side and bent bristles on the others to remove loose undercoat and an ergonomically designed handle for user comfort. Like most of the other tools in this review, the tool is marketed toward decreasing shedding and dander.

The company claims in the description that the brush is veterinarian-approved, but does not elaborate on the context.


  •  Lifetime Guarantee
  •  Ergonomic Handle
  •  Anti-microbial plastic


  • Requires multiple passes to remove all of the loose hair.
  • Bristles may be too small for undercoat.

This tool is good for dogs with actively shedding undercoats and would be ideal during those seasons when your Golden Retriever is blowing his coat.

The comb has good coverage for a larger dog. This tool also includes a fur release button to make grooming time quicker and less labor-intensive.

FURminator offers a lifetime guarantee with an immediate replacement or refund if the brush ever breaks.

2. Oster Dog Rake

Oster Dog Rake

as of 22 July 2021 8:04

Oster’s dog rake is a simply designed, yet effective tool to remove loose hair and tangles from long-haired dogs.

The teeth are rounded to avoid pain or damage to your dog’s skin while grooming, with sharpened inner edges to help cut through mats and knots.

Most importantly, Oster claims they will refund your money or replace the product if you are unhappy with your purchase. The brush is made of stainless steel, which the company claims is rust-resistant and easy to clean.


  • Rounded teeth to prevent skin irritation
  • Wider grooming blade for medium to large-breed dogs
  • Money back or replacement guarantee


  • Most effective only when the pet is actively shedding
  • Few negative reviews talked about the brush pulling their dog’s hair
  • Higher priced than similar brushes

This product has excellent customer reviews and is well priced on Amazon. The majority of reviews for golden retrievers are over 4 stars with most owners admitting that this brush works best when their dog is actively shedding.

The brush is designed for medium to large dogs making it a good size for grooming a Golden Retriever. With the money-back guarantee, the Oster’s dog rake is a risk-free purchase.

3. DakPets


as of 22 July 2021 8:04

The DakPets FURblaster claims to reduce shedding in adult dogs by up to 95%. The FURblaster is designed to remove loose, dead undercoat and simultaneous trim healthy, non-loose undercoat.

The brush does not damage the topcoat and it comes in three different colors with a money-back guarantee. The FURblaster has a non-slip handle and comes with a cover to protect the cutting blade.

Unlike other similar brushes, this one does not have a mechanism to release hair that it removes. The blade is easily removable, however, allowing easy cleaning and replacement. The manufacturer claims the brush is suitable for single and double coats and will not damage the topcoat.


  • Lower cost
  •  Non-slip rubber handle
  • Combs are removable and can be replaced when the blade is no longer sharp.
  • 4-inch wide blade covers a larger span of coat.


  • Removing hair from comb can be labor-intensive – no hair release mechanism.
  • Short bristles allow hair to fly everywhere
  • Several complaints of a lightweight construction that may not be durable.

Overall, the reviews of this product were good, especially for the price point. The company does offer a risk-free money-back guarantee.

Overall users were happy with this brush with most citing the lack of a fur release button as their major complaint. The DakPets FURblaster has excellent reviews and is a best seller on Amazon.

4. GoPets Dematting


as of 22 July 2021 8:04

The GoPets Dematting Rake is double-sided to help with different problems in your dog’s coat. One side has a larger number of teeth to work as an undercoat rake while the side with few teeth is designed for mats and tangles.

The teeth are sharpened with rounded ends to reduce pulling of hairs and prevent injury to the dog’s skin. The comb head is only 2.25 inches wide.

A gel-filled handle is great for conforming to your grip and make a more comfortable grooming experience.

The company offers a replacement brush or refund if you are not satisfied and they also donate a portion of their profits to animal charities.


  •  Specially designed rounded end teeth do not scratch pet’s skin.
  • One side removes loose undercoat and dander, one side de-mats and detangles
  • Ergonomic, gel-filled handle for user comfort


  • Rake head is not replaceable
  • Narrower width means more passes for larger dogs
  • Blades may not be sharp enough for thick mats

This de-matting rake is a versatile tool for a Golden Retriever during the shedding season to get out heavy clumps of undercoat and light mats.

The rounded ends of the blades make a more comfortable experience for the skin while the sharp edges of the blades help cut through tangles without pulling hair out of the skin and causing pain to your dog.

With excellent customer reviews, the most common complaint was that the gel leaked if the handle cover was punctured and that the blades were not sharp enough to cut through thick mats without pulling.

Like the other tools, the GoPets Dematting Rake comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

5. Andis


as of 22 July 2021 8:04

The Andis Premium Pin Brush is a traditional pin brush for removing tangles and dirt. While this brush is not very useful for a heavily shedding Golden Retriever, it bears mention as an addition to the grooming arsenal for its finishing qualities.

The brush is designed more to work on your Golden Retriever’s topcoat and is best as a finishing brush or a maintenance brush during periods of low shedding. Coated pins are designed to provide comfort to your dog’s skin during grooming.

The brush is adequately sized for larger breed dogs and has a soft-grip ergonomic handle for user comfort and has glowing reviews on Amazon.


  • Coated pins do not scratch the pet’s skin.
  • Removes dirt and tangles from the topcoat
  • Ergonomic soft handle for user comfort


  • Doesn’t work for undercoat especially during heavy shedding
  • No warranty from the manufacturer
  • Cannot be your only brush

The Andis premium pin brush is an excellent addition to your grooming arsenal for giving your Golden Retriever a smooth, shiny topcoat. Although it cannot be the only brush to keep your Golden’s coat healthy; at a very low price and with glowing reviews, it is a low-risk purchase despite having no warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer.

Bottom Line

As stated previously, there are hundreds of undercoat and de-shedding brushes on the market and many of them are very similar in quality and features. Finding the best dog brush for your Golden Retriever requires a little bit of research.

Speaking with your veterinarian or groomer may provide insight into the best style or manufacturer of brushes for your Golden Retriever’s individual needs. When shopping online, a good rule of thumb is to read what other people with Golden Retrievers think about a brush and how easy it is to communicate with the manufacturer in the event of a problem.

Reading online reviews on breed-specific sites and retail sites can provide a lot of information on both the performance of the grooming tool and the manufacturer’s behavior for returns and refunds.

Keep in mind, your dog may require different brushes for different seasons and states of shedding. Ultimately, there is no one best golden retriever brush. The choice of the brush comes down to what feels comfortable to both you and your dog and performs to your satisfaction.

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