Top 5 Best Dog Crates for Mastiff [2021]

The Mastiff dog breed ancestors, the Molossus, date back 5,000 years.

Back then the breed was known as a strong dog created to fight wars but today the Mastiff is best known as an excellent companion and family dog.

An adult Mastiff can grow up to 2 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds.

If you have welcomed a Mastiff into your family, chances are you are looking for the best dog crates for Mastiff dogs.

Top 5 Best Dog Crates for Mastiff

Last updated on 5 October 2021 23:44

Remember your dog needs to be able to stand up and move around. Even if your dog is a puppy right now, it’s never too soon to prepare for the future by providing your dog with the ultimate dog crate that will keep him or her comfortable and safe throughout their lifetime.

Before you begin your hunt consider the best of the best dog crates for Mastiffs shown below.

1. MidWest Homes

This huge dog crate measures 54L x 37W x 45H.

It is designed and created to keep your Mastiff safe and comfortable with plenty of room to spare.

Features include leak-proof pan, L-Bar safety feature, three heavy-duty secure slide-bolt latches on the door, and protective E-coat finish to prevent rust.

This large crate is easy to assemble but needs two people to put it together.

It is built with heavy-duty metal that is strong enough to sustain escape attempts.

The L-Bar located on the top panel of the crate gives you a sense of peace knowing the side panels won’t bend inward.

Mastiff dogs are large and heavy, this crate provides plenty of room for your dog to move around, stand up and add toys, blankets plus food and water bowls.

The double doors are a great asset.

If your dog doesn’t like to go into his crate, the double doors come in handy.

The added extra room to enter the crate makes him feel more comfortable compared to trying to squeeze through one door.

The crate is also easy to lock quickly before your dog tries to push the door open to escape.

The leak-proof pan is easy to clean and keeps anything, including drool from spilling over onto the floor.

Overall, this dog crate for Mastiffs is durable, strong, has plenty of room, double doors, easy to assemble and clean, plus provides safety and strong locks.

If you are looking for a dog crate for a large adult Mastiff, this is an excellent choice.

2. Guardian Gear Crate

Guardian Gear

as of 5 October 2021 23:44

You might think it’s difficult to find a large enough crate for your Mastiff, but this one will surpass your expectations.

This colorful crate measures 48” L x 30” W x 32” H.

It features a removable floor tray, divider panel, vibrant color, and close wire spacing.

It is durable and strong enough to keep your Mastiff comfortable without making him feel trapped.

There’s room enough for him to move around and still have room for food and water bowls, toys and blankets.

The removable tray is easy to deal with and clean.

If you like to travel with your Mastiff, this crate is an excellent option since it folds up into a convenient suitcase-style.

The vibrant color options such as blue splash, lime twist, and pink punch add an extra something to your home décor.

The extra-large crate is perfect for an adult Mastiff.

Just be sure to measure your dog’s height to the shoulders and chest to the leg to figure out the length.

Those who travel with their mastiff know it’s quite challenging when it comes to crates.

This easy to assemble and disassemble model makes traveling effortless.

If your Mastiff is famous for his attempts to escape from his crate, he will definitely be challenged with this strong crate.

It’s durable enough to withstand the most persistent canine escape artist.

The large door makes it easy for your dog to enter and exit comfortably.

In addition, the door makes it easy to place food and water bowls.

3. Proselect Easy

Proselect Easy

as of 5 October 2021 23:44

Are you having a difficult time finding the perfect crate for your Mastiff?

As pet parents, we often struggle to find the right size crate for our extra-large dog.

This crate is an excellent option, especially if your dog likes a bit of extra room.

The crate measures 48” L x 30” W x 33” H.

It features a dual latching door, removable divider panel, and easy to clean floor tray.

Your Mastiff will have room enough to move around comfortably as well as snuggle with his favorite blanket and toy.

The large door makes it easy to place and remove food and water dishes without accidentally spilling.

As an owner of a Mastiff, you know how messy they can get.

Sometimes their drool alone can be quite a nuisance.

The easy to remove and clean tray makes things easy for you to manage.

Your dog is large and strong.

Most Mastiffs are capable of escaping poor quality crates within minutes.

This crate will stand the test of time due to its durability and a dual latching door.

It definitely keeps your dog safe as well as comfortable.

If you enjoy traveling with your dog but avoid it due to the hassle of dealing with a large heavy crate, this one is the answer you have been waiting for.

It folds easily into the perfect shape that allows you to store it or travel easily.

Overall this crate is durable, strong, has plenty of room, secures your dog and is easy to travel with and store.

4. Paws & Pals

Paws & Pals

as of 5 October 2021 23:44

Is your Mastiff destructive when it comes to furniture?

If you have experienced the wrath of a Mastiff that enjoys destroying furniture and crates, this crate is the answer to your troubles.

The crate measures 122 x 74 x 81cm and features, heavy-duty solid metal steel, split divider, multiple doors, and easy storage.

This heavy-duty dog crate model for Mastiffs will keep your dog secure and comfortable.

It has plenty of room to fit an adult Mastiff, food and water bowls, toys and a blanket or bed.

The design is versatile and very easy to set up.

You don’t even need any tools.

It’s easy to clean and the entire crate is washable.

Sometimes Mastiffs make a big mess that requires a good washing.

Taking it into the yard and hosing it down with soap and water is the best option for those large messes.

Overall the cage is strong enough to deter the largest Mastiff from escaping and destroying.

The two locks are strong enough to hold back multiple attempts to escape.

If your dog has bumped his head on other large crates, this one is an excellent option to avoid that from happening again.

It’s tall enough to allow your dog to stand on all four legs comfortably plus have the extra room from the top of his head to the top of the crate.

As soon as you receive and assemble the crate, a helpful tip is to place your dog’s favorite treat inside to help him feel comfortable right away.



as of 5 October 2021 23:44

Are you looking for a crate for your Mastiff puppy to grow into?

As a pet parent to a Mastiff, you know you need to provide a crate for him from the very beginning.

Leaving a Mastiff home alone to roam around the house freely while are at work or away from home for a few hours could be destructive.

Your Mastiff puppy is going to grow quickly, that’s why it’s important to choose a large crate from the beginning.

It provides plenty of room for comfort as well as security.

This stylish crate adds to your home décor while it keeps your dog secure and comfortable.

The crate measures 42” L x 30” W x 39” H.

It features a heavy-duty steel frame, three doors, easy to assemble, four wheels, and easy to clean plastic tray.

The crate is designed to be long-lasting as your puppy grows into an adult.

As soon as you receive the crate you will notice it has corrosion-resistant steel and is easy to put together.

The four wheels make it easy to move and lock to stay in place.

The three-door design is an added benefit to this already outstanding crate.

The top door makes it easy to place food and water bowls, the front door is large enough for your dog to easily enter and exit and the small front door is also an easy place to place and remove bowls.

Overall this dog crate for Mastiffs is strong, stylish, easy to assemble, easy to feed your dog, and comfortable.

Bottom Line

As you can see the crates shown above are the best dog crates for Mastiffs.

They are large with plenty of room, which is often hard to find when it comes to Mastiffs.

They have room to fit comfortably and feel secure.

The crates are also excellent choices if your Mastiff frequently escapes his current crate.

The heavy-duty steel on these crates and dual locks deter dogs from escaping, even if they attempt it for a few hours.

Some of the models are travel-friendly which is important for pet parents that enjoy road trips with their dog.

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