Top 5 Best Dog Crates for Boxers

In the past Boxers were known for their ability to be a working dog.

But in today’s world, they are more commonly known as a family pet that is affectionate, high energy and easy to groom.

As an adult, a Boxer can stand 1 foot to 2 feet tall and weigh up to 70 pounds.

They are a wonderful part of the family and deserve their own special place to call home.

Since dogs are den animals it makes sense that they have their own safe place.

5 Best Dog Crates for Boxers

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This makes pet parents search for the best dog crates for Boxers until they find the right one for their dog.

You definitely want to find a crate that provides your dog with comfort and safety plus plenty of room for them to stand and turn around.

1. ProSelect Empire

Your Boxer will have plenty of room to relax in this large 20-gauge steel dog crate.

It is considered the best dog crate for a boxer due to its numerous features which include 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes, grated floor, easy to clean try, and strong latches.

The medium size crate measures 35.75” X 23.5” X 24.5”.

If your dog requires extra room, there is also a larger sized crate available.

Cleaning this crate is easy since you can remove the tray and hose down the entire crate outside from top to bottom.

The crate comes with four wheels that are very convenient when you need to move the crate from room to room or from outdoors to indoors.

An added bonus is if your dog likes to jump or move around a lot while inside the dog crate you can remove the four wheels from the bottom of the crate to provide more stability.

This crate is designed to withstand the most clever and strong dog when he tries to escape.

The strong thick steel construction and durable latches will stand up to any dog who tries to escape.

Overall this dog crate is strong, durable, prevents your dog from escaping, has plenty of room, provides a safe place for your dog while you are away from home, easy to clean, and is excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

If you are looking for a strong crate for your Boxer, this is definitely the one you have been searching for.

2. Paws & Pals

Paws & Pals

4 new from $94.98
as of 15 October 2021 6:19

Your Boxer is full of energy and usually can’t be trusted to stay home alone roaming free through the house.

You need a dog crate that is spacious and comfortable for your dog.

This crate features a versatile design, it’s easy to assemble, easy to store, made from heavy-duty solid steel and easy to clean.

It measures 42”L X 27”W X 30”H. It comes with a split divider, versatile carry handle and multiple doors.

Once you receive this dog crate it is truly easy to put together, you don’t even need any tools.

The tray is easy to remove and clean when needed. You can simply take it in the back yard and hose it down with some water and soap and within minutes it’s clean.

The two-door options are great for when you need to put food or water bowls inside the crate.

You can also fit a soft blanket and a few of your dog’s favorite toys in the crate so he or she feels comfortable and safe.

The crate is easy to move due to the convenient handle located on top of the crate.

It folds and stores easily plus it’s easy to travel with on road trips.

The double latches keep your dog safe and secure inside.

If your dog likes to attempt to escape from the crate the dual latches are strong enough to deter even the most brilliant canine escape artists.

Overall this crate is large enough for an adult Boxer to fit comfortably.



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Your clever Boxer might be the best escape artist when it comes to dog crates, but this crate will win every time.

This heavy-duty crate features strong durable bars, three doors, and a corrosion-resistant steel frame.

It measures 42”L X 30”W X 39”H.

It has a plastic tray that is easy to remove and replace.

You can simply take the tray in the backyard and hose it down with soap and water to disinfect it.

The steel frame resists your dog’s attempts at escaping and the top door makes it easy to put food and water bowls in the crate.

The large door in the front of the crate is large enough so your Boxer can enter and exit the crate with ease.

The small side door is also good for placing food dishes, toys and blankets in the crate with your dog.

This crate is easy to assemble, it only needs four screws and it is ready.

It comes with four wheels that are easy to attach.

The strong locks are helpful when your dog tries to push his or her way out of the crate when you aren’t home.

The wheels make it easy to move from room to room.

The rust-resistant steel frame is great for when your dog is in the crate outdoors.

Overall this dog crate is excellent for adult size Boxers.

It provides you with peace of mind knowing your dog is safe while you are at work and away from home.

4. Haige Pet

Haige Pet

as of 15 October 2021 6:19

Does your Boxer like to stand up in his or her crate?

If they do, this crate is an excellent choice.

It features heavy-duty steel wire metal tubes, double latches, front door design, rust-resistant, and steel tray for easy cleanup.

This strong durable dog crate for Boxers will accommodate your dog in comfort, even if he or she wants to stand up all day.

But if they would like to rest there is also plenty of floor space to rest and stretch out.

The double latches provide extra security, so your dog can’t escape.

This crate is easy to assemble, it arrives mostly intact and there are just a few steps you need to do to finish the crate, but they are very easy steps.

The instructions even include pictures so it’s easy to follow.

The top door is great for placing food and water dishes in the crate easily.

The front door is large, so your dog can easily enter and exit the crate.

If you like your dog to get some fresh air outside while in his or her crate, this one is rust-resistant.

Most importantly it’s chew-resistant for those dogs that like to chew their way out of their crate.

The steel tray is easy to remove and replace as well as clean.

Overall this is the best crate for a Boxer because of the spacious accommodations allowing them to stand, secure latches to keep them from escaping and strong metal design.

5. SMONTER 38″


as of 15 October 2021 6:19

This dog crate is an excellent choice for a beginner pet parent.

If you are not familiar with dog crates but have a very strong and clever Boxer at home, this crate will keep your dog safe and comfortable.

It measures 38”L X 26”W X 34”H and features a heavy-duty steel frame, front door, and top door access, plastic tray, and is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Boxers are very clever and energetic, they need a crate that will provide them with plenty of room as well as safety, so they can’t escape.

This crate’s heavy-duty steel frame is strong enough to deter the most-clever Boxer from escaping.

An added benefit is the convenient wheels that make it easy to move the crate from one point to another.

You can also remove the wheels to provide your dog with a more stable structure.

This is an excellent tip if your dog is energetic and likes to move around a lot.

The top door located on the top of the crate makes it easy for you to place the food and water bowls inside without spilling.

The large front door lets your dog enter and exit comfortably.

If you like to let your dog have some fresh air outdoors while in their crate, this one won’t rust.

Once you receive the crate it is easy to assemble and requires only four screws and wheels to complete.

Overall this crate is excellent because it provides stability, prevents your dog from escaping, and is easy to clean.

Bottom Line

Your adorable Boxer is smart and strong, especially when they are trying to escape their crate.

If this sounds like something your dog does choose the heavy-duty steel dog crates shown above.

They will help you have peace of mind when you are away from home.

All of the crates shown above are good for outdoor or indoor use.

However, it’s best not to leave your dog out in the rain, even though the crates are rust-resistant.

Overall these are the best dog crates for a Boxer because they provide safety, plenty of room, and are built to last.

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