5 Best Dog Toys for Corgis [2021]

Corgis are one of the cutest and happiest breeds, whether it‘s their cute short legs, their friendly persona or the fact that they always want to play, having a Corgi around is like having a personal happy-maker.

Watching them play and have fun can bring so much joy to a Corgi owner, and buying the best Corgi dog toys can help to ensure your own short-legged friend has as much fun as they possibly can.

There are so many toys available on the market today, from squeaky toys to tug ropes – so to make things a little simpler for you, and to save you from hours of research — which, let’s face it – can feel more like work — we’re going to run through some of our personal favorites.

But before we get down to it, here are a few handy tips to consider before buying that next toy.

  • Get a toy that is the right size for your Corgi.
  • Make sure the toys are not made from toxic materials.
  • Buy a vet-recommended toy.

5 Best Dog Toys For Corgis

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Who says you can‘t play with your food? Made from all-natural rubber, the Kong Extreme is designed to satisfy your Corgi’s instinctual needs of playing and offers enrichment for their health, at the same time.

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof – YES
  • Material – All-natural rubber
  • Weight – 195 grams
  • Why It’s Recommended- If your dog happens to be an aggressive chewer, King Extreme could be the perfect toy.

The all-natural, ultra-durable design targets determined chewers, while the bounce satisfies your four-legged friends need to play.

If you want to extend playtime, stuff the Kong Extreme with small amounts of kibbles and peanut butter. Add more fun to playing by adding Kong snacks and Kong easy treats.


  • You can stuff the Kong Extreme with your dog’s favorite snacks and kibbles.
  • It can be used for a fetch game due to its bouncing features.
  • Kong Extreme is a nearly indestructible toy and even the strongest jaws will find it hard to destroy.
  • It offers mental stimulation, thus reducing stress and boredom.
  • You can extend playtime by adding in Kong treats.
  • It helps clean your pooches teeth and soothes the gums.
  • Recommended by vets, dog trainers, and other dog lovers.
  • Available in all sizes; S, M, L, XL, and XXL.


  • Requires supervision.
  • Buying the wrong size of Kong Extreme for your Corgi could mean easy destruction.
  • It can be hard to clean the inside.
  • Not suitable for overweight dogs and dogs with health problems.
  • Some dogs can chew through the Kong rubber.

With time, your Corgi will become a whiz at solving problems when goaded to remove treats from the Kong Expert, so you can make things a little harder for him by stuffing larger treats and sealing the opening with peanut butter!

2. Benebone Wishbone

Benebone Wishbone

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Corgis, like most dogs, have a strong sense of smell. Benebone Wishbone flavored with bacon is in the shape of a real bone to keep your pooch interested.

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof – YES
  • Material – Nylon
  • Weight – 168 grams
  • Why It’s Recommended- Available in multiple flavors

The product is available in different sizes to suit your canine’s size. Small products are for dogs less than 30lbs, medium products are for dogs less than 60lbs and large products are for dogs less than 90lbs.

Something rather notable about this chew: Benebone should be enjoyed and not eaten, therefore, if pieces larger than a rice grain begin to break, you should take the toy away from your Corgi to avoid ingestion. If you really want to intervene, Benebone can be smoothed with a wood file or strong sandpaper.


  • Made of strong nylon to ensure it lasts longer.
  • Made of 100% bacon for irresistible flavor and scents.
  • It does not contain added artificial flavors.
  • A patented ergonomic design with a wishbone shape ensures a satisfying chew
  • Recommended for aggressive chewers.
  • Designed with deep grooves that enable the wishbone to be easily positioned for comfortable chewing.
  • Through buying the Benebone Wishbone Chew you are also supporting Benebone Shelter which is an Animal Support Organisation.
  • Suitable for dogs less than 70 pounds.


  • Chewing should be supervised as the Wishbone is not edible.
  • It may cause allergic reactions to humans or animals allergic to nylon, peanuts or pork.
  • Benebone can be rough and sharp and can irritate your dog’s gums.
  • It can damage teeth as they are hard.
  • Not recommended for dogs heavier than 100 pounds.

And did you know, through purchasing the Benebone Wishbone, you will be supporting animal welfare nationwide?!

3. Goughnuts


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Made of natural rubber using engineered-carbon reinforcement, the Goughnuts Ring is designed to bounce, fall, and float. However, although you might think it‘s dangerous to have around the house, the Goughnuts Ring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor games.

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof – YES
  • Material – Polymer
  • Weight – 181 grams
  • Why It’s Recommended- Goughnuts Ring toys are guaranteed indestructible.

It is designed with inner and outer layers for safety reasons, hard to chew through, if your Corgi has super-dog strength, and chews down to the red layer, you will need to replace your toy. Fortunately, Goughnuts guarantees the replacement!


  • It is durable due to the use of engineered carbon reinforcement.
  • Suitable for fetching games both in water and on land.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for the most aggressive chewer.
  • The two layers will enable you to know when to replace the toys.
  • Great at relieving discomfort for your teething pup.
  • Goughnuts ring will replace your toy if your short-legged monster manages to chew through and expose the red layer.
  • If your Corgi is a strong swimmer, then you can play fetch in the water thanks to the floating properties of the Goughnut Ring.


  • Requires a replacement after prolonged use.
  • Needs supervision for when your dog is playing with the Goughnut Ring.
  • It is slightly expensive compared to other dog toys in the market
  • Larger dogs’ jaws can get stuck in the middle of the ring.
  • It has a strong smell initially which can repel some dogs.

Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs, the Ring Dog Toy is available in multiple colors including yellow, orange, black, and green.

4. PlayfulSpirit


as of 11 October 2021 21:29

Once your Corgi starts teething, he will likely chew anything in the house from shoes, furniture, and even your phone to try and relieve the pain and discomfort. Save yourself from the extra expenses of replacing many of your possessions by buying your pup a Playful Spirit!

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof – YES
  • Material – Non-Toxic, Semi-Hard rubber.
  • Weight – 100 grams
  • Why It’s Recommended- Great for teething youngsters.

It is a spherical ball made of rubber with round bumps all over it, this toy is the perfect addition to your furry friend’s toy chest, and makes for a more exciting fetching experience.

The Bumpy Bouncy Rubber ball will enable puppies to explore their environment with their mouth, but don’t think that means this is only for pups. Adult Corgis using this toy will see great benefits including a strengthened jaw, cleaner teeth, and stress relief ideal to help with separation anxiety.

Creative playtime caused by the bouncy nature of the ball will increase the emotional bond between you and your four-legged friend.


  • This is suitable for your teething pup as it is made of flexible rubber.
  • Made of safe and non-toxic materials.
  • The round bumps make the ball create unpredictable bouncing making playing more interesting and creative.
  • Suitable for playing catch and fetch to fulfill your canine’s natural urge to chase, catch and grab.
  • Makes training more fun as your Corgi can learn simple commands.


  • It could be less bouncy than other similar products.
  • Power chewers playing with this product should be supervised as they can easily destroy it.
  • Suitable for only small to medium-sized dogs
  • Some dogs are not interested in this type of toy.

The Bumpy Bouncy raises your dog’s intelligence and creates a happy spirit, meaning a less destructive and happy dog.

5. Nerf Dog

Nerf Dog

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Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster gives you a really fun experience when playing with your Corgi, in fact, you won‘t know who‘s having more fun!

Key Specifications

  • Waterproof – YES
  • Material – Plastic
  • Weight – 1.2 kgs
  • Why It’s Recommended- The most fun toy for a highly energetic dog

It has a blaster that can shoot a tennis ball up to 50 ft away! No more picking up slippery balls or getting mud in your hands when you get this blaster.

It is easy to use and a great way to play fetch with one, or multiple dogs. It comes with four tennis balls but is compatible with a regular tennis ball.


  • You don’t need to use your hands to pick up the ball from your slobbery dog.
  • You can use a regular tennis ball to play when all the other four balls that come with it are out of reach.
  • It is designed for comfort and is safe for your hands as there are no exposed moving parts.
  • Easy to operate, just pull back the handle, load the ball and shoot.
  • Easy to adjust the distance of your shots and adapt to new environments.
  • Great for catch and fetch games.
  • It has a comfortable design for your hands.
  • Nerf sells replacements balls.


  • The balls that come with it can be flimsy.
  • The trigger can be hard to operate.
  • The rubber band mechanism can snap if you use excessive force.
  • Some dogs may not be comfortable with the noise produced by the blaster
  • When the Nerf Dog Blaster is new, the firing pin and the trigger can feel sticky.

The firing pin is designed with a safety release. It is advised to use the Nerf Dog every day — which we all know your dog won‘t complain about — to prevent the mechanism from becoming sticky.

Bottom Line

Before you pick one toy from our above selection to buy for your butt-wiggling Corgi, you need to consider which toy is most suitable for the personality of your dog.

But, for us, there is a clear winner: the Benebone Bacon-Flavoured Wishbone.

This is because once you purchase a Benebone Wishbone Chew toy, you are giving back to doggie society as a percentage of their sales go to support animal welfare, including dog shelters and rescue centers.

They are designed in wishbone shapes to enable the dog to grab it well and enjoy a good bite while cleaning its teeth in the process. They have great flavors, irresistible to any dog, and come in different sizes catering to both smaller and larger dogs. The Benebone chew toy is particularly recommended for energetic, vivacious dogs, of which the Corgi certainly is.

Either way, we hope that this guide of the best dog toys can help you narrow down your selection to choosing the next best toy for your Corgi pup!

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