5 Best Clippers for Poodles in [2021]

Why do you love your poodle so?

When you’ve fallen under the spell of these intelligent, agile, and endearing dogs, you want to keep them looking their best.

This means regular, 6-weekly trips to the parlor, which can be costly.

Or you can save yourself money by clipping the dog at home.

A top tip for doing this is to invest in the best dog clippers for poodles you can afford and look on them as an investment against the cost of future salon trips.

5 Best Clippers for Poodles

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Poodles are riding high on the crest of a wave of popularity as a result of their character, companionship, and cute looks.

With the appeal of a living teddy bear, another reason they are so appealing is that they are low shedding…which means a reduced risk of allergy for dog lovers who react to pet dander.

Of course, there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog, but that’s a different story!

When choosing the best poodle clippers you need to think carefully about exactly what job you need the clippers to do.

Consider factors such as how often you’ll use the clippers, the size of your dog, the areas you need to clip, how sound-sensitive your dog is, and whether cordless clippers would be easier for you to use.

For example, if you just want to trim the fur from between your poodle’s toes, then a clipper with a small clipper head is ideal.

As you aren’t clipping the whole dog, then having a mains operated clipper isn’t essential as a cordless clipper will hold the charge for long enough.

Not having a mains cord dragging behind the clipper makes them easier to maneuver and the job quicker.

However, if you need the best clippers for a Standard poodle, this is a different ball game.

A big dog takes a lot of clipping, which has a number of implications.

If you want to go cordless, then be prepared to invest in a top of the range clipper capable of holding a charge for a long time.

Also, carefully consider the grooming style you’re after, since you may need a set that combines a different depth of clipper head to achieve the look you’re after.

So what at first sight appears a straightforward choice actually needs careful consideration so that you spend wisely and are delighted with the results.

1. Wahl ARCO

If you want to keep the mess of hair outside, then using a cordless clipper could be the answer.

Also, rechargeable cordless clippers are also easier to manipulate as you don’t have the weight of the electrical cable dragging back against you.

For the best dog grooming clippers for poodles that stand up to semi-professional use, you need to seriously consider these Wahl ARCO cordless clippers.

We found several professional groomers who regularly use these.

They report how the fast charge up time with spare batteries provided, means you need never be without power. (Each battery provides around 80 minutes of clipping time.)

This model is lightweight and particularly suitable for those whose hands start to cramp when holding a heavier clipper.

Other benefits include that it is quiet running and also low vibration – both of which are big plusses when dealing with anxious or skittish dogs.

We really like how this is a great kit, and a one-off purchase equips you with the ability to cut to five different lengths.

We consider the Wahl ARCO a real little treasure, that is suitable for all but the largest dogs (and even then it’s up to the job of a full-body clip if you have a spare battery on recharge.)

2. Andis


12 new from $118.99
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as of 5 October 2021 23:41

Let’s start with the best professional clippers for poodles.

Andis has been cutting, styling, and grooming hair (human as well as four-legged customers) for over 90 years, and has a wealth of experience when it comes to making top-notch clippers.

We’ve chosen this model because it’s sturdy enough to stand up to constant use, such as in the professional salon setting, whilst not being outrageously expensive.

Described by the manufacturer as being a heavy-duty, work-horse, these clippers have a cord, which means you can take your time and not get halfway through the clip only to have the power run out.

The blade can cope with a full-body clip for a large dog, plus it has two-speed settings for the flexibility to be bold and quick for heavily matted coats, or delicate and slow for carefully sculpted styles.

Poodle standing on back legs

Even when used for long periods of time the body and blade stay cool (some clippers are prone to overheating).

Plus an added bonus is that these are very quiet clippers, which helps gain the co-operation of nervous, easily spooked dogs.

The housing has a flatter, square design, which makes it easier to grip.

But if you did happen to drop the clippers, they are shatterproof and so shouldn’t end up in pieces on the floor.

Also, these Andis clippers come equipped with a size 10 blade, and to become equipped as a fully-fledged pet home groomer you will want to add other types of clipper blade as time goes by.

3. Andis EasyClip

Andis EasyClip

8 new from $219.95
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as of 5 October 2021 23:41

Before looking at our next clipper, we want you to indulge us for a short time.

Think about how often you get your poodle clipped. Is it once every six weeks, or every two to three months? Now ask yourself how much that clip costs.

Finally, tot up the total cost of grooming that dog alone for one year. Eye-opening isn’t it!

Forgive us, but what we wanted to do was put the initial purchase cost of this Andis product for poodles into proportion.

No, this product isn’t cheap, and yes, it is a considered purchase, but we also want to play devil’s advocate and ask if it’s a product you can afford to be without!

You see this Andis pro clipper is a little slice of grooming heaven.

These best pet clippers for poodles have some great features which allow non-professional groomers to really get to grips with the intricacies of grooming, but without the frustration.

It has features such as a variable speed.

In fact, this piece of equipment has not just two-speed settings, but five!

Use the lowest setting when trimming delicate areas, so you can be cautious and take your time, and use the faster setting when clipping large areas or want an ultra-smooth finish.

The ceramic blades stay sharp and cool for longer and set the gold standard for clipper blades throughout the grooming industry.

They have a reputation second to none when it comes to actually cut hair, rather than chewing it up or stuttering over the surface as happens with blades of lesser quality.

So if you’re serious about cutting your poodle’s coat yourself, then you need to give this Andis clipper serious consideration.

It’s also good to know the EasyClip comes with a one-year warranty.

So should you have problems within this time frame, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

4. Wahl Animal Touch

Wahl Animal Touch

2 new from $22.99
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as of 5 October 2021 23:41

A poodle clip can be tricky to achieve.

All those fancy finishes, from pompoms to balls, and that’s not to mention those fiddly little places such as between the toes or around private parts.

All of which means a pair of nimble trimmers with a narrow head comes in useful.

However, what’s even better is when you can get a clipper with a narrow blade PLUS a regular-sized dog clipper…for not very much money.

For this reason, we are particularly impressed with the Wahl Animal Touch for toy poodles and other dogs with delicate corners.

This purchase brings you not one, but two clippers.

Both are cordless for ease of handling and are described as trimmers – meaning they are ideal for cutting smaller areas of fur such as sculpting the perfect top-knot.

This also makes them great for precision trimming around eyes, lips, paws, and ears, which are all places that you may want to keep short for hygiene reasons.

However, do go into this purchase with reasonable expectations.

These clippers are not designed for a whole-body clip, but rather for trimming and shaping.

Bear in mind that they are battery-powered, and so may drain when clipping large areas of fur.

Another possible bug-bear is some dogs may find the Stylique noisy.

This said they do still have a place for clipping small sensitive areas and keeping things neat and tidy.



2 new from $33.99
Free shipping
as of 5 October 2021 23:41

Last but certainly not least, for the pet parent who wants to have it all, consider the ONEISALL Dog shaver.

Firstly the price! What! Seriously???

Yep, incredibly for pocket money prices, you get a cordless rechargeable clipper, power cord, clipper head, four guide cutting comb attachments, a metal comb, and two pairs of trimming scissors! Epic.

But this isn’t any old clipper that sounds like the outbreak of World War 3, no, these are quiet clippers that even the most skittish of dogs will feel comfortable with.

And that rechargeable battery holds enough charge for five hours of constant use, which in anybody’s book should be long enough to trim an average-sized poodle.

You need to look hard for a downside, and OK, some people found they needed a couple of passes over the coat to get a smooth finish… whilst others didn’t.

One thing to watch out for is hair clogging the blade, but this can happen to even the best clippers.

The best thing is to keep an old toothbrush handy and brush the teeth of the blade clean every few minutes.

Bottom Line

And finally, when seeking the best clippers for poodle grooming it’s helpful to think about what’s important to you in a clipper.

For example, if you have a Standard poodle then you need a product that will work well for long periods at a time without faltering or the battery going flat.

If you are a beginner and uncertain how your pet will react, then a top value product is less than the cost of a single session at the parlor…so what have you to lose?

For the more experienced hand, there are professional-grade clippers available for home use.

In fact, it’s highly likely your groomer is using one of the products listed here!

So don’t be bashful about saving money by grooming at home yourself.

Equipped with the best clippers for poodle hair there’s nothing to stop you from clipping like a pro…for a fraction of the price.

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