5 Best Dog Clippers for Pomeranians in [2021]

Strange but true: The diminutive Pomeranian dog is descended from roughy-toughy sled dogs.

Yes, indeed Pomeranians are actually pocket-rockets because they have the engine and drive of a much larger dog.

Another factor they inherited from their active ancestors is the gloriously thick coat.

To keep the coat in good order you need the right tools for the job, which means being in the know about the best clippers for Pomeranian dogs.

Best Dog Clippers for Pomeranians

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The Pomeranian has a double coat, which equips it to cope with extreme icy weather faced by their sled dog ancestors (not that we’d recommend you’re Pom being anything other than an indoor dog).

The unwary purchaser can select a product that doesn’t cope well with that fluffy undercoat, meaning the blades get choked with fur and the resulting clip looks choppy and amateurish.

That coat does take a deceptive amount of time to keep it in good order, which is why some pet parents opt to keep their dog’s coat trimmed in one of the attractive clips favored by the breed.

Teddy Bear Clip

The clips favored by Pom pet parents are the oh-so-cute teddy bear clip and the equally cute lion clip.

The teddy bear clip speaks for itself and shows off the Pomeranian’s sweet face to maximum advantage by with a clip that makes the dog bear an uncanny resemblance to the popular cuddly toy.

Something about those dark eyes and button nose definitely lends itself to this clip.

Lion Clip

Alternatively, the lion clip preserves the longer fur around the ruff and neck but goes for shorter fur over the body.

This gives the appearance of a lion’s mane and preserves some of the natural appearances of the dog.

Both clips are practical and a good way of minimizing time spent on coat care so that you can get out there with the dog and spend time having fun instead.

However, be aware it’s not a good idea to clip your Pomeranian right down to the skin.

It’s desirable to leave a short covering of fur to protect the skin from sun damage.

This also makes for better temperature control as the dog has a layer of fur to keep him cool in winter, whilst that same fur acts as insulation against the heat in summer.

1. Enjoy Pet

Enjoy Pet

as of 5 October 2021 23:41


  • High Capacity Battery: Built-in 2000mAh Li-battery. Lasts up to 7 hours of working on full charge. This beats other ordinary pet grooming clippers by 5x. Long and extended battery life guaranteed.
  • Powerful Motor with non-clogging technology: 3.7V, 15W motor power. Up to 9,000 revolutions per minute, providing amazing power without hassle of unclogging.
  • Sharp Blade: Compared to other teeth blades, our sharp blade is the best for hairy, thick or soft hair dogs, cats or rabbits.
  • Ultra-quiet Technology: 50-60 db. With noise absorption and silencer technology to reduce the friction between the blades, effectively reducing the noise.
  • Comb is included with every purchase to thank you for shopping with us. If there is any issue, just let us know and we will make a satisfied solution for you.

We selected these Enjoy Pet clippers as fantastic value for money and a great bargain basement price for the pet parent who isn’t sure whether home clipping is right for their Pomeranian.

To give you an idea of the ability of this neat set, the clipper takes three hours to charge up and will then give a whooping seven hours….yes, seven…of clipping time.

This clever unit comes with a titanium-ceramic cutting blade along with four guide combs.

The guide combs simply slot onto the clipper head and stop the blade from cutting the fur too short.

This is a super feature for the novice dog groomer, who is attempting not to cut the dog’s coat right down to the skin.

Again, we found the vast majority of pet parents had an entirely positive experience and were impressed by these clippers.

In the interests of balance sought out people who were less impressed, but we did have to look quite hard.

The commonest complaint was that they didn’t clip (not good!), and one owner had been supplied with a power cord that did not fit the item and was therefore unable to charge the clippers.

2. Andis Ultra Edge

Andis Ultra Edge

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  • Cool and quiet running , Volts - 120 V
  • Perfect for all coats and breeds.
  • Detachable blade design for ease of changing and cleaning.
  • Super two-speed rotary motor for performance that pros demand.
  • 14' heavy-duty cord for ease of movement around animals and equipment.

Covering the full range of price points we looked at clippers used by professional groomers and compared features in order to recommend the best.

We came up with these awesome Andis UltraEdge dog clippers, as used by professionals in parlors who spend all day every day grooming dogs.

The main features that separate these clippers from the rest of the pack are things such as the shatterproof housing, high power two-speed motor, and that the clipper doesn’t run hot even after hours of continual use.

Let’s take a closer look at those features.

Yes, this is a mains only device, but that’s because of the motor’s power and that it’s happy to keep going hour after hour without getting hot.

In return, the housing is shatterproof which means if an exuberant Pom knocks it out of your hand; it’s unlikely to smash to smithereens.

However, if you are into grooming, you will recover the cost by grooming your Pom at home, after what would have been as little as three or four trips to the grooming parlor.

As several owners commented, they wished they’d bought these clippers years ago as they cut so well.

Other major plus points are that they are a quiet clipper and therefore less likely to upset a sound-sensitive Pom.

However, again in the interest of balance, it has to be said that a few people did find the clippers got hot quickly.

Indeed, one professional groomer who has been using Andis products for years found this model got so hot it was burning her hand.

Fortunately, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.



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as of 5 October 2021 23:41


  • Built-in Li-ion Batttery. Rechargeable dog trimmer with built-in Li-ion battery is good for exceptional flexibility. It can also be used when charging so you don't have to worry that it will stop working and have half groomed dog.
  • Safe and Sharp Blade. Upgrade stainless steel fixed blade and ceramic moving blade can provide excellent cutting performance. The blade sharp enough for a long time using. Detachable blades,easy to change and clean.
  • Low vibration and ultra quiet design.The noise when working is only about 50 db, to help the pet feel at ease, not afraid cut hair any more.
  • 6 guard combs(3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm). The adjustable clipping comb is applicable for clipping hair of different lengths; and the detachable guide combs make for quick, easy comb changes and increased versatility.
  • Please Note: if your pets get long and thick hair, you need to use scissors cut shorter at first, otherwise the clippers may jam up and don't work properly.

Another pair of cordless clippers, these meet our basic requirement of holding a charge during use for around five hours (Be aware, many similar clippers have far shorter battery life.)

What made these Oneisall clippers stand out for us is that the motor is made using German engineering and designed to be powerful and yet quiet.

The importance of quiet clippers will be all too familiar for owners of dogs who are spooked by clippers.

Indeed, the average clipper can rack up a fair few decibels and for a dog with sensitive hearing, with the equivalent of a swarm of bees (noise-wise) descending on their head, this can be an all too frightening experience.

As for the cutting capacity, the blades are a combination of ceramic material and stainless steel, which again makes for a quieter cut than with traditional stainless steel blades.

And the power of the motor allows it to cut through thick fur like a hot knife through soft butter.

For users of the Oneisall, the most popular feature is how quietly the clippers run.

Owners of anxious dogs that disliked clippers found these were quiet enough not to spook their pet and some even managed to use them on flighty cats.

Of course, it helps that the blades also cut well and seem to power through even thick fur.

On the minus side, some pet parents did find it a little tricky to align the guide combs with the cutting blade, and it made for a lot of fiddling around each time the guide comb needed changing.

4. Wahl Deluxe

Wahl Deluxe

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as of 5 October 2021 23:41


  • The Deluxe U-Clip pet clipper and grooming kit is ideal to clip, trim, and groom fine to medium animal hair and fur for dogs, cats, and other pets.
  • Ideal for Yorkies, Cavaliers, Shih Tzus, Spaniels, Maltese, and other medium-duty pet fur clipping, trimming, and grooming of paws, face, ears, touch-ups, and light-body clipping.
  • Powerful speeds up to 7, 200 strokes per minute make clipping quick and easy; this clipper provides substantial power and speed without producing additional heat or noise.
  • This 16-piece kit offers a standard adjustable #30-15-10 blade (Wahl #1037-400) and includes all the tools needed to clip, trim, and groom your pet.
  • Measures 6. 5 by 2 inches and weighs 1 pound. The Clipper and blade are made in the USA of domestic and imported parts.

And last but not least we sniffed out a bargain with this funky colorful clipper kit by grooming supremo’s Wahl.

If the name is familiar, Wahl makes a lot of high-end clippers used by professionals, and so we were rather pleased with ourselves for digging up this set.

With this great value clipper kit, you get a piece of equipment that comes with the backing of Wahl, who is a highly respected manufacturer who knows a thing or two about how to make dog clippers.

Of special interest to the Pomeranian owner, are the seven guide combs which again make for a super smooth clip but without cutting to tight to the skin.

We’re confident you’ll find these easy to use and be clipping your Pom into a teddy bear in no time at all.

Pet parents seem to agree that these make an awesome first clipper set for the newbie to grooming.

However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind with this set.

For example, this clipper is not as quiet as some, which can be important if you have a dog that doesn’t like being clipped.

They also can tend to run a bit hot when clipping a big dog, so you may need to expect to stop every now and again in order to oil the blades and let the motor cool down.

But on the upside, there are plenty of pet parents who sing the praises of these clippers.

They seem to cope ably with a range of different fur types and do an effortless job.

5. Cyrico


as of 5 October 2021 23:41


  • ☀5-SPEED HEAVY DUTY Professional Pet Grooming Clipper- 5 speed level are available to satisfy your different grooming need. Higher the rotation, more powerful the clipper.
  • ☀Long power supply with short charging time. The professional pet clipper has a rechargeable 2200mA Li-lion battery inside. The pet clipper can be used continuously for 4 hours with a full charging time of 3 hours. Such long time power supply is especially perfect for the professional groomer. You can do the grooming work with no interruption.
  • ☀Intelligent indication of blade oiling and cleaning. The professional pet clipper has a LED screen to indicate users to clean the blade and oiling. When you use the clipper for enough long time, the clipper will remind you to oil the blade to better protect the blade for long term use. When the blade get stuck by hair, the clipper will intelligently remind you to clean it. All the designs are based on user’s need and help users to better use it with a wonderful experience.
  • ☀Low noise. This professional pet grooming clipper features in its low noise. The sound it produces when working is less than 60 decibels. It has such low noise is because the premium motor it used. Just compare our products to others, you and your dogs will definitely like it!
  • ☀Cordless and cord use are both available/Best after-sales service. The animal hair clipper aims to be more user-friendly. The rechargeable design helps you to get out of bother of cord. When the power of the pet clippers goes off, connect the plug to the clipper and it can be used.If this pet clippers didn't work to your entire satisfaction,please feel free to contact us.We're always here to help you solve any problem.

Pomeranian fur owes a lot to their cold-weather heritage and is very thick.

This means a lot of clippers will struggle to cut through, but not these Cyrico clippers, which are specifically designed to take on troublesome thick fur and one of the best dog clippers for Pomeranians.

The Cyrico clipper has two-speed options, designed to work at high revs for better clipping power.

They are a cordless clipper with the battery life allowing for a full five hours of clipping and taking just a super-quick three hours from flat to full charge.

The handset also has a useful LED display that alerts you to how much battery power is left, so you need never get caught unawares by the battery running flat (Could be embarrassing, halfway through a groom.)

However, if you wish to use this clipper for longer (such as in a professional dog parlor) there is also the option to plug the clippers in to use them off the mains.

As to whether these clippers live up to the hype…well, the short answer has to be a resounding “Yes”.

We found a common theme amongst those who’d used the Cyrico set was that it exceeded expectations.

Owners found the clippers whisper quiet to use and had minimal vibration, which is a big bonus for skittish dogs.

The set arrived beautifully packaged and the quality of the individual items was exceptional.

Indeed, one pet parent bought this set to clip her dog but was so impressed she used it on her children.

Bottom Line

So whether you’re aiming for a teddy bear or a lion clip, whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur groomer or a professional, there’s a clipper to suit your needs.

For the rank beginner for not a lot of money, you can have a set of clippers at home to try out your skills.

If you are already confident in your ability to clip then investing in a professional pair makes sense.

Whatever you decide, our list suggests the best of the best, so that you can relax and be confident that whichever model you choose, it comes with the backing of lots of satisfied pet parents.

Dr Sarah Robinson attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University receiving a D.V.M. in 2008. Sarah’s longtime interest is to help people to better communicate with their pet companions, and in doing so, to help them to strengthen their relationships with their dogs and cats. Sarah has published numerous articles on canine feeding in pet related magazines, veterinary journals and leading natural health web sites.

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