8 Best Dog Nail Clippers for Australian Shepherds

Adult Australian Shepherds can grow from 1 foot 6 inches to 1 foot 11 inches high and weigh up to 65 pounds. They have a medium size to large paws and strong thick nails. Regular nail clipping is recommended to prevent pain, discomfort, and injury to paws.

As a dog owner, you want to provide the best care for your dog but expensive nail clipping services at the local groomers have many owners taking matters into their own hands.

Best Dog Clippers for Australian Shepherds

This situation has many owners searching for the best nail clippers for Australian Shepherds. If you are a pet parent that needs to cut your dog’s nails, chances are you need the best nail clippers for dogs you can find.

You need to look for sharp clippers that get the job done with one cut. The following nail clippers are best suited for Australian Shepherds.

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1. Resco Deluxe

Your dog will thank you when you use this Resco nail clipper for dogs. It was originally designed to perfection in 1937 and is still one of the best nail clippers on the market. 

This guillotine-style nail clipper for dogs is manufactured in the United States and is recommended by veterinarians and dog groomers around the world. These days most canine nail clippers become dull after frequent use.

Usually, dog owners just by a new pair. But, if you are dedicated to trimming your dog’s nails for the long-term, investing in these clippers is an excellent solution. You won’t need to purchase a new set of clippers, instead, you can purchase a replacement blade that is easy to install.

Pet parents who have decided to cut costs at the groomers and trim their dog’s nails on their own are often excited to learn they don’t have to keep buying new clippers, but replacement blades instead. 

These clippers feature durable steel construction, micro-honed cutting blade, and comfort grip. The clippers cut with ease to reveal a clean cut. Nails will be smooth and free from ragged edges or splitting issues.

An issue pet parents often report is ragged edges that are sharp and cause injury to the dog as well as family members in the household. These clippers will prevent those ragged edges from forming.

Split nails are also a popular issue. This is usually caused by clippers that crush the nail as it’s being cut. But, these clippers are sharp and cut with ease.

2. Hertzko

These clippers will make your dog’s nail trimming session a breeze. The clippers feature a stainless-steel blade, safety guard, comfortable handle, good grip, anti-slip handle, and is recommended by veterinarians and dog groomers.

The sharp blades get the job done with just one even cut. That means you can say goodbye to uneven cuts and breakage that lead to ragged nails.

The safety guard is great especially if you are a pet parent that is fearful of cutting the nail too short. If this has ever happened to you, the screeching your dog makes and the blood from cutting a nail too short is traumatizing for both your dog and you.

These clippers reduce the risk of injury during nail cutting which helps give you confidence for cutting your dog’s nails properly. An excellent feature these nail clippers have is the easy to lock blades.

It allows you to store them safely in a drawer without fear the blades will cut your fingers. If you have ever experienced wrist strain due to cutting your dog’s nails, you will understand why a comfortable grip is necessary.

These nail clippers are designed specifically to provide the user with an anti-slip handle, which comes in handy when your dog is shaking and you need to keep your hand steady.

As an added bonus, these clippers come with a nail file that smooth your dog’s nails. It’s rare that you need to use them, but the file works great at smoothing down sharp edges.

3. Safari Professional

These top-quality stainless steel nail clippers feature a durable sharp trimmer, locking blades and easy to grip handles. These clippers are especially great if you are afraid of cutting the quick of the nail.

If you have ever cut the nail too short then your dog has surely let you know how painful it is by screeching loudly. You can prevent that from happening again when using the safety stop on these clippers.

Carefully find where you want to cut the nail then trust the safety stop to prevent cutting the nail too short. It definitely makes you feel more confident when cutting your dog’s nails.

The stainless-steel blade cuts the nail quickly and easily, shortening the time frame of the nail cutting session. If you have an anxious dog that won’t sit still for long, these clippers will help you get the job done as safely and quickly as possible.

The rubber-coated handles make it easy to grip and is soft in your hands. The handles also help to keep the clippers in place, so they don’t accidentally slip out of your hands.

When you are ready to store the clippers the locking blades help to reduce the risk of cutting yourself when you fetch them out of the drawer the next time you need them.

These clippers are excellent for Australian Shepherds because they cut the nails precisely and easily. You can also choose the size of clippers that are best suited to your dog’s nail size and thickness.

4. Bissel

ONSON’s Dog Nail Clippers for Large Breed Dogs are made out of high quality 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades. They cleanly trim through your dog’s nails with one cut, making it easier for you and less of a traumatic experience for your dog.

Your dog’s nails will be clipped evenly, no crushing the nails, no chipping at the nails, and no taking extra time to find the right angle to clip your dog’s nails. The clipper head is set at a 45-degree angle so that you won’t have to bend your dog’s paw into a position that is uncomfortable or painful for them.

Its ergonomically designed rubber handle is made for your comfort; no more will you have to struggle or injure your palm dealing with uncomfortable dog trimmers.

A spring in the center gives the nail trimmer the resistance and durability they need to provide clean cuts on your dog’s nail; you will feel like a professional groomer with these trimmers at hand.

You can use these nail trimmers on dogs from large and up, so Australian Shepherds’ nails should have no problem fitting into the nail clipper opening. If you are afraid of harming your dog or accidentally cutting into their quick, the nail trimmer has a metal sensor guard.

When flipped into position behind the nail trimmer head it can prevent you from cutting too far up your dog’s nails by acting as a stopper. The nail trimmer also has a safety lock so that the nail trimmers stay closed when not in use to protect you or others from accidentally harming themselves.

As a bonus, these nail trimmers come with a tough nail file to buff out the sharp edges and round your dog’s nails.

5. Boshel


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This powerful nail clipper for dogs is recommended by professionals and easy to use. They have 3.5mm thick sharp blades that cut through the nail with the first try. The clippers provide results that are sharp and smooth, plus you get the job done quickly.

They feature ergonomic handles, easy-grip, comfortable handles, and a safety stop blade. They are designed to groom your dog in the comfort of your home instead of spending money on grooming services at a pet salon.

If you are a pet parent that struggles to keep their dog calm during a nail cutting session, the easy to grip handles will be a huge benefit to you. It’s comfortable for your hand and prevents it from slipping out easily.

An added feature that is really helpful is the safety stop blade which helps prevent cutting nails too short and injuring the quick. It acts as a sensor to help you reposition the clippers to ensure you don’t cut the nail too short.

A surprise that is located in the left handle of the clipper is a small nail file. This nail file helps to smooth sharp nails after cutting. It also helps file down those ragged edges that develop on your dog’s nails after walking or running on rough sidewalks or streets.

You might not notice the file is there until you look at the bottom of the left handle grip. It’s easy to remove and re-install as well as store in a safe place.

6. Gmaso


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These colorful nail clippers will get the job done in style. The large size is 6.3” x 2.0”. The features include an ergonomically designed handle, non-slip surface, high-quality stainless steel, heavy-duty, durable, lightweight, precision blade, and they are easy to use.

The safety measure feature prevents you from cutting your dog’s nails too short and damaging the quick. You can really get a good grip on the comfortable handle and control the clippers.

The easy control is beneficial especially when your dog is shaking or trying to squirm out of position while trying to cut his or her nails. It definitely helps to have a firm grip on the clippers to prevent accidentally cutting your dog or the nail too short.

The clippers are strong and durable and provide professional-grade nail trimming. An added benefit is the angled blade which gives a precise and clean cut without having to apply too much pressure.

Most dogs don’t like to get their nails cut, so if you have a dog that is nervous during the process, make sure you use the safety feature that helps prevent cutting the nail too short.

Also, remember that you don’t need to put too much strength into cutting the nail because the blade is super sharp and glides right through the nail easy. You won’t experience crushing the dog’s nails like other dull clippers cause.

It goes right through and makes the nail clipping process go quickly and easily. The clippers come in vibrant colors such as pink or blue.

7. Gonicc


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Do not be afraid to trim your own dog’s nails. With the Gonicc Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers, you will have a strong handle on the ins-and-outs of giving your dog the proper nail trim that they need.

The ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong, lightweight, and comfortable so that you will not have to struggle with hand cramps while you are trimming and can follow your dog if they are moving around a lot.

Even if your dog is a bit of a wiggler, you should have no problem using the trimmers. The sharp, stainless steel blades will cut through each nail quickly, which is a major plus if you have a small window of opportunity where your dog is still to trim their nail.

Still afraid of trimming nails? Then make sure that the nail trim stopper is in place as it gives a good idea of a safe amount to trim from your dog’s nails that will not hurt them and cause them to start bleeding.

The less painful the experience for your dog, the more comfortable your dog will be towards future nail trimming sessions. With the nails clipped, set the safety lock in place and store the trimmers for later.

If you feel like your dog’s nails are rough then pop out the hidden nail file in the handle and buff out those rough edges.  If you are ever not pleased with the trimmers, they do come with a lifetime warranty where you can request an exchange or refund.

8. JW Pet Company

JW Pet Company

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Trimming your dog’s nails can be scary to do, especially if you do not have experience trimming your dog’s nails before. If you cut too short, your dog can still scratch you. If you cut too much, you could cut their quick and make them bleed.

You could risk harming your dog’s nails if you are not using a proper dog nail trimmer. The JW Pet GripSoft Deluxe Nail Clipper for Dogs is the ideal nail trimmer to turn to especially for beginners.

The soft rubber grip is comfortable for you, especially if you have to use extra pressure to clip your dog’s nails. You will still feel pressure, but it will not strain your hand or harm you as you use them.

A spring between the two legs of the nail trimmer gives the resistance needed to trim your dog’s nails accurately. JW also keeps your dog’s comfort in mind.

The nail trimmer head is designed to fit the nails of large and extra-large dogs with ease. You will not have to struggle to find a good angle to trim your dog’s nails as the head is angled at a comfortable trimming level.

Its super-sharp stainless steel trimmers will cut through your dog’s nails like butter, making it a less strenuous experience for both you and your Aussie. If you are afraid of accidentally cutting too far up your dog’s nails, then make sure that the nail guard is in place.

The nail guard will stop you from cutting into the more sensitive areas of your dog’s nails and prevent your dog from being scared of future nail trims due to trauma. When you are done trimming your dog’s nails be sure to reward them for doing such a great job.

Also, be sure that the blade lock is in place as it will make for easy storage and prevents you or another family member from getting hurt should they accidentally grab the trimming head.

Bottom Line

Australian Shepherds are great dogs that enjoy being indoors as well as outdoors. If your dog enjoys running around outdoors and getting into the dirt, chances are their nails get ragged from time to time.

The clippers mentioned above are especially beneficial for Australian Shepherds. Also, an added bonus is some of the clippers offer complimentary files attached to them. The files do a great job with soothing sharp and ragged edges.

If your dog is prone to developing ragged edges you can use the file in between nail cutting sessions to keep his or her nails healthy and prevent discomfort or injury to the paw.

Dr Sarah Robinson attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University receiving a D.V.M. in 2008. Sarah’s longtime interest is to help people to better communicate with their pet companions, and in doing so, to help them to strengthen their relationships with their dogs and cats. Sarah has published numerous articles on canine feeding in pet related magazines, veterinary journals and leading natural health web sites.

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