12 Best Chihuahua Collars in [2021]

Your cute little Chihuahua has a tiny delicate neck that requires a lightweight collar to help keep them safe and identified. Finding an extra small collar can be challenging due to the wide range of options available in pet stores and online.

Before you begin your shopping experience consider the size of your dog’s neck and take measurements with a soft measuring tape. The standard size for Chihuahuas is small or x-small. The best Chihuahua collars are available in these sizes.

Choosing the right material is essential to your dog’s comfort. If your Chihuahua has a strong muscular neck a heavier collar will suit them well. However, if your dog’s neck is delicate and extra small a lightweight fabric collar is an excellent choice.

One of the fun parts of choosing a collar for your dog is finding the right color. Every dog has its own personality and matching a fun collar to your pup’s personality is exciting. Just imagine our cute little pup showing their new collar off to their friends at the dog park.

The collars listed below are the best the pet industry has to offer for your adorable Chihuahua!

Top-Rated Chihuahua Collars

The Perfect Dog command training collar is specially designed to help improve your dog’s behavior.

Key Features

  • Size – Small
  • Colors – Blue

This helpful dog collar features special vinyl links that are similar to the natural corrections of a mother dog. The flexible material is comfortable for your dog to wear.

It’s fully adjustable so you can find the perfect fit for your Chihuahua’s tiny neck. It’s easy to use and great for training dogs of any age. It’s beneficial when you are trying to correct common behavior issues like begging, leash pulling, chewing, barking, and digging.

It’s easy to use and keep clean. The training portion of the collar rests on the neck area while the nylon fabric area of the collar rests comfortably on the top of your dog’s neck.


  • Designed by a dog training expert
  • Fully adjustable
  • Comfortable for your dog to wear
  • Safe
  • Adjustable
  • Corrects disobedience issues


  • Not suitable for dogs with sensitive necks

Overall, this is an excellent collar that helps you train your pet in a similar way a canine mother would care for her pups. It’s easy to use, fully adjustable, and gets the job done safely.

2. Pet Safe Keep Safe

The Pet Safe Keep Safe collar features a patented break-away safety buckle that prevents strangulation.

Key Features

  • Size – Small
  • Colors – Blue, red, black, purple

Your Chihuahua is an energetic bundle of joy that probably gets their collar snagged on fences, floor grates, bushes, crates and kennels from time to time.

This dog collar prevents your dog from getting accidentally strangled. The specially designed break-away buckle releases when pressure is applied which sets your dog free during an emergency situation.

You can also take your dog for a walk using the same collar by attaching the leash to the two D-rings that are made from strong metal hardware.


  • Prevents strangulation
  • Safety buckle auto releases during an emergency
  • Attaches securely to a leash
  • Strong metal hardware you can trust


  • Add one inch to your dog’s neck measurement to ensure comfort

Overall, this is an excellent collar that keeps your mischievous little dog out of danger. It’s secure, safe and snaps open when your dog gets caught on something that could strangle them. This collar is a must-have if your dog tends to get into difficult situations.

3. Blueberry Pet Classic

Blueberry collars are known for their simple and colorful style that matches your dog’s personality.

Key Features

  • Size – X-small and small
  • Color – Nautical prints

This classic dog collar is perfect for everyday use and daily walks. It’s adjustable so your pup will feel comfortable and secure. The nylon fabric is strong and features high-density webbing. The D-ring makes it easy to attach and detach the leash.

The buckles are made from recycled plastic and are eco-friendly. You can toss the collar in the washing machine and allow it to air dry.

The vibrant colors are fun and especially great if you have more than one dog. It makes it easy to tell them apart and also create their own little vibe that coordinates with their personality.


  • Made from strong nylon fabric
  • Features high density webbing
  • Heavy-duty buckle closure
  • Eco-friendly plastic buckle
  • Easy to take on and off your dog
  • Chrome coated D-ring
  • Machine washable
  • Designed for long lasting use


  • Collar needs to be adjusted before use

Overall, this is a colorful and long lasting collar that is suitable for everyday use.

4. Zooz Pets Snoopy Filmstrip

The Zooz Pets collar features a fun Snoopy filmstrip design and is easy to adjust to your dog’s neck size.

Key Features

  • Size – X-small and small
  • Color – Snoopy Filmstrip with black background

This festive collar is super soft on your dog’s skin and made from water-resistant polyester. The collar has a genuine Peanuts seal that is designed to make the collar last longer.

The buckle is strong and features four locking points to ensure your pup never gets accidentally unlocked. It’s easy to attach the leash and use it for daily walks.

The x-small size is perfect for Chihuahuas. However, if your pet is larger than the average Chihuahua it’s best to take measurements before choosing a size.


  • Festive Snoopy filmstrip print
  • Meets the highest standards of collars
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Designed for long term use
  • Stronghold buckle that features four points


  • The collar needs to be adjusted to your dog’s size before use

Overall, this is a favorite collar of Snoopy fans that keeps your dog comfortable and safe. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and great for daily use.

5. Omni Pet Signature Leather

The OmniPet Signature Leather Crystal collar keeps your dog safe while looking stylish.

Key Features

  • Size – 10” inches and 12” inches
  • Color – Black, blue, metallic gold, metallic pink, soft pink, purple, red and rose

Your pup will walk around town looking elegant and stylish in this diamond-studded collar. It features double stitching with matching thread so it blends in perfectly with the color of your choice.

It’s made from genuine 2-ply leather and designed for long-lasting comfort and use. The D-ring is easy to use with any leash and the polished chrome buckle keeps the collar secure.

The 10” inch size collar is suitable for Chihuahuas but if your dog has a larger neck than the standard for this breed go up one size for added comfort.


  • Fashionable
  • Made from genuine leather
  • D-ring
  • Chrome buckle
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • When the collar gets wet the color can bleed onto your dog’s fur

Overall, this is a stylish and fun collar that is designed for long term use. It looks great with any leash style and other Chihuahua accessories.

6. Alcott Reflective

Your little Chihuahua will enjoy their adventures while wearing the Alcott collar with reflective stitching.

Key Features

  • Size – X-small and small
  • Colors – Black, blue, green, grey, pink, purple and red

Your dog will enjoy their adventures with this super comfortable collar that features neoprene padding. The collar is easy to adjust to suit the size of your Chihuahua’s tiny neck.

If your dog tends to run off while hiking or during your daily walk, this reflective collar will help keep them safe at night. It also helps you find them easier when the sun is setting or in the dark.

The buckle is sturdy and keeps your dog safely attached to their leash. The color adds a pop to express your dog’s personality.


  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Reflective stitching helps keep your pup safe
  • Neoprene padding for added comfort
  • Designed for long-lasting use
  • Strong buckle
  • Easy to adjust


  • The collar needs to be adjusted before use

Overall, this is an excellent collar that keeps your pet comfortable and safe during your outdoor adventures together!

7. OmniPet Signature Leather

The Omni Pet signature leather collar is made from 100% genuine leather and features silver bones that show off your pup’s tuff personality.

Key Features

  • Size – 12” inch and 14” inches
  • Color – Black, pink, red, blue

This long-lasting dog collar is designed with sturdy stitching that can withstand daily use. The silver dog bones features on the leather collar are made from nickel hardware and are durable.

The D-ring is sturdy and easy to attach any leash. The leather is easy to keep clean with a soft damp cloth and pet-friendly soap. Air dry is recommended. Avoid machine washing the collar.

It’s easy to adjust and has a strong buckle that won’t get loose. The genuine leather is thick and withstands frequent use without looking damaged.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy stitching
  • Nickel hardware
  • D-ring


  • The collar needs to be adjusted before first use

Overall, this is a stylish collar that exudes your pup’s bad to the bone personality. It’s strong, comfortable, and long-lasting. It’s easy to adjust and attach a leash quickly for frequent use!

8. Pawtitas Soft Adjustable

Pawtitas collar keeps your dog comfortable and safe with extra padding and reflective protection.

Key Features

  • Size – XX-small, x-small, small
  • Color – Green, orange, purple orchid, pink, blue, red, teal, black, dark purple

If your cute little Chihuahua has a sensitive and delicate neck this lightweight padded collar is the one you need. It features a wide fitting design that is comfortable and easy to use.

The reflective strip exudes ambient light, even during low light conditions. It’s beneficial when you need to keep an eye on your little one, especially if they run off at night.

The design features a special weaving that makes it suitable for daily use and prevents ripping or tearing. The circular ring provides plenty of space to attach any leash.


  • Padded for comfort
  • Tear and rip-resistant nylon
  • Reflective strip
  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • The collar needs to be adjusted to your dog’s neck size before use

Overall, this is an excellent collar that keeps your sensitive pup comfortable and safe. It’s strong and designed for long-lasting daily use.

9. Foggy Dog Flax Lines

The Foggy Dog Flax Lines collar is stylish and comfortable for your Chihuahua to wear every day.

Key Features

  • Size – X-small, small
  • Color – Tan

This soft and lightweight dog collar is made from 100% cotton fabric and features durable nylon webbing. The soft interior of the collar prevents chafing and keeps your dog comfortable throughout the day and night.

The D-ring and metal hardware are made from solid brass and designed to easily attach a leash. It’s easy to adjust by simply sliding the fabric until it fits your dog’s neck perfectly. Once it’s adjusted it stays in place permanently.

The strong fabric and design are suitable for dogs that tug on the leash while walking. Your dog can pull on the leash as harsh as they need to and the collar will withstand it easily.


  • Comfortable for your pet to wear
  • Solid brass D-ring and hardware
  • Adjustable
  • Designed to endure pulling on the leash
  • Made with cotton fabric
  • Easy to clean


  • The collar needs to be adjusted before first use

Overall, this is a soft, lightweight collar that is specially designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind.

10. Mighty Paw Classic Leather

The Mighty Paw leather collar features a classic look that keeps your dog safe and comfortable.

Key Features

  • Size – Small
  • Color – Light brown, brown, black

This classic collar is 100% genuine leather and designed for long-lasting daily use. The design includes a distressed look for pliable comfort. The sleek high-quality alloy hardware is strong and durable for easy leash attachment.

The collar features five holes that allow you to adjust the size to suit your pup perfectly. The soft leather is comfortable on your Chihuahua’s neck and great for them to wear daily.

The leather is easy to clean with a soft damp cloth and pet-friendly soap. Allow the collar to air dry completely before placing it back on your dog’s neck.


  • Made from 100% genuine leather
  • Classic design and look
  • Superior comfort
  • High-quality alloy hardware
  • Five adjustable holes
  • Designed for long-lasting daily use


  • The collar needs to be adjusted to your pet’s size before first use
  • Hot weather climates can cause your dog to become hot under the collar

Overall, this is an excellent collar with a classic look that keeps your dog comfortable and safe.

11. Logical Leather Heavy-Duty Padded

Does your Chihuahua need a heavy-duty collar that can keep up with all of their outdoor adventures? If so, the Logical Leather padded collar is the one your pet needs!

Key Features

  • Size – X-small, small
  • Color – Brown, black, tan, red, pink
  • Free shipping – Yes. Over $49

This strong collar is made from full-grain leather and handcrafted to perfection. It’s a strong dog collar that is suitable for Chihuahua’s that enjoy running around outdoors, rolling in the grass and enjoying a playful life.

This superior quality collar is water-resistant and features a padded lining that keeps your pup comfortable. The metal hardware is strong and created to withstand the force of your pet pulling on the leash during walks.


  • Comfortable
  • Handcrafted from 100% genuine full-grain leather
  • Padded lining
  • Water-resistant
  • Doesn’t fray
  • Heavy-duty metal hardware
  • Adjustable


  • The collar needs to be adjusted to your dog’s neck size before first use

It’s easy to clean with pet-friendly soap, warm water, and a soft cotton cloth. Air dry is recommended. You can wash this leather collar as many times as you want and it won’t fray.

12. Found My Animal Ombre

Found My Animal leather and rope collar features marine-grade nylon for safety and comfort.

Key Features

  • Size – X-small, small
  • Color – Magenta, indigo, teal, black
  • Free shipping – Yes. Over $49

This handmade rope-style dog collar has an ombre color design that adds a fun splash of style. The D-ring and hardware are made from brass that is designed for long-lasting use.

The leather portion of the collar has six holes that make it easy to adjust to your dog’s neck size perfectly. The leather is strong and holds position securely when buckled.

The rope style is festive and a great look for everyday dog walking as well as bringing your Chihuahua on your boat or to the beach with you.


  • Handmade
  • Made with Nylon rope and leather
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Brass hardware
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean


  • The collar needs to be adjusted before first use
  • The color could stain your dog’s fur when caught in the rain

Overall, this is a stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting collar that keeps your dog comfortable, cool, and safe during use.

Bottom Line

All of the collars on this list are safe for your pet. The materials and hardware are high quality and designed for long-lasting use. Investing in a good collar for your Chihuahua will keep them safe and help keep them identified if they get lost.

The use of Chihuahua shock collars and barking collars need to be approved by a veterinarian before use. The collars on the list above are standard collars that are adjustable and comfortable for your dog to wear.

The Perfect Dog Command collar is safe to use for training purposes. When using a training style collar you need to follow instructions carefully to ensure you don’t cause damage to your dog’s neck.

Chihuahua’s are energetic dogs that need a collar and leash during walks. Finding the right one for your pet and including an identification tag to attach to the D-clip or circular ring on the collar of your choice is a responsible way to keep track of your pet.

If your dog lives an active lifestyle and requires more than one collar for different activities its best to invest in a variety so you have them ready anytime you need.

Our top pick from the list is the Blueberry Pet Classic Collar!

A pet parent herself, Shellie knows the ins and outs of caring for a furry bundle of joy. She has been researching, reviewing and sharing her findings for the best dog products available for a number of years. A valued team member, Shellie's first-hand experience is invaluable.

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