Top 5 Best Brushes for Pomeranians in [2021]

Are you struggling to groom your Pomeranian?

That oh-so-thick coat can make it tough to keep on top of keeping him knot-free.

However, choosing the best brush for Pomeranian can make all the difference. For other brush options that aren’t breed-related and more generalized for short or long-haired dogs click here.

Quick Look: Top 5 Best Brushes for Pomeranians

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It’s also helpful to understand the characteristics of a Pom’s coat which then enables you to look for the right products to meet your dog’s needs (and not waste money of the wrong products.)

Pomeranian or fluff-ball with paws?

To keep that characteristic fluffy round shape it’s important to stay on top of your pet’s grooming.

Although the Pomeranian doesn’t need the daily brushing other long, silky coated dogs do, they still need considerable time spent on their coat care, brushing it through two to three times a week.

The Pomeranian coat consists of an oh-so-thick undercoat, with a longer outer coat that blends the two together.

This is very similar to the coat of other related breeds, such as the German spitz, and goes back to the Poms’ heritage as active dogs that were out in all weathers – including ice and snow.

Although over the centuries the Pom has been bred down to a smaller size than Spitz dogs, that fabulous double coat remains a distinctive feature.

To keep that coat in its most plush teddy bear state means regular attention and knowing what you are doing.

Top tips include:

  • Never brushing a dry coat (spritz it with detangler first)
  • Use a dog conditioner when you bathe your pet
  • Use a good leave-in spray also helps counteract static buildup from contact with carpets

Another important factor to consider is protecting your Pomeranian’s coat from sun damage.

In the same way, our hair can become dried out and brittle from sun exposure, so can your Pom’s.

The answer is that trusty spray leave-in conditioner, which helps to put back some of the moisture the sun takes out.

Above all, get yourself into a regular routine with grooming, so it doesn’t get overlooked.

Start as you mean to go on with your puppy, so he grows up linking the brush to treats and good times.

1. Safari Pin Brush

Our next, best dog brush for Pomeranians is a neat pin brush made by Safari.

We’ve chosen this product because it has a wooden handle with plastic grips (heck, it feels nice in the hand) and is a dainty size.

The smaller size means you can more safely groom the long fur around your Poms face and ears, without accidentally poking them in the eye.

Again, not all pin brushes are created equal.

Some pitfalls for the unwary are issues such as pins falling out or bending badly, which at best means they’re less effective and at worse risks digging into the dog’s skin.

Not so this Safari pin brush.

The quality of the metal pins is excellent, with the quality of the materials guaranteed.

Use this brush in one of two ways.

Either brush with the direction of the fur to tease out tangles and keep the fur in good order or gently fluff the coat up (for maximum puff-ball appeal) by going against the lie of the fur.

It’s reassuring to know that satisfied pet parents, who are fans of this Safari brush, wouldn’t consider using any other brand.

They’ve done their time with brushes where the pins fall out and are convinced of the value of this product.

Indeed, some owners have more than one and keep a brush in separate rooms so they always have one to hand because their dogs enjoy being brushed with it so much.

2. Furminator

The FURminator brand has been on the market for a while now, but despite stiff competition, it still stands up as one of the leading de-shedding tools for dogs.

One reason is that with regular use it really does help tackle the fur-drifts of shed hair that go hand in paw with owning a Pomeranian.

At first sight, the metal blade of a Furminator can look rather off-putting.

But the trick is to understand how to use this tool, which is ‘gently’.

Simply draw the blade over the surface of the coat and let its teeth do the work for you.

It then grasps onto loose hair and captures it in the comb, meaning there’s less free fur to breeze around your laminate flooring.

Additional features include a button that helps you clean the FURminator brush, and a super comfy ergonomic handle so you don’t get palm ache whilst brushing your fur friend.

3. Andis Premium

Andis Pin Brush

as of 5 October 2021 23:36

Most puppies think a brush is a toy, which is no bad thing.

By encouraging him to accept the brush at a young age, you’ll make life so much easier when he’s a grown dog.

A Pomeranian pup’s coat is softer than the adults and has yet to get knotty…so let’s keep things that way.

We chose this double-headed brush because of the convenience of being able to flip from a pin brush to a bristle brush with a twist of the wrist.

This saves groping around for a second brush whilst trying to keep hold of a wriggly puppy.

Rule number one is to make grooming time fun.

Aim for regular short sessions, so the puppy doesn’t get overtired and become resentful.

It also helps to keep a few tasty treats in your pocket and reward the pup when he allows you to brush a couple of times without mouthing the tool.

Don’t expect to brush the whole puppy (small as he is) in one go.

Instead, decide on an area, such as along his back or his ears, and work just on that.

The next day you can move onto a new place.

Gently part the fur use the pin brush side and work it through a section at a time to keep tangles at bay.

Talk to the puppy all the time you’re doing this and be sure to tell him what a super-clever chap he is.

Once you’ve done this for a few minutes, spin the brush over and smooth the coat down with some long gentle strokes of the bristle side.

There are many double-headed grooming brushes out there, but they vary hugely in quality and effectiveness.

Cheapest isn’t necessarily best if it means buying a product that doesn’t do the job.

You may pay a little more for this Andis brush but you’ll be happy with the results…as were professional groomers who have purchased it and use the tool day in and day out.

4. Andis Pet Steel Comb

Andis Pet Steel Comb

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Our next best brush for Pomeranian coat isn’t a brush at all…but a comb!

But not any old comb.

Sticking with the acknowledged quality of Andis, we’ve chosen this metal grooming comb.

Think of Pomeranian coat care in the same way you would look after your own head of hair.

When you get out of bed in the morning, if your hair is extra tousled then running a brush over the surface only tamps the knots down.

What you need is a good comb through to work the tangles out.

The same is also true for a Pomeranian.

Having fun rolling on the carpet and running through the grass, naturally leads to static or sticks building up in the coat which can cause it to knot.

Again the answer is regular attention, so get into a routine of picking up your Pom and putting them on a table that’s a comfortable height to work from. (You may wish to cover the surface with a towel to stop the dog slipping and keep things hygienic.)

First, run your fingers through the dog’s coat to seek out any mats.

Then work at the mats with your fingers to loosen them.

Using the metal comb, try combing out the top of the knot first and working your way down to the roots.

Then part the coat in sections and work through it until you’re happy the whole coat is in straight order.

It’s made from quality stainless steel with gently rounded teeth.

Happily, it’s not the most expensive Andis comb on the market, but it is one of the best.

5. Hertzko


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Meet your new best friend: the Hertzko slicker.

This little star is a gem at keeping a Pomeranian’s thick undercoat in good order.

So how does it work its magic?

A slicker is a paddle type brush that’s mounted with fine wires that are slightly hooked towards the end.

The wires are an efficient way of combing through the undercoat and dislodging shed hair.

The best slicker brushes are designed so that the wires don’t scratch the skin, the wires hold their shape, and are easy to clean.

To get the best out of your slicker, don’t forget that light spritzing of coat conditioner or detangler.

Don’t forget the brushing a dry coat and damage the hair, whereas providing a mist of moisture will keep it wonderfully soft.

Now use the slicker working with the lie of the fur.

If necessary gently part the fur and then brush from root to tip.

If the slicker seems to catch on anything, stop and feel for a mat.

Then use the teeth at the edge of the brush to work away at the knot and free it up.

If necessary, approach the mat from the opposite side, so as to help to break it down.

This is especially useful for knots that have just formed, but for larger or dense knots you may need to get a groomer to snip or clip it out.

However, one of the drawbacks of an ordinary slicker brush is that they can be difficult to clean.

The trapped fur becomes deeply embedded between the pins, and then you get pricked fingers trying to remove it.

Happily, Hertzko came up with the perfect solution.

You simply press a button and the pins retract up into the head of the brush, leaving a smooth paddle so it’s then simple to wipe the hair away.

But don’t take our word for how this is the best grooming brush for Pomeranian!

What we found was our best buddies were voting with their paws and lining up for a brush.

Indeed, many pet parents related how their dogs now angle themselves to lean into the brush during grooming, as if enjoying a massage.

Bottom Line

So there we have it, our highly practical guide to the best brushes for Pomeranians.

Our top tips for keeping a soft glossy touchable coat are to groom regularly.

Not only does this reduces shedding and eliminates knots, but it conditions the skin and spreads natural oils over the fur.

White Pomeranian

However, it’s also true that spritzing a coat detangling spray or conditioner over the fur prior to brushing helps to reduce breakage and coat dullness.

When choosing your brush to keep in mind the job you want it to do.

Then select a product that is well made and stands up to the test of time.

Recommendations from professional groomers is also a good recommendation since the sheer numbers of dogs they brush to make them expert at which tools are up to the job.

Last but not least, be sure to make grooming time fun.

Remember to take breaks and praise your dog, rewarding him for co-operating.

When you make coat care time fun, your dog will look forward to it, which makes life easier.

Now go give your dog a fuss from us …

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