8 Best Brushes For Pitbulls in [2021]

Because of an undeserved reputation, every Pitbull owner must be an ambassador for the breed.

These beautiful canine athletes are much misunderstood, and what’s worse is people are quicker to see the bad than the good.

However, a well-cared-for dog whose coat positively gleams with health, does a lot to promote a good image for this loyal breed.

As well as socializing your dog, and training them to have impeccable manners, you should care for the appearance of your beautiful pitbull. If you aren’t shopping specifically for one dog then, read more here about the top 15 brushes for all breeds.

Top 8 Best Brushes for Pitbulls

The Pitbull has a short coat, so how do you get that high shine finish? A well-behaved dog that has a coat that gleams like a polished mirror, speaks volumes about the care that the dog receives, which in turn helps to dispel the negative image associated with the breed.

The answer is through a combination of a great diet, healthy exercise, and last but not least grooming.

Obviously the grooming needs of a short-coated breed like the Pitbull are very different from a long-haired or double-coated breed such as a Yorkshire terrier or German shepherd.

For the Pitbull, the aim is not to detangle, but to remove shed hair, stimulate the blood circulation to the skin, and spread the skin’s natural conditioning oil over the hair.

We’ll shortly look at what is the best brush for Pitbulls, but first let’s quickly consider the other factors influencing a healthy coat.

  • Feed a good quality diet that is high in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 & 6, and vitamin E. Look for foods with meat-based protein rather than soya or vegetable-based, as this good quality protein provides the basic building blocks of strong hair.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to wash mud from your dog’s coat. Mud contains lots of bacteria, which can irritate the skin and cause infections in the hair root.
  • Groom daily. This is to stimulate the blood circulation and spread the natural oils, which makes for a glossy, naturally waterproof coat.

OK, now we’re in the right place to look at the best grooming brush for Pitbulls.

1. Zoom Groom Rubber Brush

The Zoom Groom is the best grooming brush for Pitbull puppy, not least because he’ll love its massage-like action and get into good habits when it comes to daily coat care.

Made in the US from natural rubber, it has soft ‘fingers’ that cling onto shed hair like a magnet and drag it out of the coat.

But the movement of those fingers over the skin mimics being licked by another dog and is deeply relaxing.

Even dogs that usually misbehave during grooming will actively enjoy being brushed over by the Zoom Groom.

This best brush for Pitbull puppy will help shift his shed fur and get him into good habits for later life.

But in addition, the massaging action improves the blood circulation to the skin and encourages natural oil production.

This combined with the polishing action of the tool means your pup is going to have a gorgeous mirror-shine coat.

The Zoom Groom fits in the palm of the hand and can be used on dry coats or at bath time to massage in shampoo for an extra deep clean.

Made from rubber there are no harsh pins or scratchy bristles to irritate a puppy’s delicate skin.

Whilst the Zoom Groom is suitable for all lengths of coat, it is especially suited to the short-haired Pitbull.

Indeed, if you only want to purchase one brush, then the Zoom Groom represents great value for money as it does everything you need to keep a Pitbull’s coat glossy and well-conditioned.

2. FURminator deShedding Tool For Dogs

Such is the reputation of the Furminator that few people have not heard the name.

This is a de-shedding tool par excellence, with a claim to reduce shedding by 90%.

For someone wagging war on hairballs drifting across their laminate floor, this is definitely a claim to sit up and take notice of.

Indeed, the Furminator is the best de-shedding tool for Pitbull. So what exactly is a Furminator.

This is a handheld rake type comb which has a special arrangement of teeth that helps to draw shed hair out of the coat.

Designed by professional groomers its a patented, unique technology that is guaranteed to remove more fur than any other grooming tool on the market.

Quite some claim!

From a design point of view, it sits comfortably in the hand and is super easy to clean with the aid of the special ‘fur ejector’ button. However, one word of caution.

The Furminator is the best de-shedding brush for Pitbulls and it should be used with care over bony areas such as the dog’s tail.

Whilst the risk of doing harm is low, the stainless steel teeth are unforgiving and could break the skin if used too firmly over bone.

3. IBO Grooming Glove

IBO Pet House 2-in-1 Pet Grooming Glove

as of 10 October 2021 3:53

Not every dog likes being brushed.

If you have a wriggly puppy who just wants to bite the brush or a rescue dog that didn’t have the best start in life and thinks a brush is super scary, then a great starting point is the IBO Grooming Glove.

We love it when a product is multifunctional, and therefore the IBO Pet House glove gets a tick in that box.

This glove is a 2-in-1 product that can be used to brush your Pitbull, but also to remove shed hair from soft furnishing and upholstery.

This is the best brush for Pitbulls that dislikes being brushed, (but is also great for the dog who adores being groomed because it will condition their coat beautifully).

For that sensitive dog, if you can stroke them, then you can brush them with the pet grooming glove.

Simply slip the glove on a hand and then smooth it over the dog in a stroking action following the lie of the fur.

Simple as that. The rubber nobbles grip onto shed hair and lifts them away from the skin, along with dust, debris, and flakes of skin.

Because it drags out those shed hairs and captures them on the mitt, this means less hair in the environment, which is great news for allergy sufferers as it is often the dog’s dander that triggers an allergic reaction.

In addition, it can be used on any length of coat, so in a multidog household, you get extra value for money!

The IBO Pet House glove can also be used on a dry or wet coat, and still, be effective.

4. Go Pets Pin and Bristle Brush

GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

as of 10 October 2021 3:53

Another 2-in-1 product, this handy grooming tool from Go Pets has pins on one side, and flip it over to use the bristles on the other side.

This is the best hairbrush for Pitbulls as its double-sides make it super handy when you’re holding a fidgety dog by the collar and you don’t want to reach for a second brush.

First out let’s say you’re going to get the most use out of the bristle side. Because the Pitbull’s short coat doesn’t need much detangling, a bristle brush is going to work wonders.

Stroking the brush over the dog’s coat will dislodge shed hair and work that massage magic.

The benefits of using a good brush include conditioning the hair, making hair stronger, and improving the coat condition.

The pin brush part consists of metal pins topped off with rounded rubber ends.

The pins are mounted in a rubber cushion that has a small hole, so allow the pad to adjust better to the contours of the dog’s body.

A pin brush is pretty much essential for long-coated or double-coated breeds, such as a German shepherd, because it helps to rake out tangles and knots.

A pin brush does still have a place for short-coated breeds such as the Pitbull because when used gently it massages the skin and improves coat condition.

With this in mind, if you didn’t want to buy two brushes but would like the option of a pin brushes functionality, then this 2-in-1 brush means you can have the best of both worlds.

5. HappyDogz Magic Pro Pet Deshedding Grooming Brush

HappyDogz Magic Pro Pet Deshedding Grooming Brush

as of 10 October 2021 3:53

It is a common misconception that because a dog has a short coat, they don’t need regular grooming.

This is untrue on a number of levels. For one thing, a short-coated dog has the same number of hairs as a long coated one; it’s just that each hair is shorter.

Obviously, the longer coated cousins are more prone to knotting, and so problems become evident more quickly.

But shorter coated dogs will develop a dull coat with the appearance of felt, if they aren’t regularly brushed.

This is because those shed hairs lose their luster and become trapped in the coat.

If your Pitbull has a dull-looking coat then the best dog brush for Pitbull is a shedding brush.

Combing your dog through with this will dramatically shift those stuck, shed hairs and clear the coat of clogged hairs.

Best Dog Slicker Brush for Pitbull

6. Dog Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Dog Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

as of 10 October 2021 3:53

So what about a best dog slicker brush for Pitbull?

There seems to be a bewildering choice available, but you do need to shop with care.

Not all slicker brushes are created equal, with some have harsh pins that could scratch and damage the skin, and others being difficult to clean.

A brush that has all the angles covered and all boxes ticked is the EPI self-cleaning slicker brush.

Design features that make this a best slicker brush for Pitbull is the easy-grip handle that means you can hold it without slippage, and the pins which don’t scratch or harm the skin.

For the Pitbull whose coat is dull because it’s choked with shed hair, or for the owner disappearing beneath a tide of drifting hairs, then this slicker brush is the answer to your problems.

Best Dog Pin Brush for Pitbull

7. PSI Brush

PSI Large Pin Brush with long pins

as of 10 October 2021 3:53

A pin brush is perhaps the closest to a human hairbrush, and a staple grooming tool for many people.

They are however of limited use in short-coated breeds such as the Pitbull.

This is because the pin brush’s strength lies in combing through long fur to separate it out and reduce tangles, which is why they are the default brush for people brushing their own hair.

This doesn’t mean a pin brush has no place in grooming a Pitbull because they are still a useful tool to remove shed hair.

If you’re looking for the best dog pin brush for Pitbull then this PSI brush is a great one.

It has a classic design with a paddle shape with a rubber cushion in which the pins are embedded.

In common with most pin brushes this can make it a little difficult to clean, as hair can get entwined in the pins.

The most obvious difference is that a long coat becomes tangled if you don’t care for it, whereas the downside of neglecting a short coat is less obvious. And finally, caring for the skin and coat of a short-haired breed such as the Pitbull is every bit as important as a long-haired dog.

But turn things on their head.

Know that by brushing your Pitbull daily, the payback will be a coat as glossy as a seal and a relaxed, happy dog into the bargain!

For the cost of a brush, this has to be a bargain!

8. Etechwork Self-Cleaning Pet Hair

Etechwork Self-Cleaning Pet Hairs Deshedding Brushes

as of 10 October 2021 3:53

This slicker brush ticks so many boxes in that it works well is lightweight, easy to clean, and inexpensive. So with your appetite whetted, let’s find out more.

Slicker brushes are grooming tools designed to remove shed hair, dirt, and smooth out tangles.

They work using stainless steel ‘pins’ (not a great choice of words as they’re not sharp at all) embedded in a paddle.

When stroked across the dog’s coat, the pins grip onto shed hair and remove it.

If that sounds harsh on the skin, don’t worry, it isn’t because the pins are sufficiently flexible not to dig in when used correctly.

The Etechworks brush seems universally popular because it is effective and the dogs enjoy being groomed with it.

If slicker brushes have a drawback, it’s that they can be difficult to clean.

Hair becomes lodged between the pins and becomes wedged so that it’s hard to remove.

But this is where Etechworks had a bright idea. They have a system where at the press of a button the pins retract back into the paddle.

This allows you to clean away the hair with no hassle at all. This brush will capture that shedding fur, and help to condition the skin in the process.

But because of its gentle action, don’t be afraid to use the Etechwork Brush as part of your daily grooming routine.

Your Pitbull will love you for it!

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