Top 5 Best Dog Brushes for Goldendoodles

Imagine two of your favorite things blended together: Like cookie dough and ice-cream, or chocolate and bacon (Thanks to Homer Simpson for that one!).

In a similar trend, mix together two lines of much-loved purebred dogs, such as the Golden retriever and poodle, to create a new ‘hybrid’ called the Goldendoodle.

These so-called ‘designer dogs’ come in all shapes and sizes, including the gorgeous Goldendoodle.

Each hybrid comes with their own care needs, of which one example, in this case, is knowing the best brush for Goldendoodle.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Brushes for Goldendoodles

But before we jump ahead, let’s remind ourselves what exactly is a Goldendoodle, so as to better understand how this impacts on coat care. Indeed, one of the distinctive things about the appealing shaggy dog that is a Goldendoodle is their wonderful coat.

A Goldendoodle is a mix between a Golden retriever and a poodle.

The biggest variable here is the poodle part, because they come in a range of sizes from the statuesque standard to the diminutive miniature and tiny toy.

This means, depending on whether the poodle parent was standard, toy, or miniature, the resulting pups will be the average of both parents combined.

The Goldendoodle’s coat also varies depending on which side of the parentage their fur takes after.

The poodle has a long hair-like coat and no fluffy undercoat.

They don’t shed in the traditional sense, although the hairs do fall out in much the same way our hair does.

On the other paw, the Golden retriever has a thick double coat that is designed to repel water.

The longer outer coat gives the dog those wonderful long blonde feathers, whilst a softer undercoat can create drifts of shed hair.

The resulting coat for most Goldendoodles is a wavy hair like coat that grows continuously, with or without a woolly undercoat.

Some people opt to get their Goldendoodle clipped, especially in the summer months.

If you go down this route the coat still needs regular brushing to dislodge debris and keep on top of tangles.

If you do opt for clipping, then a visit to the parlor every 6 – 8 weeks is necessary.

If you let your Goldendoodle’s coat grow free-form, then you’ll need to be dedicated to regular brushing and grooming.

In which case, you definitely need to know about the best grooming brush for Goldendoodle.

1. FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush

Many of you will be familiar with the FURminator brand, which came to prominence with the original FURminator deshedding brush.

They are a brand known for its innovative designs, sturdy construction, and pleasing ergonomics.

Well, they’ve now branched out into slicker brushes, and the result is awesome.

For those who aren’t sure what a slicker brush is, they’ve been around in one form or another for epochs, but the most recent generation definitely have the edge.

The brush consists of a flat paddle-like head in which are mounted hundreds of short, stiff wire prongs.

Slickers are designed for us on long or curly coats, and this FURminator brush is not different.

It is dual-headed, with straight pins on one side and angled pins on the other.

The heads also conform to the contours of your dog’s body, meaning that with appropriate use they should never dig in and damage the skin.

To use the slicker, carefully check your Goldendoodle over first so you are aware of any sores or lumps.

goldendoodle lying on the sand at a lake

The slicker is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, but you should always avoid traumatizing ulcers, sores, hot spots, or inflamed areas.

We decided to put the FURminator slicker under scrutiny because of the company’s awesome reputation.

We remained impressed with this product and named it our best slicker brush for Goldendoodles, as it performed so well even on thick coated dogs such as the Husky.

However, we did discover pet parents who had had problems with the brush coming apart after light use.

FURminator brands themselves as making professional quality tools so hopefully these ‘rogue’ brushes are few and far between.

On the plus side, the brush did a brilliant job and managed that juxtaposition of being gentle on the skin but tough on knots.

2. Best Pet Dematting Comb Tool

Best Pet Dematting Comb Tool

as of 5 October 2021 23:34

Imagine this scenario: You brush your dog regularly.

But the groomer throws up her hands in horror and says your dog’s undercoat is one big mat and the only way forward is to shave her.

Oh no!

The problem was that the brush you used obviously wasn’t the best brush for Goldendoodle and instead glided over the top of the coat without raking out the knots.

And knots happen oh so easily.

All it takes is some rough and tumble play or the collar rubbing on her neck and, hey presto, you have a knotty problem.

If you’ve seen the light, run your fingers through her fur and find knots in the early stages, you can get things back on track using this Berso dematting tool.

To use the Berso de-matting tool part the coat into sections, and gently comb in the direction of hair growth.

It works using 23 curved blades, which are slightly sharpened along the inner edge.

The curve of the blade means the sharp edge never comes into contact with the skin, so there’s no risk of cut the dog.

However, those blades love to chow down on knots and chew their way through them.

We loved the reinforced neck, which eliminates a weak spot in many similar de-matting tools that can snap after several uses.

In addition, the rubber hand grip felt comfortable and made longer grooming sessions much easier.

When we checked in with regular users of the Berso we found many regarded it as the best tool of its type on the market.

And pleasing evidence of how easy it is to use was that long-haired cats tolerated (and even enjoyed) a workout with this product.

3. Hertzko 2 Pack Pet Combs

Hertzko 2 Pack Pet Combs

as of 5 October 2021 23:34

OK, we know, a comb isn’t really a brush, but it is an essential piece of grooming equipment for a Goldendoodle….and we want only the best for your dog.

Hertzko is a well-respected company who make a number of highly effective and good quality grooming tools.

When we looked at finishing combs, one was much like another…except for the Hertzko which stood out to us.

For starters, you get two combs in the pack, both of which have a section for coarse and for fine hair.

This gives you adaptability to cover large areas or work in more fiddly places such as behind the ears, or indeed, gives you a range of combs to use as your pup grows up.

The quality of the metal is outstanding, and each tooth is carefully rounded so there’s little chance of damaging the dog’s skin.

In addition, each comb has a comfort grip anti-slip handle which makes life so much easier for the pet parent. (Anyone who’s hand has cramped up trying to hang onto a slippery stainless steel comb will appreciate this.)

Use your Hertzko comb as a final step after brushing.

This helps to align the hairs in one direction, for a smooth finish.

They are also great if you trim your dog at home.

Use them in the same way a hairdresser uses a comb when styling hair and you’ll appreciate how good these combs are.

4. Pixikko Pet Curry Brush

Pixikko Pet Curry Brush / Comb

as of 5 October 2021 23:34

Last but not least is the best brush for a Goldendoodle puppy.

It’s crucial to select a good brush at this early stage because it sets the tone for your future relationship.

Get a puppy to be happy from an early age to be groomed and it will make life with an adult Goldendoodle so much easier.

However, you are up against it because one thing puppies are bad at is staying still.

Use the wrong brush and the puppy could end up with a pin in their eye or a nasty scratch on their skin.

That’s going to hurt, so even when the accident is over the pup is going to remember that brushes bite and be more hesitant in the future.

This is why we chose the Pixikko pet curry brush as our favorite choice for pups.

This brush in made from rubber with small soft knobbles on it.

The strap fits over your hand leaving you with a flat paddle sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.

You then simply stroke the pup with the brush, whilst praising his cleverness.

With the curry brush secured to your hand it’s more difficult for a cheeky pup to chew on it.

Plus, pup just thinks he’s having an extra special stroke, so he’s more likely to relax and enjoy the experience.

If he does jump up and start zooming around, then there are no hard metal parts that could cut his mouth or skin.

Then, of course, there’s the beneficial action of massaging the skin and spreading natural oils to keep your pup’s coat in tip-top condition from the word go.

This brush is great for shorter coats or puppy coats, heck, you could even use it on the cat it’s so gentle!

5. Tailmate Double Sided Pin Brush

Double Sided Pin And Bristle Brush

as of 5 October 2021 23:34

For our next choice we looked for a brush that represents great value for money, is multi-functional, and will suit even clipped Goldendoodles.

And boy, did we unearth a gem of a brush in the Tailmate pin brush.

What is a pin brush and why should you own one?

Of all dog brushes, the pin brush looks like a tool you’d recognize and be likely to use on your own hair.

The head is a paddle, from which are hundreds of metal pins (hence the name!) with rounded ends.

The bonus with the Tailmate brush is that when you flip it over there’s a bristle brush on the other side.

Two for the price of one!

Pin brushes are a great basic and the best brush for Goldendoodles as they keep all coats in order ranging from long curls to recently clipped.

The pins separate the hairs and help to straighten out knots and mats.

Unlike slicker brushes, which are an excellent de-shedding tool, the pin brush helps order both the top and undercoat to keep them tangle-free.

The pins penetrate between the hairs to separate them, with all the added benefits of spreading the oils naturally produced by the skin.

But the designers also kept the pet parent in mind, because the ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold so that your hand won’t get tired during a long grooming session.

A big furry thumbs up from us!

Bottom Line

Grooming is an essential part of caring for any dog.

That one-to-one time is a great way to bond together, as well as serving the important purpose of keeping your dog’s coat in great condition.

When you groom your dog regularly, you soon get a feel for what’s normal for them and spot new lumps and bumps early.

The Goldendoodle coat does present certain challenges to the owner, as that combination of long and curly with soft and fluffy, can be difficult to keep in order.

However, start from a young age with an appropriate brush for a puppy, and your youngster will grow up to think of being brushed as his home spa.

So there we are.

The Goldendoodle, arguably the cookie-dough ice-cream of the dog world or Homer Simpson’s chocolate-coated bacon.

Hmmm, let’s think about that one for a bit…but whilst we do at least you now know the best brush for a Goldendoodle, if you are not after a brush catered for a specific breed then check out our article on the best brushes for dogs (short and long hair).

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