Top 5 Best Harnesses for Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is a beautiful dog that has a challenging, free-spirited character.Whilst the dogs’ striking coat markings and stunning blue eyes make them coveted by prospective pet parents, what

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Top 5 Best Harnesses for French Bulldogs

The big-eared beauty that is a French bulldog is rising and rising in pup-ularity.And it’s little surprise why.With their goofy good lucks, playful paw-sonality, and loyal and loving disposition these

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5 of the Best Dog Crates for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

What does your dog get up to when you go out?Perhaps the neighbors complain the dog barks all the time.Or maybe you come back to a seen of domestic destruction with a chewed sofa or dog mess on the floor.If

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5 of the Best Dog Leashes for Pitbulls

When it comes to controlling your Pitbull, there is no substitute for obedience training.A well-behaved Pitbull becomes a canine ambassador, whereas an unruly one damages the breed’s reputation.Choosing

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Top 6 Best Dog Leashes for Running

Have you ever gone jogging with your dog?If you used a regular leash the experience was more than likely a frustrating one.For a start the leash hampers the natural to-and-for movement of your arms, and

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Top 6 Best Crates For Dogs

What is your opinion on dog crates?Dog crates are relatively new on the scene.The idea is that they provide the dog with a safe place to call their own, much like a den in the wild.Some people are uncomfortable

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