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Melatonin for Dogs: Dosage and Side Effects

Do you want to help your anxious dog but would prefer to avoid using drugs?One option you may want to explore is melatonin for dogs.1. What is Melatonin?Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in

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Heartgard for Dogs: Dosage and Side Effects

How much do you love your dog?If there was a condition which was common, easy to catch, and deadly, whilst treatment against it could put your dog’s life in danger, wouldn’t you move heaven and earth

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Glucosamine for Dogs: Dosage and Side Effects

Is there anything more miserable for a pet parent than living with an active dog that can’t live life to the max because of debilitating joint disease?Sadly this heart-breaking scenario is all too common,

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Gabapentin for Dogs:Dosage, Benefits and Risk

Have you ever had toothache so jaw-achingly excruciatingly sore that you paced the floor and no pain killer could give you relief?Pain is like an emotion, you can feel it but not see it, and each person

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Dramamine for Dogs: Dosage, Benefits and Risk

If there’s anything more miserable on a journey than a child who has motion sickness, it’s travelling with a dog that gets car sick.If you dread a trip to the beach because it means mopping out the

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Can I Give My Dog Aspirin? Dosage Guide

What’s the lowdown about aspirin and dogs?Whether you have an active dog that gets the occasional sprain or an older dog that’s stiff when it rains, there are times when your canine companion could

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