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Top 6 Best Dog Foods For Standard Poodles

Cavapoo, Labradoodle, and Cockapoo; what do all these breeds have in common?They all have one poodle parent, of course!But why settle for a designer dog that’s only half-poodle when you can have the

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Top 6 Best Dog Foods For Huskies

It takes a special sort of owner to take care of a Husky.These dogs have strong instincts to chase other animals (including your pet cat), and lack the biddable nature of a Golden retriever.Caring for

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Top 6 Best Foods for Beagles

Few dog breeds make better all-round canine companions than a beagle.These engaging, energetic, and friendly little fellows make great family dogs as their sense of curiosity and fun will amuse both young

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6 of the Best Dog Foods For Boxers

High-spirited, energetic, and happy are just a few of the words that sum up the Boxer’s character, and are why the breed has such devoted pet parents.Originally bred as a working dog in Germany, the

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Top 6 Best Dog Foods for Pitbulls

Congratulations on being the owner a pitbull. Whilst these much misunderstood big guys look tough, they can be as soft as butter – it’s all in the rearing!Raising a healthy pitbull means feeding for

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Top 5 Best Dog Foods For Skin Allergies in 2017

How often does your dog get an upset stomach? If it happens regularly then it could be they have food intolerance or an allergy.Indeed if they have an itchy skin this can be another clue and it’s wise

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