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Pomchi: personality, lifespan and temperament

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german shepherd belgian malinois featured on dogstruggles

German Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois – Complete Guide in 2017

You could be forgiven for at first glance getting confused between the two handsome, large-sized dogs that are the Belgian malinois vs German shepherd.Indeed, the malinois is also known as the Belgian

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boxer beagle

Beagle Boxer Mix And Puppies – Complete Guide

Question: What do you get when you mix a beagle with a boxer?Answer: An adorable canine companion that goes by the name of a bogle (or boggle, depending on how you want to spell it.)The delightful beagle

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german shepherd wolf mix dogstruggles

German Shepherd Wolf Mix – Complete Guide

What are German Shepherd Wolf Dogs?Wolves and dogs are genetically very similar, and in these days of designer dogs the opportunity to create a breed that is a German shepherd wolf mix is a tempting one.In

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