Bulldog: Complete Guide – 2018

The Bulldog can be thought of as the dog world’s equivalent of a celebrity.Just like a celebrity, this breed is instantly recognizable and most people can put a name to the face.With their broad, round

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Shorkie: Complete Guide – 2018

What do you get when you cross Shih Tzu with a Yorkshire terrier?Of course the answer is a Shorkie (and no, this isn’t a mix of a shark and a pork pie.)This adorable little dog with a big personality

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Miniature Husky: Complete Guide – 2018

Cute, quirky and with 100% canine characteristics (nothing lap dog-ish about this breed) the miniature Husky is a small package with a big personality.Indeed, the miniature husky is the equivalent of a

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Morkie: Complete Guide – 2018

If ever there was a cuddly toy lookalike, it is the Morkie.Their teddy bear size, bright eyes, expressive brows, and black button nose make them utterly irresistible for those in search of the living embodiment

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Pomsky: Lifespan, Temperament, Weight

If there was a Pokémon dog whose special power was “cute”, it could be modelled on the Pomsky.Part cuddly toy and part cartoon character, the foxy furriness of the Pomsky is enough to melt many a

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dog struggles german shepherd

German Shepherd Husky Mix:Traits

Is a German shepherd husky mix the right dog for you?Perhaps you’ve fallen for those wolf-like good looks or like the idea of strengthening a German shepherd’s genes with those

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