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Top 6 Best Dog Toothpastes

When you forget to brush your teeth, how does your mouth feel?That sticky, claggy feeling is not nice and yet for our dogs that don’t use canine toothpaste this is a permanent state of affairs.This could

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featured beagle food

Top 6 Best Foods for Beagles

Few dog breeds make better all-round canine companions than a beagle.These engaging, energetic, and friendly little fellows make great family dogs as their sense of curiosity and fun will amuse both young

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Dog ear infection: treatment

If your dog keeps rubbing his face along the ground, shaking his head, or scratching at an ear with a paw, then it might be he has an ear infection.To check, lift the ear flap and look for redness, inflammation,

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Pomchi: personality, lifespan and temperament

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6 of the Best Dog Brushes in 2017

From the soft flowing coat of a Golden retriever to the wiry, coarseness of a terrier, each dog’s coat needs regular grooming to keep it in tip top condition.But the needs of a retriever’s coat differ

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6 of the Best Dog Foods For Boxers

High-spirited, energetic, and happy are just a few of the words that sum up the Boxer’s character, and are why the breed has such devoted pet parents.Originally bred as a working dog in Germany, the

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