Top 6 Best Crates For Dogs

What is your opinion on dog crates?

Dog crates are relatively new on the scene.

The idea is that they provide the dog with a safe place to call their own, much like a den in the wild.

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea because dog crates are often made of wire and so have the appearance of a cage.

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However the best dog crate use never involves it being a punishment and it should be seeded with treats and toys so the dog goes willingly inside.

When used correctly as dog crate is an invaluable tool for toilet training, as well as giving peace of mind that the dog (and your furniture) is safe when you are away.

From an inexpensive basic crate to professional dog crates suitable for groomers, here is a guide to what’s currently on the market.

1. AmazonBasics Single-Door Dog Crate

The Amazon Basics dog crate does what it says on the label.

It is a metal dog crate with a single door on the front end of the crate and a double latch-fastening.

It is designed to be easy to dismantle for ease of storage.

It also comes with features standard to other more expensive crates such as an optional divider to make the crate smaller and a removable floor pan for ease of cleaning.

At an extremely competitive price this is one of the best dog crates in terms of value for money and is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

On the downside, the occasional rogue crate is poorly made with the bars not fully welded to the frame, which lead to the purchaser returning the product to Amazon for a full refund.

2. Midwest iCrate for Dogs

The Midwest is a top rated dog crate.

The Midwest iCrate is made from good quality metal that is made to a high standard with no sharp edges or dangerous protruding ends.

It has two doors, one at the front and one at the side.

This gives you the option of siting the cage in a deep, narrow space or a wide, shallow slot between furniture.

It has two carry handles to make it easier to mover from spot to spot, although for any distance it’s easier to disassemble the crate.

The crate comes complete with a removable floor pan, which protects your flooring but is easy to clean.

A divider is also included, which is ideal for the puppy owner in order to reduce the living space while toilet training, but allows room for growth so they don’t need to purchase a second crate when the puppy reaches adult size.

3. Wooden Dog Crate Table

So what if you don’t want a metal crate in your living room?

The answer is to get a wooden pet crate that doubles as a handy table.

This is the best crate for dogs if you want to disguise the look of a crate in the living room and prefer a piece of multi-purpose furniture.

The Dog’s Espresso Cage is a piece of stylish wooden furniture which is bound to raise compliments from visitors.

Indeed, it is one of the best dog crates from a design perspective, with an appealing appearance that is a good example of function and fashion meeting in harmony.

However, this is a solid piece of furniture and is not meant to be portable.

In addition, if your dog loves to chew, then the temptation of wood can be just too great and it may end up with bespoke teeth marks adding to the patina.

4. Petnation Port-A-Crate

At the other end of the portability scale from the Dog’s Espresso Cage is the Petnation Port-a-Crate.

This is designed for travel so that you can take a crate with you when visiting friends or going on vacation.

It consists of a steel frame which is covered is tightly-woven mesh inset with mesh ventilation panels.

It is easy to assemble and requires no special tools, making it a best travel dog crate for ease of storage.

The Petnation Port-a-Crate comes in a range of sizes, with the 36-inch model being large enough for 70lb Golden retriever to comfortably maneuver around inside.

This and the surprisingly sturdy construction make it one of the best dog crates for large dogs on the move.

5.Trixie Dog Crate

If portability is not your main concern but durability is, then the Trixie Heavy Duty Metallic Dog Crate is one of the best dog crates to meet your needs.

Described as the ideal solution for air travel, road trips, and commercial use the Trixie is ultra-heavy duty designed to secure your dog and keep them safe in a range of environments.

Indeed, the design makes the interior quiet, which helps keeps dogs calm when travelling or on the move.

The Trixie has an extra wide base for added stability.

It consists of a strong aluminum frame which is joined together with tight-fitting hard plastic joints.

Whilst the side panels have the appearance of metal they are actually made from wood with a scratch-resistant metallic coating, which helps to deaden sound.

The crate is 37-inches at its longest dimension and 32-inches tall making it equally suitable for large dogs as small.

6. BestPet Dog Crate Cage Kennel

Last but not least the final word goes to a heavy duty kennel suitable for the professional who, such as the dog groomer or a mobile veterinarian, who needs a safe place to keep dogs in their care.

The BestPet offers a super-sturdy design, mounted on four wheels, two of which are locking. This makes it easier to relocate the crate within a room, either empty or with a dog inside.

This is one of the top dog crates money can buy, constructed from high-grade steel tubing rather than flimsy wire.

It has a front opening door, but also access via the top for ease of feeding or comforting a pet.

The design has an eye to ease of cleaning and hygiene, so that it can be kept scrupulously clean if being used by multiple dogs, such as at dog groomer’s.

Despite its heavy duty nature, the crate is easy to assemble in less than a minute and is one of the best dog crates on the market for all round functionality in a professional setting.

So there we have a range of products from the best crate for small dogs to the best large dog crate for professional use.

dog crate on dogstruggles

If you are new to crates it’s important that your dog sees the crate as a safe, fun place to be.

This is easily done if you put a comfy bed inside, leave the door open, and hide treats or favorite toys inside.

The dog will keep popping back in regularly to check out what new goodies have appeared, and you can further raise his interest even further by feeding him in the crate.

Conversely never punish a dog by shutting him in the crate, and avoid leaving him confined for prolonged periods of time.

Other than that, your dog will love his crate, just as much as you find it convenient to know he cannot get up to mischief in your absence.

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