Top 5 Best Clippers for Shih Tzus

When a dog breed has the affectionate nicknames of “Lion dog” and “Chrysanthemum dog” you know they’re something special in the hair department.

Indeed, you wouldn’t be a million miles off target because fur is big with these little guys, especially when it comes to framing the head.

To maintain this hirsute look it’s essential to use the best tools you can afford, which means sourcing the best clippers for Shih Tzu.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzus in 2018

From the luxurious mane of a lion to the elaborate round shape of a chrysanthemum flower the Shih Tzu is both charming to look at and a wonderful canine companion.

Indeed, they are renowned for an ancestry in Ancient China which involved lounging around on silk cushions.

Famous for being lap dogs with long flowing hair, when they move traditionally they should appear to drift across the floor.

And if that hair gets a little too long, then their masters-of-old would tie it up in a silk ribbon to form a top knot.

But modern Shih Tzu parents like their dogs to be able to enjoy being dogs, which means trimming their coat in a way that’s sympathetic to their roots and yet allows the dog to play and run.

Maintaining that beautiful coat means regular trips to the grooming parlor or learning how to groom at home.

Which is, of course, expensive.

A Shih Tzu with a traditional long silky coat does take a lot of upkeep.

Be prepared to brush your dog every day and pay regular trips to the groomer.

However, it’s not so hard to learn to trim the dog yourself, especially when equipped with the right tools.

These include a good comb, pin brush, and a pair of clippers.

Start as you mean to go on by getting the puppy used to having the coat brushed and combed, from an early age.

If however, your adult dog is not used to such attention, don’t despair, just take your time to slowly introduce the equipment as a toy and reward him when he’s calm around it.

1. Best Trendy Set

We all have to start somewhere, and if you fancy giving grooming a go but don’t want to spend big, then we really like this Best Trendy set.

To cut a long story short, it contains everything a beginner needs to get started, so that you get give it a try and see if grooming is for you or not.

This handheld, rechargeable clipper has a battery life of around 70 minutes, which is plenty of time for either you or the dog to get tired.

In addition you get a ceramic and titanium blade, which is adjustable to cut to different depths.

In addition, the pack comes with four guide comb attachments that make trimming evenly a stroll in the park.

The kit also comes with a regular pair of trimming scissors, a pair of thinning scissors, and a good quality metal comb.

Pretty much everything you might need to get started.

If you are a newbie to dog grooming then these best dog clippers for Shih Tzu should definitely be on your wish list.

2. Oneisall Rechargeable Clippers

This Oneisall clipper lives up to its’ name as it has many qualities that are desirable in a clipper.

The clipper charges in a docking station and is then handheld without a trailing power cord.

And if you’ve had a bad experience in the past, with a handheld clipper running out of power mid-job, you’ll like the LED battery display.

This tells you exactly how much power is left, allowing you to judge whether it’s best to finish for the day or not.

Not that lack of battery power is a problem.

The 2,200mAmp Lithium ion battery charges up fully in as little as three hours, and provides sufficient power for five hours of clipping.

The unit comes along with three different clipper heads.

This allows you to fine tune the depth of the cut, depending on the desired style.

Indeed features such as this help produce a professional finish.

And the benefits don’t end there because the motor is made in Germany to high standards and the blades are ceramic and stainless steel which helps to reduce noise during clipping.

Sitting in the middle of our price range, these are a best dog clipper for Shih Tzu.

They are fully capable of dealing with all that hair without running out of charge, and whilst doing an admirable job.

These clippers are light to hold which means that the limiting factor in getting the style you desire is your skill as a home dog groomer.

3. Andis Ultra-Edge Professional Grade

Perhaps you’ve already cut your teeth on clipping on a dog, are pleased with the results, and are ready to move onto the next level.

A professional grade clipper represents a considerable financial investment, but before you skip this suggestion, think about how much a trip to the parlor costs.

A simple sum will tell you how many visits you need to skip in order to recoup the costs and it will be surprisingly few.

Andis are an established company with a reputation for quality grooming equipment.

Their Ultra Edge clipper is no exception.

So what do you get for the price?

One feature a busy dog groomer is bound to be grateful for is the shatterproof casing.

It doesn’t take much for a clipper to be bumped out of the hand or knocked onto the floor, but this baby will cope with the impact.

This represents a saving right there, as you eliminate replacement costs.

Again, anyone who regularly uses clippers will know that many models tend to run hot with prolonged use.

Sometimes a clipper can literally become too hot to hold, meaning it has to be switched off and allowed to cool.

Not so with the Andis Ultra Edge which has an efficient motor that won’t overheat.

Another benefit of that efficient motor is that it runs quiet.

Again, a boon if your Shih Tzu is sensitive to sound and apt to freak out near clippers.

Indeed, as a professional dog clipper for Shih Tzu this product is right up there.

However, not everyone agree 100%.

Despite the claims of cool running made by Andis, some users did find the clippers overheated.

In addition, some pet parents found the quick change head tricky to operate, and felt the clippers struggled to cut fine hair.

As a product at the top end of the price range, this is doubly disappointing, but on the other hand people that liked this clipper, really loved it!

4. Punada Heavy Duty Clippers

We recommend this Punada clipper because it’s has a good blend of features.

It’s a cordless rechargeable unit, which is especially good if you’re new to grooming, as the lack of a cord means one less thing to get tangled.

However, there’s more good news because you can plug the Punada in to continue the clip, should the battery run out. (And with four hours battery life, this shouldn’t happen often.)

It also has not one or two speeds, but five.

Ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 RPM this allows for seamless trimming of a range of fur types, include thick, coarser hair.

Again, this is a nice feature for the Shih Tzu to allow you to create different styles.

Again the Punada has practical features such as a battery life indicator and an LED alert that conveniently tells you when it requires oiling.

As an added bonus the pack contains guide combs and a ceramic / stainless steel blade to glide through even thick fur.

There’s an old adage along the lines of “you get what you pay for.”

Well, it seems this Punada clipper bucks that trend, since this mid-price product delivers top-class features.

A common source of praise is that the clippers cope admirably with thick fur, which makes clipping easy and makes for big savings on parlor visits.

Several pet parents remarked how they have used various makes of clippers and found these to be by far the best.

In the interests of balance, the odd voice does disagree with the majority verdict.

They cite poor quality of the clipper housing and an inability to clip fur as the reason for their disquiet.

Of course, this should be interpreted in the light of almost overwhelming approval.

5. Cropal Quiet Clippers / Set

Last but not least, is this Cropal Quiet Clippers set.

The clippers alone are amazing value for money, but then there are all the extras thrown in.

Much like the Best Trendy clipper, this is a quiet handheld unit, however it holds can be used for 100 minutes (rather than 70) and fully recharges in about 90 minutes.

The motor and blade run at less than 50 dB, which is quiet for a clipper, making it ideal for anxious, nervous, or sound sensitive dogs.

It comes with a ceramic blade with the teeth angled at 30 degrees to make it less easy to accidently nick the skin.

This impressive set also comes with guide combs that attach to the head, making it easier to get an even finish.

And a pair of trimming scissors and a metal comb come as standard with the pack.

But that’s not everything because this whole kit is an amazing low price, which probably represents a fraction of the cost of a salon groom.

This means you can afford this clipper, even if you just need something for trimming paws or hygiene clips.

You see, some users did have teething problems with their Cropal unit and alerted the manufacturer.

Cropal then sent out replacement products without arguing and these did work well.

It’s always hugely reassuring to know that should something go wrong, when you give the manufacturer the option they’ll sort things out.

What are you waiting for!

With so much choice and price points to suit every pocket, it seems there is an option for every type of groomer.

Whether you are a professional or a pet owner with a Shih Tzu, there are clippers that are capable of coping with that luxuriant Shih Tzu coat.

From complete kits to top-end clippers, take your choice.

All our suggestions come highly recommended by actual users, and should do the job just fine.

The only difference seems to be one of scale, in that if you have lots of dogs to clip (for example, if you are a professional groomer) then mains clippers are the way ahead, in order that they can clip all day long.

However, if you are just learning, then cordless clippers are a boon as the cord (or lack of it) is one less thing to worry about.

Happy clipping everyone, and we'd love to see pictures of your pawfectly groomed Shih Tzu!

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