Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair

Do you treat you dog as a fur-family member?

Your dog may share your food, sofa, and a special place in your heart, but when it comes to coat care he needs special tools of his own.

For starters, your bed-head hair may look as though it’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, whilst your best buddy may actually make a habit of running through bushes, brambles, and thickets and collecting all manner of sticks and twigs in his coat.

All of which adds up to tangled knots, the likes of which need the best dog clippers for matted hair in order to cope.

Quick look: Top 5 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2018

Did you spot the crucial word there?

“Dog” clippers.

Regardless of whether your dog is treated as human or not, their coat care needs are different to people.

Human clippers are unlikely to have the powerful motor that pet clippers have, the latter being necessary to power through tangled coats.

Indeed, the best dog clippers for thick matted hair have other desirable properties, if you’re going to use them to best effect.

For example, active dogs tend to knot limit themselves to one matt but have several or indeed their coat may be one big matt.

Powering through that can take a while so you want to choose clippers which not only have a powerful motor but are comfortable to hold and preferably lightweight.

Other desirable qualities are long battery life, so you can get the job done without running out of juice.

Indeed, you can have your cake and eat it, because there are plenty of modern clippers which are cordless and rechargeable, meaning you are free from a trailing power cord but have given many hours of use before needing to be recharged.

And finally, pay attention to the clipper’s blades.

You want to avoid anything too fine (such as you get on human clippers), as these are more likely to nick and cut delicate dog skin.

But don’t worry, we’ve written this guide so you can skip to the best of the best, and make an informed choice from clippers that are ahead of rival products.

1. Colpet Waterproof Dog Clippers

Does your dog get knots between the toes or behind the ears?

Maybe he gets an occasional knot and clipping it off is a safer option than scissors?

Perhaps you’re not sure how your dog with react to clippers and don’t want to spend big and make an expensive mistake.

Our first suggestion is ideal for this type of job and the hard-to-believe-price make it a great entry level option.

The ColPet electric clippers are cordless, which is another plus point for a pet parent inexperienced with clippers since there’s no trailing cord to get tangled in.

This neat, lightweight clipper also fits nicely in the hand, making you less likely to get hand cramps or arm fatigue (as can happen with heavier units.)

This clipper is also splashproof and the motor runs quietly, making it less likely to upset a sensitive dog.

The battery holds a charge for 60 minutes continual use, which is adequate to speed-through knots and tangles, although won’t be enough is the dog’s coat is one solid mat.

But how do the ColPet clippers stand up to real use by real pet parents? For the vast majority can’t fault these clippers.

They are recommended by owners with easily spooked dogs because the motor is super-quiet.

The clippers also seem to cut through matted hair just fine, although strangely they can struggle with softer, silky hair (Which is notorious for being difficult to clip no matter what equipment is used.)

On the minus side, a few people were surprised the clippers were smaller than they though.

But a small size isn’t necessarily a negative, especially if you’re trying to get rid of a mat in a tricky place such as behind an ear or the toes.

On balance, the ColPet clipper is amazing value for money and recommended for smaller mats and knots.

2. Cyrico Professional Heavy Duty Clippers

No, no, no, you say.

My dog doesn’t do things small scale and has knots like you wouldn’t believe.

What I need is a serious clipper that is up to the Herculean task of clipping a hirsute hound with tangles and teasels in his coat.

OK, we hear you.

So our next suggestion is a step up in price (on a small jump though, and again when discounted it represents breath-taking value for money) for which you get a professional quality clipper kit.

This Cyrico pack includes the clipper, power cord, stainless steel grooming scissors, guide combs and cleaning accessories.

The features that especially got our attention are the ability to use the clipper cordless or plugged in.

This gives you the flexibility to see a job through to the end even if the battery does run out of juice.

Not that the battery is underpowered, indeed it takes just three hours for a full recharge which will then provide power for five hours.

Got to be good.

There is a choice of two clipper speeds to suit your needs.

So for the newbie dog groomer you can elect to have the slower speed and avoid a ‘bad hair day’, whilst the high speed is something even a professional groomer would be pleased to use.

As matted dog hair clippers go, these cope brilliantly and cut well through all types of coat types.

Another super benefit is that they truly do seem to be quiet, which again is a boon since it’s a rare dog that doesn’t flinch when a noisy clipper comes close to his ear.

A small number of users were bitterly disappointed by the performance of this set, and found the clippers just didn’t cut.

There seems to be no middle ground, with this Cyrico clipper being a case of love them or hate them.

3. Best Trendy Quiet Cordless Clippers

Similar to the Cyrico product, this is a kit containing everything the owner of a knotted dog could wish for to get a knot-free dog.

It comes with four attachment guide combs, so you don’t accidentally sheer the dog down to the bare skin.

The clipper head itself is a combo of titanium and ceramic, for superior clipping performance; whilst the head can be angled for precise control of the depth of the trim.

This cordless clipper provides 70 minutes of continuous use with a recharge time of five hours.

Again, it is a quiet product, with the motor running at below 50 dB making it suitable for skittish dogs.

Let’s drill down deeper as to what makes this best dog clippers for matted hair such a success.

It won’t surprise you by now that what a lot of people love is that the clippers can cope with knots and they are also quiet to use.

In particular, they also seem to be low vibration, which makes them more acceptable to the pet.

The downside of this set seems to be that no oil is supplied with the kit (which is not unusual, as there are often transport regulations that prevent oil being shipped) and that the scissors aren’t sharp.

So if you already having fine machinery oil at home and aren’t bothered about the scissors, then what are you waiting for?

4. Andis UltraEdge Professional Clipper

What do professional dog groomers use when faced with a hairy hound in a tangle?

They reach for recognized manufacturers with an established reputation in the clippers market, names such as Oster, Wahl, and Andis.

Therefore it seemed only right to take a look at a professional product, to see what value they offer.

The best of the best is this Andis Ultra Edge professional clipper.

This does have a cord, principally because the manufacturers anticipate it being in use all day every day in a parlor.

Whilst a dog owner doesn’t necessarily need that degree of dependability it does speak volumes about the capability of the clipper to clip and keep clipping.

If your dog is heavily matted, this ability would translate as allowing you to work on the dog for long periods of time without the unit overheating or running out of power.

Andis also has other practical features, such as a shatterproof casing, so if your dog jumps at the wrong moment and knocks the clippers out of your hand, they aren’t going to break on the floor.

Oh, and the clipper also comes in an attractive range of colors, to co-ordinate with your interior décor!

When a product carries a high price tag it tends to make users more critical.

Perhaps this is the case with these Andis clippers are there is a smattering of dissent amongst the pet parents who have used them.

We found a mix of contrasting opinions from those who found the Andis clipper cut through knots like a hot knife through butter, and those who were frustrated by its inability to cut soft hair.

5. Oneisall Low Noise Cordless Clippers

Our last but no means least recommendation is this Oneisall clipper.

Indeed, you could argue we saved the best till last as this product has awesome reviews and performs outstandingly for the price point.

For example, it has a motor engineered in Germany to provide a superior shear force for those extra matted coats, and promises to cut through even the thickest hair.

It has a super-capacity battery, meaning that it operates for a full five hours but only needs three hours to recharge.

And it has an adjustable blade that allows you to select how long or short the hair is cut, but without the use of guide combs.


It also promises to give a quieter clip than similar products, because not only the motor is quiet but the design of the blades.

The cutting blades are stainless steel and ceramic, which make less noise than double stainless steel blades.

This is great news if your dog’s mats are round the ears and a monstrous buzzing from the clipper is going to see him hit the roof.

OK, confession time.

When starting our selection, we kind of fell for the cute Frenchie used in the marketing photos.

However, it seems we have nothing to apologize for as the clippers are awesome.

Whilst we can’t promise you an endless supply of energy, we can hand on heart recommend these Oneisall clippers to get to grips with a matted coat.

What Ever the Reason Your Dog's Coat is Matted

There are many reasons dogs get matted coats.

Sometimes it’s because you were ill and didn’t have the time to groom your dog, other times it’s because the dog got a twig in his fur which knotted everything together.

Whether the knots are small or cover the entire dog, will influence how much you are prepared to pay to deal with the problem.

Mats and knots are best dealt with whilst they are small.

Matts tend to grow larger and in the worst cases sometimes the whole coat will become one big knot.

For the latter a full clip is the only option, which even a professional groomer may struggle with.

On a smaller scale, having a quiet but powerful clipper is a fantastic boon in the fight to keep your dog’s coat tangle free.

In addition to regular grooming, buzz off any knots whilst they are small, in order to keep that coat in tip top condition.

Any of our recommendations are up to the job, so get clipping today!

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