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Sleekez vs Furminator 

You aspire to have your cake and eat it.You want to have both a dog and a hair-free houseBelieve it or not, soft furnishings felted with shed hair can be a thing of the past and there is a solution other

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Taste of the Wild vs Blue Wilderness

Choice is a wonderful thing, but it can become confusing.When seeking a healthy nutritious food for your dog, there is an overwhelming amount of choice.Let’s say you’ve narrowed things down and decided

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K9 Harness Review in 2017

Do you struggle to find the right harness for your dog?When you have a barrel-chested powerhouse such as a bulldog, then some restraints are about as much use as spider’s web!The harness simply isn’t

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Victor Dog Food vs Diamond Naturals

Are you having a tough time deciding what to feed your dog?Indeed, there is a baffling array of dog foods available on the market today.Most of them have attractive packaging with photos of healthy looking

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Top 3 Best Furminators for German Shepherds

What’s all the beef about FURminators?You may or may not be aware that for years now there’s been a buzz about a new grooming tool called a FURminator.These are brushes like no other (for a start they

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Top 5 Best Brushes for Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is also known as the ‘little lion’.In part this reflects their character (a big pawsonality in a little dog) but it is also a reminder of their magnificent coat.If you need further proof

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