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Sleekez Dog Review in 2017

Is a SleekEZ brush right for your dog?With so many grooming products on the market, and so many fantastic claims about the amount of shed they capture, it’s hard to know who to believe.The SleekEZ website

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Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Spray Review in 2017

Do you hate fleas and ticks, but love the planet?Every dog owner wants to protect their pet against fleas and ticks, but not all owners want to use harsh chemicals to do that.Given the choice, many people

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Top 5 Best Dog Foods for Yeast Infections

Would you know if your dog had a yeast infection?This is a good question because all dogs have yeast and bacteria living on the surface of their skin.When the skin is healthy, it has a natural ability

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Top 5 Best Harnesses for Bulldogs

Has a bulldog stolen your heart?Bulldogs are a contradiction on four legs: They look tough but are actually soft, loving and loyal characters.They may have the (adorable) face of a bulldozer, but inside

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Top 5 Best Harnesses for Dachshunds

The dachshund is a truly special dog.Despite being vertically challenged the dachshund is a big dog – at least he believes he is.Full of character, intelligent, and loyal to a fault these much beloved

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Sleekez vs Furminator 

You aspire to have your cake and eat it.You want to have both a dog and a hair-free houseBelieve it or not, soft furnishings felted with shed hair can be a thing of the past and there is a solution other

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